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Mother Sees Satanic Messages on Children's TV

April 27, 2015

(Left, Cartoon Network's Adventure Time )

A Texas mother's shocking discovery: Children's
cartoons are being used to degrade her children
and indoctrinate them on issues like gender.

by LS

Hello Henry. I've been following your site for quite some time now and I've learned a lot from your writings. One of the best things I've learned from you is that mainstream entertainment is satanic and made to corrupt the masses.

 Well, I've been noticing that many of the children's television programs are getting worse and worse as time goes on. These shows are just getting nasty, and they are blatant with the filth they are putting out. I watch these shows with my kids and the filth that I see is shocking. Here are a few examples of the trash that these shows put out for the masses. Remember that these shows are geared towards CHILDREN!

 First there is the Nickelodeon television show Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn. One of the episodes is titled "Poo Dunnit", a wordplay on the phrase "Who Dunnit". That entire episode is about the kids and their parents trying to find out which one of them took a sh!t in one of the house toilets and didn't flush. Yes, the entire episode revolved around a clump of sh!t in a toilet. The foul-mouthed potty humor and the talks about sh!t in this episode were so disgusting.

 The word "poop" was even used three times in one sentence by one of the child characters. At one point in the episode, the children were actually examining the piece of sh!t in the toilet and one of them stated it looked like a flamingo. In your past writings you stated that the illuminati entertainment has an obsession with feces and bodily functions like sh!tting. Well, this entire episode was one big tribute to that sick obsession.

Then there is the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. This show is already full of questionable material, but here I'll only focus on two bits that I've noticed.

The first is a quote from one of characters. In one of the more recent episodes titled "Friends Forever", a character stated that, "Well, one isn't purely defined by their sex or gender. I've yet to find out who I really am..."

 This is exactly the same propaganda that is spouted by illuminati feminist and homosexual groups to encourage gender confusion and the destruction of male and female. Then there is yet another quote from a character in a different episode titled "All the Little People".

The character, who is a crafty magician, says "Do what thou swill be the whole piece of law".

This is a blatant reference to the notable quote of Satanist Aleister Crowley: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law". I'm sure I don't need to explain any further why this is horribly wrong.

These are just the things that I've picked up on while watching these children's shows with my kids, I'm sure there's a lot more out there. Mainstream entertainment is sick and corrupt. I'm glad I've found your site so that I can see what is really happening to the world. Thanks.

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Scary documentary from the Ukraine on American cartoons. It starts out with subtitles but a few minutes in there is an English narrator.

First Comment by Anonymous:

I just watched 5 minutes of the show in question, R.N.D.D., for the first time ever.  Here's what I saw: The kids are in school, building a white volcano for science class.  The volcano inadvertently erupts gobs and gobs of white foam all over the kids, who make a game of it, throwing and smearing it on one another.  In the background throughout the scene, there are 'butterflies'  hanging on the wall.   Their teacher, while reprimanding the kids, makes a veiled 'sign of Baphomet' with one hand, and the girl (Dawn), is wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a 'cat' that's got some
kind of device over the top of its head that's covered in a two-tone masonic print.  If you're unfamiliar with these motifs, explanations can be found online easily enough.  More jarring than anything was the way these kids act like the "adults" I remember from sitcoms.  Their manner is utterly unnatural.

On a side note, I can only guess that the reference in the "Poo" episode to it looking like a flamingo is a reference to the John Waters film 'Pink Flamingoes' - a barage of filth that culminates with a character named "Divine" actually consuming fecal matter in the process of filming.

Big ups to the mother who has the good sense to be aware of what's happening in her child's life.  Here's my point: It doesn't matter what you watch; you will find PROGRAMING, in almost, EVERY SHOT.  For what its worth, I recommend listening to what Alan Watt, (not alan Watt[s]), has to say on the matter.  His broadcasts are on youtube.  In one, he mentions how a friend, who'd worked for one of those 3-letter organizations, once advised him: NEVER WATCH THE TELEVISION.

Where's the crux of the problem?  It's in the fact that the parents are so programmed themselves, they just don't want to hear about it.  Most prefer to remain comfortable watching their own favored propaganda, while telling themselves that people like yours truly are just grasping at straws.   Meanwhile their children are being indoctrinated to service pedophiles.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Mother Sees Satanic Messages on Children's TV"

Dan said (April 27, 2015):

I threw out television in May 2008. It's an addiction. Flat screen TVs have become ubiquitous everywhere you go. Waiting rooms, restaurants, even on buses now. Even on people's phones.

Anyone with children has a duty to protect them from exposure to this insidious mind control programming and behavior conditioning. Television has no redeeming qualities at all. It's an instrument of destruction pure and simple. I guarantee anyone that if you get the god damn thing out of your house, you will recover from the withdrawal very quickly. So will your children.

Nothing destroys any culture more thoroughly than television.

Al Thompson said (April 26, 2015):

Most of the media is satanic and amoral. Without a proper moral structure, no one can live a secure and happy life. The intent of these cartoons is to corrupt the children just as the public schools do. This should be a good reason to cut the cable and do without TV. All of this garbage works to destroy the minds of those who watch it. I see no point in continuing paying for material that will corrupt the viewer's mind. Until people start developing a higher moral standard, all of this will get worse.

I think it is best to stop worrying about what other people do and concentrate on yourself and your family. The reason is that you can't control what other people do but you can control yourself. Make sure your own moral standards are in line with the natural law and try to stay within it. Separate your mind from the "new world order" as it is too destructive to be of any value to anyone.

The natural order is easier to understand without a lot of religious doctrines which may or may not be true. Those commandments that reside within the natural order are the ones that have value. These commandments can be proven by just a little bit of thought and right reason. It's not difficult; religion makes it difficult in my opinion. The God who created everyone established the natural foundation for all of mankind. It is the same for everyone.

Twisting the minds of little children is what the media is all about, especially with the abomination of Bruce Jenner. Again, the true intent here is to destroy the minds of the children by getting them to question their gender. This is as stupid and evil as anyone can get. Make the media companies pay for their perversion. Cut the cable and spend more time outside and let the children play.

Below- Is the US Becoming a Police State? (scroll down)

Vicious Vendetta Against Illuminati Defector

April 26, 2015

(Rahul Manchanda, formerly a media mouthpiece for war.)

NYC Attorney Rahul Manchanda
refused to sell his soul to the devil.
Now, the devil is taking revenge.
His story exposes how an occult secret society
exercises control using the CIA, courts
and the mass media. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Anyone who doubts the Illuminati's determination to provoke a third world war should heed the story of NYC immigration attorney, Rahul Manchanda, 42, who refused to demonize Iran.

In 2000, while still in law school, Manchanda,  American-born of Indian descent, applied for a job with the CIA. He was interviewed but the work came in a different form. He became a salesman for the Iraq war often appearing on CNN and Fox. He was given "talking points" and groomed and supervised from afar by the likes of Frank Gaffney and Oliver North.

At the same time, his law firm mysteriously flourished, growing to a staff of 20. He became a millionaire with a beautiful wife and two kids. It was the American Dream.

The dream turned into a nightmare after a fact-gathering trip to Iran in 2006, sponsored by what may have been a CIA-front group called "Network 2020." Manchanda found that contrary to Iran's image as a fanatic terrorist state, Iranians actually love the USA and just wanted to enjoy the American Dream as well. They were so crippled by sanctions they could barely keep their economy running, let alone pose a threat. They were friendly, intelligent, moderate people.

Manchanda's "whole world changed."  When he returned, he was pressured to write a report which vilified Iran. Instead, he urged the US to abandon adversarial colonial approaches and support democratic change in Iran. He says his report possibly influenced the 2007 "National Intelligence Estimate" which determined that Iran was not a threat.

Rahul Manchanda and President George Bush.jpg(With President Bush in happier times.)

Manchanda was a "star" being groomed for higher things. His ethnicity made war mongering more credible to Americans. Similarly, he says "Obama has killed more brown people than any other president. If McCain had done it, he would be a war criminal."

But after writing this report, the Cinderella Carriage quickly turned into a pumpkin. A series of scurrilous and defamatory lies appeared at "Rip Off Report" online, and both clients and staff fled his law firm in droves. He was subjected to many nuisance tax, labor and disciplinary audits.

"Overnight, I became a pariah," he says. Suddenly, he was persona non grata in the mainstream media. In 2010, he filed for bankruptcy.  A one-man law firm today, he is still one of the top immigration attorneys in the United States.

A George-Soros-funded feminist group, "Sanctuary for Families" got to his wife and she divorced him, taking their two children and involving him a protracted legal battle that was unwinnable because top NYC law firms donated their staff to this agency. Judges live in fear of it. All of his motions were denied. His appeals to higher legal authorities fell on deaf ears.

KATE BOSE.jpgBut the Illuminati weren't finish yet. A young woman, Kate Bose, left, who has connections with the NYPD Intelligence Dept. entrapped him in a romantic relationship.  After they moved into together, she accused him of "menacing" her during a verbal argument.  He now faces a year in jail for having an argument with a woman and he is convinced he will be murdered in prison.

Meanwhile Kate Bose, who was practically insolvent, was rewarded with a $100K job with Ralph Lauren.

Assistant District Attorney Gilbert Rein refuses to dismiss the case or arrest Bose although she admitted in multiple notarized documents faxes and emails that she lied. Manchanda also charged her with poisoning him and his children but Rein refused to act. Manchanda was denied a Protective Order against Bose although she called him 30 times. Manchanda is in court Monday.

0.jpgThe judge Tandra Dawson, left, is reportedly on the Board of "Sanctuary for Families." 


Manchanda, a Freemason, is also being expelled from his lodge for "unMason-like behavior," the first person to be expelled in one hundred years. He says Freemasons have no love for Jews and are just using them to ethnically cleanse the Holy Land so they can rebuild Salomon's Temple. He says Netanyahu and the top Israeli leadership are all Freemasons.

Manchanda is one of a score of Indian-American celebrities being persecuted as a way of pressuring India to take a more anti-Iranian foreign policy. These include banker  Rajat Gupta, 
intellectual Dinesh S'Souza, Indian ambassador Devyani Khobrogade, developer Lakhinder Vohra, hotelier Vikram Chatwal,  Mathew Martoma, Indian Ambassador Prabhu Dayal, Indian Ambassador Daughter Krittika Biswas, noted human rights lawyer Chaumtoli Huq, Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan, United States India Political Action Committee CEO Sanjay Puri, and countless others - all in New York City.

I asked about the recent nuclear deal the US signed with Iran. Manchanda says the Neo Con lunatics do not yet have a complete lock on US foreign policy. Many loyal Americans in government are fed up with wars and waste. Indeed, Obama's popularity shot up after he defied the Zionist warmongers. This issue may be the only thing that can elect Hillary Clinton.

Rahul Manchanda thinks the Illuminati want him to commit suicide. He will never do so. His predicament exposes the invisible tyranny that controls America and sucks its life blood.


Latest (Monday April 27)

Dear Commission on Judicial Conduct et al:

Once again Judge Tandra Dawson of IDV Court today treated me in an extremely biased and unfair manner wherein she allowed my counsel Herman Kaufman to withdraw from my trial without any notice to me, again waived my accuser Kate Bose from having to appear to be present in accordance with my due process rights, again refused to provide an order of protection for me and my children who I have tried to protect from Kate Bose after jumping through hoops to get her served with court ordered alternate methods of service and successfully served her 8 months ago, and once again spoke to me and treated me in a horrible and disrespectful manner in a case where Kate Bose already admitted in writing several times to the court and ADA Gilbert Rein that she lied about the entire incident leading to my arrest last August 2014.

She also refused to explain to me what a 3030 was since one of the last things my traitorous attorney Herman Kaufman did today before abruptly withdrawing was waive my 3030 rights which again I have no idea what this even is.

This continued travesty of justice and dragging me over the coals is further proof and evidence of the horrific treatment I am receiving at the hands of the judge and the district attorney's office.

Please investigate and advise.

Hello Departmental Disciplinary Committee First Department:

Once again the above referenced prosecutor refuses to dismiss this case or offer any plea deal on a case wherein the accuser Kate Bose has stated in multiple notarized and signed voluntary letters and emails that she lied about the entire incident leading up to my arrest last August 2014 for a simple verbal argument we had where she alleged that I menaced her, which was false and that she admitted  she lied about.

This is an abuse of his office and is highly unethical and is further grinding me into the dirt and ruining me and my children's lives who I haven't seen for 8 months due to this trumped up set up fake case and transparently biased IDV criminal proceeding.

Furthermore he keeps driving lawyers off my case by threatening them and me and not budging at all in his vengeful and politically motivated campaign of torture against me and my kids.

Please investigate, help me, and advise.

The Vigilant Citizen ad

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Vicious Vendetta Against Illuminati Defector "

Al Thompson said (April 27, 2015):

t is very difficult to take a principled stand and not be persecuted. I've had plenty of experience with this. I had to laugh that he was kicked out of the masonic lodge for being "un-mason like." That's the same as getting kicked out of a whorehouse for not being a good whore. Being kicked out of the masonic lodge should be an honor to this man.

The outside pressure on a family is unbelievable in this kind of a circumstance and I feel bad that he lost his wife and his children. The same thing happened to me. However, that said, he shouldn't have been in a relationship with this other woman, especially if they were living together. Nothing good comes from a relationship like that, and I've made similar mistakes. There's a payback in the law of nature and it is self-evident. Everytime I screw up, I get it back. So I'm learning to not get involved in bad things. His experience in court was about the same as mine. When they want to get you, the courts will cheat. There is nothing fair about a courtroom. He simply got "steamrolled."

However, I think his worst mistake was to become a lawyer and to get involved with government, especially at such a high level. Lawyers and govtards all have sworn oaths and have broken the law of nature and God's law. Nothing good comes from the oath.

But to his credit, he did not want to fan the flames of war with Iran and this is where is conscience kicked in and he held his ground. He may have saved thousands of lives; and to that end, "no good deed goes unpunished." But the fact is that he did the right thing in this instance and he deserves some respect for what he did. My only problem with it is that he's still a lawyer. Until he gives that up, his life will be chaotic. The bad fruit of the bad "laws"' will continue to haunt him. An honorable man has no business being a lawyer in a legal system like we have today. It is too corrupted and good people can't work with it. Being in a courtroom is like trying to communicate with the evil and the insane; I don't think it is worth the effort.

DD said (April 27, 2015):

Regarding your article on "NYC Attorney Rahul Manchanda" , I always say NEVER cut a deal with the DEVIL, he always comes to collect. Hopefully, all the challenges that Rahul is going through will turn out for good even though he is probably going though dark days right now. What do I mean? Glad you asked.

From time to time life presents us with opportunities to reach out to the one true and living God. God's hand is always extended and he is patient not wanting any to perish. The question is, 'are we going to take a hold of his hand?' and allow him into our life. When things are going well, we tend to forget about God or we don't even bother to look for Him.

If Rahul isn't saved (part of God's family), this is an opportunity for him to reach out to God. With the one true living God on his side, life can be much better than he could ever dream or imagine.

LoisAnn said (April 27, 2015):

And, the devil dances on! More examples are our politicians right here on Capitol Hill. What 'they' do is keep a dossier on most Americans which begins when they enter first grade. As people mature and desire going into politics to better the nation they become faced with assorted situations which lead to blackmail when time comes to get rid of them.

As long as they follow orders/instructions they are free to continue their political career. Once they retaliate they are doomed and the dossier is brought out to feed the nightly news with either real or manufactured 'transgressions'. Happens all the time and so far most people are un-aware of this. In the meantime, ole Satan dances on the tables of the 'rich and famous' while those who are persecuted are left by the wayside to live in shame and infamy. Time people begin to do their own research on candidates and ignore what the press offers as 'news/information'.

These stories just brought out today by you are necessary to make readers, the un-informed take a hard look at what is really happening around them and do critical thinking before casting that next ballot.

Robert K said (April 26, 2015):

Again we have an example of how the controllers of money can make or break anybody they choose to target. That which the banking system or the state bestows it can also take away. Democracy perceived as the right to cast a ballot every few years is a hollow joke as long as there is no economic democracy in the form of direct unconditional issuance of freedom-ensuring buying power to all citizens in the form of debt-free dividends. We need a money system adapted to our modern super-production economy, not the family-sustaining rural one of centuries past.

If you know of a single politician in any country who is advocating such a reform, I would like to know of him/her. They are all subservient to the bankers and their monopolistic system; i.e., not representing their electorate.

Below- The Relentless Jewish Campaign Against Islam (scroll down)

Is the US Becoming a Police State?

April 25, 2015

policestate.jpgI don't associate a police state with the kind of freedom and affluence a majority of Americans still

enjoy. Yet the mainstream and alternate media are turning up the heat by focusing

on police abuses which in proportion to the number of interactions are still pretty rare.

This article by John Whitehead is notable for its total lack of analysis of what is behind the trend he is describing. He seems to have no inkling of the Federal Reserve's agenda to create, in Caroll Quigley's words, "a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole." (Tragedy and Hope, p.324)

Nor is there any suggestion of what can be done about it. It is a lot easier to control people who think they are free than to control people who have been aroused and angered by martial law measures. Yet the purpose of this propaganda seems to be to provoke either resistance or a feeling of helplessness. I invite readers to provide insight into what is happening.

"The malls may be open for business, the baseball stadiums may be packed, and the news anchors may be twittering nonsense about the latest celebrity foofa, but those are just distractions from what is really taking place: the transformation of America into a war zone."

Battlefield America: The War on the American People

By John W. Whitehead

(Abridged by

As I document in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, "we the people" have now come full circle, from being a British colony to being held captive by the American police state.

To our dismay, we now find ourselves scrambling for a foothold as our once rock-solid constitutional foundation crumbles beneath us. And no longer can we rely on the president, Congress, the courts, or the police to protect us from wrongdoing.

Indeed, they have come to embody all that is wrong with America....

There is no end to the government's unmitigated gall in riding roughshod over the rights of the citizenry, whether in matters of excessive police powers, militarized police, domestic training drills, SWAT team raids, surveillance, property rights, overcriminalization, roadside strip searches, profit-driven fines and prison sentences, etc.

battlefield.jpgThe president can now direct the military to detain, arrest and secretly execute American citizens. These are the powers of an imperial dictator, not an elected official bound by the rule of law. For the time being, Barack Obama wears the executioner's robe, but you can rest assured that this mantle will be worn by whomever occupies the Oval Office in the future.

A representative government means nothing when the average citizen has little to no access to their elected officials, while corporate lobbyists enjoy a revolving door relationship with everyone from the President on down.

Indeed, while members of Congress hardly work for the taxpayer, they work hard at being wooed by corporations, which spend more to lobby our elected representatives than we spend on their collective salaries. For that matter, getting elected is no longer the high point it used to be. As one congressman noted, for many elected officials, "Congress is no longer a destination but a journey... [to a] more lucrative job as a K Street lobbyist... It's become routine to see members of Congress drop their seat in Congress like a hot rock when a particularly lush vacancy opens up."

As for the courts, they have long since ceased being courts of justice. Instead, they have become courts of order, largely marching in lockstep with the government's dictates, all the while helping to increase the largesse of government coffers...

As for the rest--the schools, the churches, private businesses, service providers, nonprofits and your fellow citizens--many are also marching in lockstep with the police state. This is what is commonly referred to as community policing.

After all, the police can't be everywhere. So how do you police a nation when your population outnumbers your army of soldiers? How do you carry out surveillance on a nation when there aren't enough cameras, let alone viewers, to monitor every square inch of the country 24/7? ...You persuade the citizenry to be your eyes and ears.

JohnWhitehead.png(John Whitehead, left)

It's a brilliant ploy, with the added bonus that while the citizenry remains focused on and distrustful of each other, they're incapable of focusing on more definable threats that fall closer to home--namely, the government and its militarized police.

In this way, we're seeing a rise in the incidence of Americans being reported for growing vegetables in their front yard, keeping chickens in their back yard, letting their kids walk to the playground alone, and voicing anti-government sentiments.

Now it may be that we have nothing to worry about. Perhaps the government really does have our best interests at heart. Perhaps covert domestic military training drills such as Jade Helm really are just benign exercises to make sure our military is prepared for any contingency. As the Washington Post describes the operation:

The mission is vast both geographically and strategically: Elite service members from all four branches of the U.S. military will launch an operation this summer in which they will operate covertly among the U.S. public and travel from state to state in military aircraft. Texas, Utah and a section of southern California are labeled as hostile territory, and New Mexico isn't much friendlier.

Whether or not the government plans to impose some form of martial law in the future remains to be seen, but there can be no denying that we're being accustomed to life in a military state. The malls may be open for business, the baseball stadiums may be packed, and the news anchors may be twittering nonsense about the latest celebrity foofa, but those are just distractions from what is really taking place: the transformation of America into a war zone.

militarized police.jpegTrust me, if it looks like a battlefield (armored tanks on the streets, militarized police in metro stations, surveillance cameras everywhere), sounds like a battlefield (SWAT team raids nightly, sound cannons to break up large assemblies of citizens), and acts like a battlefield (police shooting first and asking questions later, intimidation tactics, and involuntary detentions), it's a battlefield.

Indeed, what happened in Ocala, Florida, is a good metaphor for what's happening across the country: Sheriff's deputies, dressed in special ops uniforms and riding in an armored tank on a public road, pulled a 23-year-old man over and issued a warning violation to him after he gave them the finger. The man, Lucas Jewell, defended his actions as a free speech expression of his distaste for militarized police.

Translation: "We the people" are being hijacked on the highway by government agents with little knowledge of or regard for the Constitution, who are hyped up on the power of their badge, outfitted for war, eager for combat, and taking a joy ride--on taxpayer time and money--in a military tank that has no business being on American soil.

Rest assured, unless we slam on the brakes, this runaway tank will soon be charting a new course through terrain that bears no resemblance to land of our forefathers, where freedom meant more than just the freedom to exist and consume what the corporate powers dish out.

If you haven't managed to read the writing on the wall yet, the war has begun.

Thanks to DM for the tip!



Michael Snyder- What Would happen if Martial Law Was Declared in Amerika?

Oregon Teacher Sues School for Trauma Caused by Active Shooter Drill

Boy Removed from Parental Custody for Correcting Teacher About Medical Marijuana
Freddie Gray Protests Turn Violent
Walmart Stores as FEMA Camps?
Jade Helm Logo Reveal real Purpose?

First Comment by George:

About the Jade Helm issue, I have my own thoughts. First, there is nothing malevolent about WalMart offering support for disaster relief. Even using their facilities for housing refugees from disaster is not sinister. What concerns me is the persistent howling by Alex Jones and his crowd that the global police state is inevitable and irresistible. There is a name for this propaganda line. It is called FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.  Even if there are some malevolent links between WalMart, FEMA, and what is left of the USG, they must be viewed as pathetic. The only power the USG has comes from us, the people. We don't have to attack them. All we have to do is refuse to support them. They have generated more than enough external enemies to bring them down.

Dan writes:

I remember when London "bobbies" (police) didn't even carry guns. As a boy growing up in Florida, I rarely saw a police car, because there was no crime in my neighborhood.  We left cars unlocked with windows open unattended in store parking lots while shopping.
Police were trained to "serve and protect" law abiding citizens. That policy changed many years ago without announcement from Media and government.  A retiring cop told me ten years ago that the policy has changed from "serve and protect" to enforce and keep the peace. Everybody's a suspect.

But America's changed drastically too.  US population has increased 50 million since 1995.   The Arizona Border Patrol said there were between 15 and 20 million illegal aliens in America, and Washington has no plans to change that.  Fifty years ago all the people the police would encounter were documented.  Not only that, but people didn't move around so much.  The majority of people got married and raised families in same town or State they'd been born in.   That meant the police were dealing with a lot of familiar faces.  Anything out of the ordinary stuck out like a sore thumb.  Such a society tends to be self-enforcing to a greater extent than a world of strangers. Add to that extreme cultural differences, including hostility toward both white and black Americans.

One of the policies of Globalism that goes with discouraging nuclear families is to keep individuals on the move, so they don't get a chance to form the kind of relations people do when they expect to remain in a place or job for many years.  The result is a new society in which nobody trusts anyone else, because a lot the people in it can't be trusted.   It's natural that police don't feel as safe as they did a few decades ago.  As older cops from 'the old days' have been retiring they've been replaced by veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations.  Urban warfare is what they know. So ironically, the wars Americans rooted for ten years ago are coming home to roost.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Is the US Becoming a Police State?"

Andrew said (April 27, 2015):

You have to remember that John W. Whitehead is a lawyer so he naturally makes his case and couches his argument in legalistic terms which don’t resonate with the majority who are not lawyers but simple minded laymen. I fancy myself a legal eagle so liked not only what he said but also the way you summarized his arguments. There is no doubt in my mind that since 9/11, Americans have been conditioned to accept the obvious American police state of the future. The beauty of Dan’s brief observations is he provided historical context for at least his lifetime.

What is needed is 300 years of American police history. In other words, the narrative should begin in colonial times, because there are rich examples of police state periods during the American Wars of Independence (which would include The War of 1812) and the four-year 1861–65 War Between the States when habeas corpus was suspended in order to suppress all antiwar Patriots who opposed the massive ‘kiltfest’ with over 120,000 needlessly dead as an unconstitutional police operation.

Tony B said (April 26, 2015):

I didn't read the article about the U.S. BECOMING a police state. Tired of seeing that because it HAS BEEN a progressively worse police state at least since the 1990s, and in many ways, long before that. It shows in the open arrogance of even the most local cops these days.

Most people simply tolerate patently unlawful policing in the name of "safety," women especially. Most all get used to it and the next generation is more acceptingly clueless as the avenues we are allowed to "travel" in become fewer and more narrow. Used an airplane in America recently?

One of the easiest examples is seat belts in private cars. None of the damned government's business how people ride in their private rigs, same as what they do in their homes. But insurance corporations love it as they can get out of contracted pay offs in one more manner ("we don't think the injured party was using the seatbelt") while governments love it as "income enhancement" because many people resent the damned things and don't use them, ergo automatic fines. Same with the stupid child restraint prison chairs. Hell, my kids used to stand in the back seat and yell "Go fast, Daddy, go fast" because I had built one hell of a fast car as I saw fit to build it.

Most of these encroachments on freedom of person are first floated in Canada before being pushed into the states but politicians everywhere love them. You just know that every statute passed encroaching on personal freedoms required massive payoffs to politicians from whatever evil source which they benefit to the detriment of the citizenry.

Bill S said (April 26, 2015):

I read John Whitehead's excellent article, Battlefield America: The War on the American People. I remember reading his book The Second American Revolution when it came out in the 80s. John is a Christian first and a lawyer second. He has the gift of prophecy (speaking truth to power) and is sounding the alarm as a faithful "watchman on the wall." Unless you understand (evangelical protestant) Christian thinking, you would not know this.

I am dismayed that you used the derisive term "propaganda" to describe John's message. He is connecting the dots for people who have not yet done so. He is educating the sheep and imploring them to care and take action. Just as the message of the gospel starts with BAD news, it ends with GOOD news. You and he are doing the same thing.

But while John is offering his audience "Government Tyranny 201," you are offering them "Conspiracy Evidence 488." Are you trying to provoke either resistance or a feeling of helplessness? Well, now you have your answer.

Learning and sharing the truth is an end in itself actually - like sowing seed in a field. The Parable of the Sower and the Weeds (Matthew 13) What happens then depends on the quality of the soil and the weather conditions. In our case, it depends on the receptiveness of each reader's heart and mind and soul - and how God may choose to use the material.


I was referring to the TV Network news as well.


Harry said (April 25, 2015):

'm not one prone to panic, however, unlike one other commenter, here, I do not trust the government around the corner. I've seen too much and read too much and many respectable statesmen have warned us for decades about the shenanigans politicians pull. You cannot ignore history. It's never a matter of "if" but "when".

Now is the time that we should be making our choices - just how far am I willing to go to oppose tyranny? For many, it will be too late when the shit hits the fan to be able to make a choice. Pressure from other naysayers and from family will prove to be too much to bear, they will capitulate. This is what shills and trolls hope for as they continue to downplay reality and vilify those that would pose honest doubts and questions. Someone mentioned Alex Jones... well, his websites are full of trolls and shills; they are allowed to speak the same as anyone else. Any site that dares to question the status quo will be a target when they prove to be a legitimate threat.

My advice is to never let others decide for you and the woods are full of those that are always ready and willing to try.

CH said (April 25, 2015):

Canada is no different and people are fed up.

Government regulation and coercion in Ontario and Canada is just insane. Why work??? WE have communism. The government control wages and incomes AFTER the fact with taxation. The government takes 50% of everything. If you work hard then it is simply given to someone else by force. Bureaucrats love regulation as it justifies and entrenches their power and income. If you have a business well by God do your best to hire NOBODY or you will find yourself working for your employees instead of the other way. Canadians do not exist to support the economy, fill labour quotas and run businesses.

This is backward, parasitic and Slavish thinking. There are 1000's of regulations that could never be implemented without destroying profitability but it gives the government 100% leeway to control and coerce every business in the province. Every time you work you feed the parasite. Every time you ‘do the right thing’ you enable others to continue exploiting your responsibility and sacrifices.

Democracy has become one vote and 2 minutes of input every four years, followed by government fiat on 10,000 decisions to tax, steal and coerce everything from you for next 4 years–with state force to back it up. Unacceptable. Hypocritical. There is no freedom here. The grocery store is the only place left where even a modicum of free market forces, reciprocity and direct accountability are evident every day, not twice a decade. There is no respect for dissent — and therefore freedom — in the MSM or government. I am not alone in these feelings and it hurts me every day.

‘Canada’ is now just nothing: Another corporate entity advertising at sports events beside VISA, COKE, CapitalOne. RBC, and McDonald’s. Another ingratiating and condescending commercial on the radio, paid for at my expense, to propagandize for more government.

Another business except I MUST pay for its services, cannot reject it and cannot go elsewhere. Disgust, derision, contempt, and disdain: these are not attitudes hastily created, and should not be taken lightly. They are all too real for what I and nameless millions have felt increasingly for the past 20 years. It saddens me profoundly.

Drake said (April 25, 2015):

Regarding your recent post regarding the creation of a police state in America; a surface conundrum is the recent political attack against the police for essentially doing their job.

For example, many of the recent high-profile deaths at police hands were due to people resisting arrest for revenue or other non-violent crimes (e.g. selling cigarettes privately, or failure to pay child support). You might think the state would appreciate someone enforcing their schemes.

What seems to be really going on is a desire to nationalize the police. Many of these cases occur in smaller police departments which are only beholden to the local politicians. Under the guise of “eliminating racism” or whatever other PC rubric they come up with, we will soon see a desire for a national police force that will not be beholden to any local yokels who might not be on script.

Gerontophilia and Pedophilia (from Aspen)

April 20, 2015


Gerontophilia and Pedophilia by Aspen 

All of a sudden, two years after the initial release of the film "Gerontophilia", a trailer for "Gerontophilia" has been added to the theatrical trailer page at, right next to trailers for children's films and all the rest.

The timing is clear and meaningful, but let's get to definitions first.

What is "gerontophilia"? It's a sexual fetish for the elderly.

Let me restate that: It's an OBSESSION, by persons already past puberty, with sexual contact with the physically soon moribund. It is one step removed from necrophilia.

"Gerontophilia" is a film about a young GAY man who is obsessed with sexual contact with a dying GAY elderly man. The trailer for the film features the line, spoken by said gay elder, "I was actually married once, if you can believe that".

What is the purpose of this film? Is it to promote happy sexual relationships between young and healthy gay men and old gay men who are on their deathbeds? Is this obsession a common thing?

According to Wikipedia: "The prevalence of gerontophilia is unknown. A study of pornographic search terms on a peer-to-peer network reported that 0.15% had gerontophilic themes."

.15% is a pretty small percentage, and even then we're going on those who are pornographically obsessed. So how did this small percentage of perverse obsession merit a feature film with a production budget of $2 million?

Let's look to the producer, "Bruce LaBruce". Here's what he has to say of himself (again, via Wikipedia):

"His filmmaking style is marked by a blend of explicitly pornographic depictions of sex with more conventional narrative and filmmaking techniques, as well as an interest in extreme topics which mainstream audiences might dismiss as shocking or disturbing taboos. For instance, his films have depicted scenes of sexual fetish and paraphilia, BDSM, gang rape, racially-motivated violence, amputee fetishism, male and female prostitution, and zombie and vampire sexuality."

This man, Bruce LaBruce, wrote and directed a film released in 2008 called "Up With Dead People". It's all a sham and a dressing, making sex the all, towards the ultimate goal of breaking down the barriers of sex between children and adults. If sex with the elderly is okay, why not sex with youth?

"Gerontophilia" might as well be called "Pedophilia". And it will be. It's just a matter of time.

Boston Marathon: No Bomb Exploded (from Jim Fetzer)

April 15, 2015

texting.jpgBoston Marathon Bombing Completely Staged - from Jim Fetzer

No bombs exploded. But they were smoke
bombs or the equivalent of sawdust bombs.
They are of a kind used for special effects
in Hollywood. No one died or was injured
from those explosions. There was no blood
after then went off. It only showed up later
and was fake blood, Hollywood blood that
came out of tubes. It was not real blood. I 
have inventoried the signs of fakery below.

Latest! Faking the Boston Marathon Bombing- How it was Done

Frightening Letter

April 14, 2015

Frightening letter:

from SA MD

I live in Northern California. On or about June 6th, 2008, I recognized the most bizarre of patterns which I had already understood to be chem trails. I was planting my summer vegetable gardens. It was about 11:00 AM and the sky was crystal clear except for the tic-tac-toe they were hewing in the sky. By 1 PM that afternoon, there was no sun... only a milky grey pallor.  The next day the temperature spiked to over 100 degrees. I felt this was abnormal. That evening there was enough heat lightening in the north west sky that I hastened to hitch a water trailer to the back of my truck in case the lightening sparked a fire.  Sure enough, the following day upon waking I smelled smoke in the air. Multiple fires had been set due to the light strikes. I began researching in earnest the composition of these chem-trails and learned they are metallic oxides highly conductive and capable of accelerating any electrical charge in the upper atmosphere. It all made sense. It was then that I determined this errant experiment had "sinister" written all over it.

Now, 7 years later... who knows if the effects have actually changed the biology of certain individuals who never had the capacity to exercise any measure of deductive reasoning in the first place. Then those who were borderline back then, are surely blinded by now. They few remaining free thinking individualists who are sounding the alarm are doing so to deaf ears.

The time has now come to take active measures to protect yourself.  This is no joke.  Three weeks ago I had my blood tested for heavy metals after a barrage of March aerosols. 100X acceptable levels of barium, lead outside the acceptable limit, and traces of unacceptable arsenic. This was enough to convince me I was not doing enough to shield my body. 

Contact, specifying chem-trail mitigation protocol.  The NWO wreaking crew is in the mid-late stage of the quiet war of world genocide.