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Is Communism (Satanism) "The Jewish Utopia"?

May 24, 2016

at-the-wall-i.png(Left- Rothschild lackeys swear allegiance)

According to Rabbi Higger, in Jewish tradition
Jews are destined to govern mankind.  
The "non-righteous," i.e. everyone who 
resists Jewish domination, shall perish. 
This is the New World Order.

Most wars can be seen in these terms i.e. Gentile genocide. So can the war on gender .  Gentiles need to wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late.
The Illuminati are inching toward World War Three. 9-11 and "terrorism" are just pretexts for invading the Muslim world and releasing a third world migrant flood.  Ordinary Jews have a choice: Disown this demented ideology or take the blame for it.

Don't be deceived. Their "God" is Satan. Their "righteous" are Satan worshipers. This is not God's dispensation. It is Satan's.
Satanists invert everything.  Humanity is satanically possessed. 

"Israel Must become a World Power"   Benjamin Netanyahu , Sept, 2015
Zionist Sock Puppet, US Holds World Record for Killing Innocent Civilians 

(from May 2013)
by Michael Collins Piper 
Excerpt from The New Babylon
  (abridged by

jewish-utopia.jpgIn 1932, Rabbi Michael Higger, Ph.D., [1898-1952] published a book entitled The Jewish Utopia, ...[based on] "the sum total of the prophecies, teachings and plans and interpretations of the foremost Jewish rabbis and tribal leaders over a period of some 2,500 years..."

The books talked of "the righteous" and "the non-righteous." In the end, according to Higger, the "non-righteous" shall perish...

And it is clear, throughout Higger's writings that the "righteous" shall be the Jews and the servants of the Jews; and the "wicked" will be those who are perceived by the Jews to be standing in opposition to their interests!

The words of Isaiah will be fulfilled: "Behold, My servants shall eat, but ye shall be hungry. Behold, My servants shall drink, but ye shall be thirsty; Behold, My servants shall rejoice, but ye shall be ashamed." ...

MCP.jpg(This article is  from this book.)

Higger continues: "All the treasures and natural resources of the world will eventually come [into the] possession of the righteous." 

This, he said, would be in keeping, with thy prophecy of Isaiah: "In her gain and her hire shall be holiness to the Lord;...for her gain shall be for them that dwell before the Lord, to eat their fill and for stately clothing." ...

In short, this is the massive extermination of those who resist the Jewish Utopia -- the New World Order. It continues:

"All of these unrighteous nations shall be called to judgment before they are punished and doomed. The severe sentence of their doom will be pronounced upon them only after they have been given a fair trial when it will become evident that their existence would hinder the advent of the ideal era."

"Thus, at the coming of the Messiah, when all righteous nations will pay homage to the ideal righteous leader [the AntiChrist] and offer gifts to him, the wicked and corrupt nations, by realizing the approach of their doom, will bring similar presents to the Messiah. Their gifts and pretended acknowledgment of the new era will be blunted rejected, for the really wicked nations, like the really wicked individuals must disappear from the earth before an ideal human society of righteous nations can be established."

And when one considers the fact that the Jewish concept of the Messiah is often reckoned to be that the Jewish people themselves, what Higger has described takes on even greater consequence.


 Armageddon, in Jewish tradition, is the final battle in which the Jews will once and for all establish their absolute rule over the earth...

(left. Meanwhile Illuminati Jewish-controlled DHS stocks up on guns and ammo)

According to Higger, there will be no room for the unrighteous whether Jewish or non-Jewish in the Kingdom of God. All of them will have disappeared before the advent of the ideal era on this earth. Unrighteous Israelites will be punished equally with the wicked of other nations. All the righteous, on the other hand, whether Hebrew or Gentile, will share equally in the happiness and abundance of the ideal era.

In contrast to what the average American Christian would think, or perceive in the context of his Christian faith, which looks forward to a universal kingdom of God in Heaven, the paradise referred to throughout The Jewish Utopia describing the "new ideal era" -- the New World Order -- is "a universal paradise of mankind ... established in this world," with no reference to the future world whatever.

Who will rule this New World Order? According to Higger's assessment of the Jewish tradition: "He will be a descendant of the House of David."


Talmudic tradition says that "a descendant of the House of David will appear as the head of the 'ideal era' only after the whole world will have suffered, for a continuous period of nine months, from a wicked, corrupt government like the historically traditionally wicked Edom."

(Note: Today there is a formally organized international Jewish organization, Davidic Dynasty, openly working to track down and reunite all of the descendants of the House of David. This is no "conspiracy theory." It is fact. Knowing what the Talmud teaches about who shall rule the globe, we can perhaps understand the motivation of this group.)

The whole world will "gradually come to the realization that Godliness is identical with righteousness," and that God "cleaves to Israel and that Israel is the ideal righteous nation."

According to these rabbinic teachings which are the foundation for the age-old Jewish dream of the establishment of the New World Order, the peoples of the earth will then proclaim to the Jewish rulers: "We will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you."

So it is that, as the rabbis proclaim: "The people of Israel will conquer spiritually the peoples of the earth, so that Israel will be made high above all nations in praise, in name and in glory."

Note the concept of "conquer" -- as in battle. Note the concept of Israel raised above all others -- as in supremacy and superiority. Violence and racism toward the non-Jews: as simple as that.


There will eventually be one global religion, Judaism i.e. Cabalism. This has been part of the prophecy: "The nations would first unite for the purpose of calling upon the name of the Lord to serve him."

obamapissing.jpg(Is this too harsh condemnation of a man who serves the NWO & covers for 9-11, Newtown and numerous other false flag attacks?)

Indeed, it will be the global Jewish power, seated in Jerusalem, headed by a descendant of the House of David-referred to as "the Holy One" -- who will divide up the property of the world.

Who will get this property?"To the righteous will belong all the wealth, treasures and industrial gains and other resources of the world. To the unrighteous will belong nothing."

The unrighteous nations "will not share in the ideal era." Their rule will be destroyed and disappear before the ushering in of the New World Order. The "wickedness" of these nations will consist mainly in accumulating money belonging to "the people" and of oppressing and robbing "the poor."

Although Higger does not state this emphatically, those familiar with Talmudic tradition, the "people" and the "poor" are the Jews: The Talmud teaches that only Jews are humanity and all others are animals, thus, of course, only Jews can be "people." The "poor" are -- of course -- the Jews who have forever painted themselves as the victims and the oppressed -- as in "the poor, persecuted Jews."

piper1.jpgAlso by Michael Collins Piper on this website:  Illuminati Bankers Controlled McCarthy

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You can find this article permanently at New World Order The Jewish Utopia.html

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Is Communism (Satanism) "The Jewish Utopia"?"

A said (May 24, 2016):

was glad to see your article this morning on Judaism and Communism. It is concise and informative, and needs to be repeated and forwarded as often as possible to get it through peoples skulls.
I personally have not read a source greater than Juri Lina’s “Under The Sign of The Scorpion” that proves without doubt that Judaism is Communism. It can be read online. Just a few quotes get right to the point….

Trotsky said that with the “triumph of Communism comes the triumph of Judaism.”

“As a People's Commissary for Military Affairs, Trotsky introduced the pentagram - the five-pointed star - as the symbol of the Red Army. The Cabbalists had taken over this symbol of black magic from the witches in ancient Chaldea.

By the aid of Alexander Parvus, Trotsky reached the conclusion that the true purpose of freemasonry was to eliminate the national states and their cultures and to introduce a Judaised world state.

This is also stated in "The Secret Initiation into the 33rd Degree":
"Freemasonry is nothing more and nothing less than revolution in action; continuous conspiracy."
Bronstein became a convinced internationalist who, by the agency of Parvus' care, learned that the Jewish people were their own collective Messiah and would reach dominion over all peoples through the mixing of the other races and elimination of national boundaries. An international republic was to be created, where the Jews would be the ruling element, since no others would be able to understand and control the masses.”

Stalin is often put forward as the psychopathic gentile who ran the show , but Lina’s book quotes a 1953 edition of a B’nai Brith Magazine as saying that Stalin was indeed one of their own, a Jew. He spoke Yiddish, and his wife was a Jew as well.

Larry C said (May 24, 2016):

Henry, I have Higger's essential book and have used the following quote more than any other because I marvel that a rabbi could get it straight but so-called Christians can't.

"We are now in a position to discuss the Jewish conception of the Kingdom of God. The contrast between the Christian dogma and the Jewish doctrine of the Kingdom is evident...Nothing is mentioned in the New Testament of the spiritual and material glory of Palestine in the day of fulfillment...The New Testament is mainly concerned, not with the earthly, but rather with the heavenly Kingdom of God...Jesus thought of the Kingdom as having actually begun with him and his disciples. Compare Mark 1:15: "And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel."...This dogma of a purely spiritual Kingdom, independent of the material, earthly world, was later expounded more fully by the sophisticated argumentation of Paul..." Rabbi Michael Higger,The Jewish Utopia,p.113

Dan said (May 8, 2013):

The 'Wailing Wall' worshiped today as part of Herod's Temple is actually the surving wall of a Roman garrison building that housed Roman soldiers. According to the Roman-Jewish historian Josephus, Titus razed Herod's Temple not just to the ground, but beneath it, so that no shrine could remain.

Until the 11th century Jews venerated the site of Herod's Temple 1000 feet south over the Gihon Spring, which is now the Dome of the Rock. It wasn't until the 16th before the world Jewish authorities formalized the tradition that we see of Euro-Orthodox men thrusting their pelvises back and forth at the wall in a trance-like activity.

Not coincidental this practice originated in the 16th century with Lurian Kabbalah orthodoxy. I won't go into what the pelvic thrusts are really about, suffice to say the public legend of the Wall has nothing to do with the ritual, (which is actually occult sex magic). It's a political cover story. The Wall is not a remnant of the Second Temple, and the Kabbalist mafia know it.

Henrique said (May 7, 2013):

So many imbeciles pushing today that "Islam is gonna be the NWO's religion" and all that, things that have been drummed into the head of so many fools, and that the IQ-below-zero Christo-Zionists just love to parrot.

They refuse to see the reality that the "muslim invasion" of European countries only happened because in one form or another they were INVITED in ( governments propagandizing the greatness of their welfare system and how their countries are "equal" - obviously with the intention of getting cheap labor and destroying the national cultures, as one of Blair's aides in Britain openly admitted he was instructed to do ) and that "Islamic terror" is a Jewish facade through the underworld fronts like CIA, MOSSAD, FBI, etc.

By the way, I have absolutely nothing against ( or in favor ) of ordinary Jews, I judge everyone looking in their eyes as individuals, as everyone should, and some Jews are of solid character and honest people, no doubt. But their leaders, the representatives of the "community" are in on the act BIG time; Judaism is essential, as I've already said, to implement a decadent victim's morality on every society, and manage it's self-loathing and abandonment of values and culture, in order for something more "fair" and "enlightened" to take over.

However, I have no doubt that they would never pull this off without the collaboration of very powerful and malicious gentile elites, that's simply un-debatable.

But after this type of considerations as in the article, I always expect nonsensical and Bible-thumping hostility to come from random Jews and Christo-Zionists; here in Brazil writing anything about it is enough to destroy your own reputation for quite a while, and before so many "pillars of the community" ( Masonic term, by the way ).

It's almost economic suicide. So having escape valves in a foreign language, in a foreign culture that still hasn't given up it's testosterone completely is somewhat refreshing. Thanks for that.

JG said (May 7, 2013):

Only the naive and misguided could believe that God sanctions unconditional salvation to the Jews only. So if we don't have a Jewish mother at the time of birth then we're just wasting our time here and salvation is totally unconditional because it's racial and not spiritual.

If that be the case than Jesus Christ would have not included the Gentiles as heirs to the promise of eternal life along with repentant Jews. As Paul the Apostle tells us, the chosen people are the believers in Jesus Christ, and that includes all races.

Below -Australian Adept Unveiled World Satanic Control (scroll down)

Sweden in Satanic Death Grip

May 23, 2016


Left. Swedish woman. Fifty years ago, Swedish women were considered the most beautiful in the world. 

Erik Larssen, a native Swede
despairs for the future of his country. 

"If you walk around in Sweden, you will see many soulless people 
with miserable face expressions and earphones. You see a lot of 
obese Swedish people and the Pride festival in Stockholm is enormous. 
While Swedish people claim to be 'happy,' they are really miserable and lonely."

Is Sweden a harbinger for the West? 

By Erik Larssen 

War is usually associated with guns and missiles but a mental civil war where man-woman, rich-poor, locals-immigrants, left-right politicians fight each other is just as devastating as any physical war. 

Sweden is the frontrunner of the NWO and has a fully dedicated Marxist mainstream media (MSM) trying to undermine Swedish nuclear families and all forms of traditional culture and religion. Voltaire said that whoever you are not allowed to criticize is the one that rules you. Cabalist Jewry rules and hides behind the shield of Judaism, a religion they have destroyed along with numerous ordinary Jews. After almost 100 years of warfare in Sweden, we see the devastating effects today.

Sweden is widely considered a top-ranked country for family life. Yet Sweden is also a world leader in terms of divorce rates (47%), single-parent households and depression among young people. 

Indeed, Sweden is a terrible place for children these days - this is the reality. The main reason is that Swedish parents don´t know family values and don´t raise their kids in a good way since they have been brainwashed by Marxism. The result is a generation of weak and sickly children without basic knowledge about human life. 

In 2015, only 23.8% of Swedish kids were born to married parents. An astonishing 47% of all Swedes live in single households. In 20 years the depression rate among Swedish kids has tripled.  Most Swedish boys are unsocial, addicted to computer games and have not learned basic self discipline. Furthermore, most Swedish parents buy into all vaccine schemes making the kids even weaker. Sweden has received more immigrants than any other western country (per capita) making Swedish kids feel even more lost. 


Many Swedish people are naive, reserved and kindhearted. If you want to see true evil, check out the Swedish MSM which now promotes LBTG, atheist, materialist, sexist, feminist, anti-Putin and fear on a huge scale. Swedish MSM is controlled by the NWO mainly through the Illuminati Jewish families - and nobody dares to criticize them. First of all the Bonnier family (Bilderberg Jews) owns the largest parts of Swedish media and television and secondly there is the Hjörne crypto jews owning a big part. Other players are either controlled from the US (Schibsted) or by Swedish politicians or unions (Mittmedia).

Left. The disaster of sinking M/S Estonia in 1994, killing around 800 people, was never fully investigated and remains an enigma to the public.

In Sweden, you are regarded as a fool if you believe in God or divine creation. This is due to a Marxist ideology destroying the school system, children, State, Church and top politicians. The murders/"suicides"/disappearances of Ivar Kreuger, Raul Wallenberg, Olof Palme, Anna Lindh and KSI (top secret intelligence service) head Lars Ericsson adds fuel to the black smoke of Sweden. Palme´s autopsy protocol is still kept secret while Lindh´s murder looks like a psy op with a young assassin very confused claiming he was controlled by an inner voice during the murder (which we never have been able to confirm on film). 

The "Sweden Democrat" party is rising fast and they are against mass migration - but they are Zionist controlled opposition. The same goes for the major alternative media sites. Swedish people are scared and do not react even when skeleton bones fall out of the Masonic HQ at Stockholm. Basically, there is a lack of courage and information in Swedish men.


"Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval...including the ugly ones."(Karl Marx)

Fifty years ago, Swedish women were considered the most beautiful in the world. Today´s Swedish women have been brainwashed into pursuing career and "equality" making them disregard feminine qualities. Many women behave, walk and dress like men. A foreigner asked me why Swedish women are terrible while Swedish men are good. 

Another foreigner asked me why Swedish babies are so unclean. A French woman told me that Swedish dress style is different (uglier) from other countries. We can´t blame Swedish women but nowadays they don´t understand what is important in life - a harmonious family and traditional beliefs. Of course there are exceptions.

Swedish women are usually dictators at home and the man will be effeminate. Swedish men quietly endure their misery until she wants a divorce. A friend from the North told me that no Swedish women wants to stay there anymore so his village is full of Thai and Russian wives. 

If you walk around in Sweden you will see many soulless people with miserable face expressions and earphones. You see a lot of obese Swedish people and the Pride festival in Stockholm is enormous. While Swedish people claim to be "happy" they are really miserable and lonely. Swedish people can´t imagine what is going on beyond the scenes and they are completely unaware of the evil forces behind their MSM, Government and Secret Police. Some insiders call it the most corrupt government on earth controlled by Mossad/CIA.


Left. Muslim immigrants are used as scapegoats in Sweden for terror actions

The Swedish government and media are fighting Swedish people. It doesn´t matter which party you vote for, they are all controlled by the same evil power so the end result is the same. 

The hallmark of a nation run by Illuminati Jews is that the government tries to destroy traditional culture and nuclear families. The current forecast for Sweden is more psy ops to instil fear of the Muslims. This will result in martial law and a zionist NWO puppet dictator. Swedish people will support anyone that promises "safety from the Muslims". 

Watch out for the drinking water - large cities will be easy targets and Swedes drink the tap water in big cities. The water poisoning will be a global affair and it´s the easiest way to depopulate. 


A country without patriots, courageous men, unity, religion or traditional principles is doomed. Many Swedish people are kindhearted but they are unaware of the Marxist brainwash which destroys them. 

Everyone can see where Sweden is heading and if some good people unite perhaps a miracle can take place. If patriotic Swedes working in secret services such as KSI, MUST, SÄPO and FRA realize that they and their country are being destroyed by their own Marxist employer - the NWO - perhaps there might be unexpected news from Sweden.

First Comment from Dan:

Two things Americans must understand about Sweden, is that it's against the law to question anything - even in the most meek, apologetic terms.  Boys of Swedish ancestry aren't wanted at all by the Swedish government.  Showing normal male character traits at all gets boys turned over to school psychologists who prescribe medication. 

News is heavily censored in Sweden, to the extent that Swedes have been lied to about the reason they've gone from being a traditionally rape free society thirty years ago to be the 'rape capitol of Europe'. 

Welcome to Sweden - 1.6 million views

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Sweden in Satanic Death Grip"

Mark said (May 24, 2016):

I came sadly to the conclusion that it is the weakness of Europeans, who have allowed themselves to succumb to these teachings. Look at the reality here? We were 'supposed' to have fought WW2 to stop the creation of an authoritarian culture and protect our nation. We have allowed exactly that, which we fought against, to happen.

If people never saw the indoctrination and brainwashing going on within academia, the msm and politics then they only have themselves to blame. If they have allowed a society to be created that gives young, ignorant people not just a voice, but positions of power and influence over others, they only have themselves to blame. If they have done nothing while their politicians have promoted mass immigration, along with giving immigrants, power over migration and cultural change within society, then they only have themselves to blame.

There is the argument that this has most certainly been Fabianism at work (the drastic change of society over a period of time, not instantly), I agree, but again, once you see a fire break out in your house and choose to do nothing, then it's your own fault for not taking action. People should have instantly taken notice when their government instituted 'race laws' (legislation not law). This should have been an instant clue as to them about to open the floodgates of immigration into the land. As long as you control your land under a common law, then you do not need to bring race into it whatsoever. Any attacks on immigrants will be treated no differently as to an assault charge. As soon as they legalized homosexuality the alarm bells should have started ringing. As soon as politicians along with professors, with a history of Marxist beliefs, were allowed into power, the people should have resisted.

This is the reality. Far too many people are distracted by TV, Films and sports to actively want to stop the demolition of their societies. They therefore not only have themselves to blame for the demise of their lands, but also very much deserve the governments they have and society they live within.

Art said (May 23, 2016):

Lord what a depressing article!

In my dealings with Swedes I was singularly unimpressed with them Germans by comparison are robust & hearty.

No God, no soul. Its as simple as that.

Below- The Fraud that Begets All Others (scroll down)

Australian Adept Unveiled World Satanic Control

May 22, 2016

(l.sick satanic ritual sacrifice)

We revisit the deathbed confessions 
of Frater 616 which revealed that Satanism 
has corrupted society to a far greater degree
than we ever imagined. This may explain
why, increasingly, Western society resembles
a satanic cult.

(from Jan 3, 2010) 
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

In an explosive deathbed confession, a former head of the satanist "Alpha Lodge" in Sydney, Australia, revealed the pervasive  worldwide power of organized Satanism, which is synonymous with the Illuminati.

"Things are not as they seem -- and they have not been for a long, long time," he wrote, describing a wholesale betrayal of society by its ostensible leaders.

"Petor Narsagonan" aka "Frater 616" died March 25, 2004. Recently, his executor, an "Aloysius Fozdyke" (their satanic names) sent the 15 pp. document by email to Arthur Cristian, webmaster of ""  

"I have felt it necessary to edit very little of this work," "Fozdyke" wrote to Cristian, "although legal considerations have ensured that some names and details were excised. It was His intention to have this published in the popular media." 

What follows is a synopsis of this shocking document focusing on Satanic power and influence. 

Satanic influence is "now so pervasive as not to be readily noticed," Frater says.

Satanists are laced throughout Australian society, and the pattern is replicated everywhere.  They include politicians, doctors, high ranking police officers, lawyers, decorated military men, media personalities, fashion models and social workers. The most talented have lifestyles maintained by crime under a veneer of respectable professionalism and knowledge. Marginal types (prostitutes, drug dealers) are important to Satanism but are merely tools.

Frater explains he got involved in a satanic group in university in 1971. "I fell through a crack in reality...I escaped the mundane through one of western society's fault lines."

satanic-image.jpg"A mentor" in the Satanic network set him up in the travel business and for years Frater live a life of unimaginable wealth, occultism and debauchery. He studied the black arts: divination, dark meditation, sacrifice, sexual vampirism, voodoo dolls and sex magic. Each day ended with a "Black Mass orgy of unforgettable and unspeakable delight."

The US-based "Church of Satan" was the public face of "an ancient body whose very existence had never before been imagined."  He lists as "influential members" J.P. Morgan, Drs. James McDonald and Rene Hardy, the Kennedy's (including Jackie), Irving Berlin, Groucho Marx, Elvis Presley, Garner Ted Armstrong, Sammy Davis Jr., Ronald Reagan, Edward Heath, Thomas Plantard de St Claire and the Bushes. He later mentions Stephen Spielberg, George Lucas and Gerald Ford as members.


Intelligence agencies are instruments of the Illuminati central bankers. Frater says, "American Intelligence Services" funded the occult.

"Many of America's high ranking military men were members of various Satanic Lodges or kindred organizations."  They overlapped with organized crime and drug trafficking. US and Australian Navy ships were used, as well as oil tankers.

Brothels and porn are a small part of the "International Satanic Empire" (i.e. Illuminati.) Most of the money comes from CIA drug trafficking, sophisticated blackmail, money lending and currency trading.

"The US Federal government dances to our tune ( a couple of steps removed, if you know what I mean!)"

"Satanists of the highest order are behind a number of wealthy, Conservative, New Right Christian churches and organizations in America. These are some of contemporary Satanism's best cash-flow enterprises (mostly indirectly) and allow mass indoctrination and networking."

Henry Kissinger first proposed using fundamentalist Christianity to bring about war, first in the Middle East and then globally. Kissinger "refined Hitler's 'Terror Technique' ... building tension within a society and then finding a scapegoat. Dark Path adepts do this ... to move people to more gross and hideous behaviors."

satan-altar (1).jpgThe aim of the Alpha Lodge is 66% illiteracy rates in the Western World by 2010, and "the destruction of at least 70% of the globe's population by the year 2030."

Most governments count on their "sheeple" to respond in "typical infantile fashion" and to identify with " a more powerful force-- even if it enslaves, brutalizes and humiliates them."

Frater attributes the following to the "influence of Satanism in the modern world:"

-The developed world is heading toward Third World status because the central banks are owned by Satanists.
-Multinationals rape the environment and reap the rewards from Australia's natural resources.
-The media in the Free World is "heavily controlled" and in bed with the government.
-Fluoride in Australia's water supply.
-Educational standards dumbed down.
-Multiculturalism foisted on the First World (with exception of Japan.)
-Illuminati Satanists behind 9-11.
-Mossad came up with weapons of mass destruction rationale for Iraq Invasion. Illuminati uses Israel to run US foreign policy.


Frater  says politicians know that if they feign interest in the welfare of the sheeple, they will go along with their policies "because it is the line of least resistance."

"Homo sapiens are herd animals, after all! ...Give them an election with no policy choices and for the most part they are happy. Allow their children no real prospects of success, inhibit their natural drives, particularly their sex drives; limit their options, coarsen their choices and society (such as it still is) quickly falls apart into predetermined categories. No families, just weak individuals free to do as they are told. Satan is a wonderful 'systems man.' "  

The first and foremost responsibility of government is to prevent devil worshippers from taking control. It has failed.

What do we say about a youth who can't tell the difference between good and evil? Increasingly this is the condition of society as a whole.

The world is indeed controlled by Satanists who indulge in the most heinous crimes with impunity. Membership in this club appears to be the price of success, whether political, economic or cultural. "Progress" and "social change" are synonymous with mass social induction into Satanism.

Frater 616: "Every hour of every day and every night, people are knowingly engaged in Satan's service. Human sacrifice--whether ritually and quicker, or slowly and degradingly over time -- is all harnessed to specific ends. "

"Politicians are introduced by a carefully graded set of criteria and situations that [convince] them that their victims will be "Our Little Secret." Young children sexually molested and physically abused by politicians worldwide are quickly used as sacrifices."   

The social contract is broken. Any government that fails to tackle this cancer is illegitimate. Any society that tolerates it deserves what it gets.

Google "Makow, Aloysius Fozdyke" for a dozen more articles by the man who released Frater 616's last testament to the world. 
Satanic Pedophile Network Operates in Australia 
Nicole Kidman's Father Silenced by Satanic Cult 
YouTube  Satanic Australia 
Inside Exposes Famous Satanists 

First Comment from Dan: Fozdyke Unreliable 

During Aloysius Fozdyke's two year tenure of dropping the occasional update here, he threw out several forecasts of major events, most of which didn't pan out.  

Also, he made zero forecasts of unanticipated events, such as a favorite target of his vitriol - Australian PM Julia Gillard's ouster from the Australian Labor Party and politics in 2013.  It turned out that Gillard did her best to RESTORE Australia's long standing 'Pacific Solution' immigration policy.   You see when Australia was beset by fleets of ships loaded with "asylum seekers" in 2001, the Pacific Solution diverted them to two islands so authorities could process their claims rather than just turning them loose on the mainland.   

Australian Globalist hatchet man Kevin Rudd led the dismantling of the Pacific Solution by 2008.  But 2010 Rudd had lost control of the Labor Party.   Julia Gillard won the Party leadership vote and became PM.  It seemed the typical phony 'right left' dialectic to quell public restlessness.  But she did actually restore immigration protection in 2011, drawing howls and hisses from all the Globalist NGO's around the world.  By 2013 Rudd wrested power back from her on a 'winner take all' bet.  He won the Party confidence vote and Gillard retired from politics.   In my opinion she's the reason Australia hasn't gone the way of Germany and France already.   It's all about the 'diversity'. 

Speaking of multiculturalism, here's an  error in Narsagonon's 'confession' in his list of "influences of Satanism in the Modern world' in today's reprise of the 2010 article. 

"Multiculturalism foisted on the First World (with exception of Japan.)"

Incorrect.  The Japanese birth rate happens to be as bad, or worse than Sweden and the white countries.  And they are getting the same Miscegnation solution rhetoric as we get in Europe, UK and North America.  So, with apologies to Mitsuko Aoyama-Kalergi, the Japanese are to be bred out too.

"Japan's society is becoming more culturally diverse as the number of foreign residents increases. The foreign population living in Japan exceeded two million as of 2011."  ~  Japan Local Government Centre website 

So whomever wrote Frater 616's 'confession' and Frater Fozdyke's forecasts - nice try, but you're not a very well informed Globalist. 

Here's Mister Fozdyke's forecast from January 20, 2011: 
Satanist Insider: "The Party is Beginning!"

He confidently predicted, "The Kenyan (Obama) won't be re-elected." 

Keep this in mind if Fozdyke is about to reappear with predictions for the 2016 election! 
Makow- He also banged the drums for purchasing silver. 

You can find this article permanently at

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Comments for "Australian Adept Unveiled World Satanic Control"

JT said (May 23, 2016):

Hi Henry, long time no write. Hope you are well!

Here is a comment RE the Australian satanist war in a leper colony:

Banging the drums for physical silver is a complete no-brainer, especially if you want to be proven right about at least one thing in the future. Which Fozzy Dyke apparently wasn´t, and Frater XYZ isn´t.

More than half of silver is used up by hundreds of industrial processes in what we consider essential for our industrialized societies, like ... Tomahawk missiles, with 10 kilos of silver a pop, non-recycle-able.

Silver will apparently become extinct, fully depleted, in ten or twelve years, being the first resource one to do that.

Then, there is more physical gold than silver in existence today, and central banks do not store silver, while we have been using up previously untouched mountains of silver since the industrialized and electronics industry from the 1940´s onward.

China and Russia do produce, and they don´t sell any.

You don´t need gold other than for monetary purposes and jewelry, but you need silver no matter what.

So even half-witted satanists or their impostors know a thing or two about how to make at least one booger stick.

Claire said (January 10, 2010):

I have no doubt of the truth of this. I was raised in Christianity and am still a Christian but have no church because most churches in my town are infiltrated by these awful people.

When I married, I was looking for a Christian husband. After marrying an incredibly good-and-kind-seeming man who was a Presbyterian (PCUSA) and regularly did ministry to senior citizens, I found that he had been raised in "the cult." (The illuminati take many forms, but they're all at base the same, just wearing different masks.) His controllers forced him to leave me and our daughter. I continue to pray for him.

Because like Henry I have a PhD in English, I'm super-sensitive to the power of language and want to offer a caveat here. The term "satanism" brings to mind darkness and blood and black and red clothing, all adolescently drama-sodden. That kind of stuff is all right out in the open and un-mysterious.

This cult is, by contrast, luciferian, meaning that the emphasis is on the LIGHT facade of satan, pre-fall. Thus, luciferians are more often met in their daytime manifestations, which are often "like an angel of light." I know luciferians who are kindergarten teachers, MDs, psychiatrists, nurses, police officers, attorneys and judges, university administrators. Name a "helping profession" and you will find it is shot through with luciferian practitioners.

Their particular "cloak of darkness" or invisibility is this "mask" that a positive "front" identity provides them... which really is a way to be invisible in society. I know that in some of their pathetic secret rituals they wear red and black clothing, but to the public they are invisible.

When children are raised in cult abuse, they develop multiple personality disorder in order to encapsulate set aside the memories they cannot deal with. When this is most "successful," the dark side does not show through the mask, though frankly in my experience, a number of luciferians I've met are about as transparent as can be in their evil. (Hah. That's a ludicrous failure of the "cloak of darkness" that aims to seem "light.")

As another responder has written here, I wouldn't take all those names (in the article) as gospel truth. The ever-shifting nature of deception requires us to have more antennae than we ever imagined we'd need, but when they say eternal vigilance is the price of freedom, they ain't whistling Dixie.

anon said (January 10, 2010):

The thing about the "Satanists" running the world, is most of them do not realize they are "Satanists".

Their motivator may be a sense of greed, false nationalism, hate, power, corporatism, or convinced they are "protecting their country from terrorists and security threats".

That's the joke of it all...most the so called "elite" of this world, just like the jihadists they control or the soldiers they employ; have no idea for who or what they ultimately are the pawns of.

Lucy said (January 6, 2010):

I read through the entire letter sent, and the more I think about it, the more clearly it seems the reason this was "published" is to make
us despair of ever hoping to overcome Satan's plan. They want us to believe they are all powerful and nothing can stop them, not even God
himself. Now don't get me wrong, I believe much of what this man has said, and that their evil knows no bounds.

But to believe that God,
the one and true God, cannot defeat this evil is ludicrous. If God so willed it, all of creation could be destroyed in a heartbeat. Yet He
loves us so much that He would never do such a thing. God has given man free will, and these evil men have taken full advantage of that.
But God's Will is so much more powerful than these peons could ever imagine.

So what to do in the face of this proclamation of evil? Continue praying and offering all of your sufferings to God. Love one another
and live your life truthfully and to God's Will. Make your life a prayer to God's glory, and offer all good things to him. Even in the
darkest of hours, God will not foresake the faithful, even when it feels as if we are alone. Never lose hope and never despair.

Jerry said (January 5, 2010):

Unreal mouse plagues, severe droughts, severe flooding, and other weird and unusual weather phenomena as well as that meteorite has long showed that something is not right down under. What most shrug off however as being the result of industrial pollution the scriptures tell us that it is the result of none other than God Himself.

“See the storm of the Lord will burst out in wrath, a whirlwind swirling down on the heads of the wicked. The anger of the Lord will not turn back until He fully accomplishes the purposes of his heart. In days to come you will fully understand this.” {Jeremiah 23:19-20}

“When I shoot at you with my deadly and destructive arrows of famine, I will shoot to destroy you. I will bring more and more famine upon you and cut off your supply of food. I will send famine and wild beasts against you, and they will leave you childless. Plague and bloodshed will sweep through you, and I will bring the sword against you. I the Lord have spoken.” {Ezekiel 5:16}

“The word of the Lord came to me, Son of man, if a country sins against me by being unfaithful and I stretch out my hand against it to cut off its food supply and send famine upon it and kill its men and their animals, even if these three men Noah, Daniel and Job were in it, they could save only themselves by their righteousness, declares the Sovereign Lord.” {Ezekiel 14: 12-14}

These satanists are not going to profit as much as they think with their sinful and satanic ways!!! In fact I often wonder where exactly are crop circles going to take us or end with. What the weather and scriptures can't do God in His long suffering ways has to now resort to wheat graffiti. Amazing if not altogether frightening !!!

A.J. Fozdyke -2 said (January 5, 2010):

[to Arthur Cristian] Final Email

For we are part of His Kingdom; For Aeons and Aeons.

Whether the herd doubt the material I have forwarded is not of any interest to me. I was instructed to follow the wishes of the late Petor Narsagonan and have done so, at some personal risk to myself. There is enough (albeit dated) material for individuals to judge its veracity. Being familiar with the work I know that there are names and information that could be researched. I also know that these will not be. Perhaps Petor was applying the oldest trick in the book: if you want to hide something, make it public.

As for me, I am advancing in years and must perform some ordeals whilst I am still able. This is my last direct communication. In the coming months an economic depression will quickly manifest that will make the Great Depression look like a picnic. The sheeple do not care that we have orchestrated it and have been since the Mount Washington Hotel meeting of July, sixty-six years ago. No one showed any concern then, so when their wives and daughters prostitute themselves to put food on the table and the desperate sell their children, they still won't complain! Paper money is cheap to print but must be paid with interest and we and our associates want more real assets - including the assets of our doubters.

In a scientific world devoid of divinity the fear of the diabolical still thrives. There is something within the minds of men and women that knows – the atavistic comprehension that although buried beneath centuries of science and schooling still whispers, 'Something wicked this way comes.'

Our ancient path is the path to power unimaginable, to a Darkness and Evil that rides through the Black Magician like thunder, to the inexorable eclipse of the conscience that betrays. It is the gate into the unspeakable, where the mighty rise as Gods and Goddesses and the meek shrivel into ashes. Darkness must be known and experienced as a real and tangible force, as substantial as the wind that stirs into a tornado, never seen but undeniable all the same.

And shortly you shall all know it.

CB said (January 5, 2010):

Mixing truth with lies is how Satan ‘gets over’. A darkened mind does not suddenly “see the light”;
in fact, past a certain point, God PREVENTS them from doing so. They cannot con Him at the end.

I know quite a bit about some of the alleged ‘members’ listed in this Article, and while many were, many were NOT, Satanists.

The attempt to create the impression that this Clown, half-assed Archangel, is omnipotent is flat-out ridiculous, as well as blasphemous. This is another deception. The only ‘fait accompli”, here, is the apathy and gullibility of the majority of humans.

God dictates what this Moron can, and cannot, do- and WHEN. The “Last Days” hysterics are just
as manufactured and contrived as will be the upcoming “Alien Invasion”. These are not those Days.

It is from a Script, not Scripture.

And “Israel” is not that of the Bible, or of Yahweh, but of Theodor Hertzl, and David Ben-Gurion.

He also said that HE would re-gather what’s left of the “Joos” (there aren’t any since Christ was
rejected), not Balfour, or Hitler or Netan-yahoo. These were SPECIFICALLY forbidden to do so.

Jesus specifically described that time, and this ‘ain’t it. More deception created to emulate, and to counterfeit, what people have been led to expect, and accept, rather than what God CLEARLY said.

Shun the Boogie-man, and he will flee: assuming one is an actual Christian, that is, and not a poseur.

Discernment is stunningly rare “These Days”.

A.J. Fozdyke said (January 5, 2010):

I forwarded the material to you Arthur Cristian and thank you for publishing same.

Unfortunately a number of websites have reproduced it. This was never my intention. I have removed some details; for example, the fact that J.W.H. is a High Grade Magician, that J.W.B. was a puppet being manipulated by the Alpha Lodge and that T.B. is an advanced initiate within the O.N.A. A number of paragraphs were re-arranged in order to achieve greater narrative flow, for in some circumstances I was working from notes.

The Dr. Ward referred to was Dr. Stephen Ward (about whom the entire truth will never be told).

The British pound will plummet, allowing the U.K. Government to more easily adopt the Euro. The American Empire is about to implode. Diseases created in the U.S.S.R. are about to be ‘inadvertently unleashed upon the
world. The timetable has its own momentum – because no one cares to stop it!

Petor Narsagonan was known be a number of names, at least one of which would be known by many South Africans. He published under a number of
non-de plumes. I have no idea of all that he did and I do not wish to know.

He is dead. He was found dead by a regular visitor to one of his homes (in
Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia). His demise had been expected and yet I have heard rumours of peculiar events preceding it. His body was cremated (as is the tradition) in a ceremony that saw the Council of Seven convene in Melbourne; Victoria, Australia on 30th April, 2004.

I do not believe that he had children (or at least, surviving children).
The terms of his testamentary disposition (probate was not requires) left
his assets, including portfolios, to the Grand Council of The Alpha Lodge.

Because I do not wish to be contacted I have not proffered any of my details. I ask that you accept that I have my reasons for so doing.

I have filled in some of the gaps with the assistance of Fraters S.A. and K9.

Brazil Update from Marcos

May 8, 2016

unnamed (73).jpg
(left, Small dolls of Ex-President Lula in prison garb are being sold at street corners) 

 May 18: Dilma keeps her propaganda war. Yesterday she was interviewed by...Glenn Greenwald. Corrupt leftist film-makers who received millions from the government denounce the "coup" in Cannes while children die in hospital lines. 
Every day more corruption scandals come to the light.

Temer, as predicted, plays the new world order economic plan to a T, with new Central Bank president  Ilan Goldfajn, a Jew born in Israel, with past ties to the United Nations, IMF and the World Bank. Can't get more Illuminati than that. 

Temer also chose a staunch marxist to be the next Secretary of Human Rights. Her agenda is completely targeted to the promotion of abortion laws and weakening of the influence of the church and religious groups. Not a word about the 64,000 people murdered every year in the country, the world's record. 

Perfect new world order system, sophisticated economic system for the rich, cultural marxism and debauchery for the poor. At least we will not starve to death. 

Dilma and Temer, opposite sides of the same coin. Lula's Central Bank president used to be former Bank Boston's CEO Meirelles, the current Minister of Economy for Temer. Meirelles was the one who appointed Goldfajn. Same guy was a minister in both governments. Before that, Armirio Fraga, George Soros' man, was the Central Bank's president in socialist Cardoso government. Do not be fooled by talk about  BRICS or socialists as a resistance to Illuminati power. There has never been a resistance. 
The difference is that Temer is a masonic gnostic Illuminati (some say a Luciferian) who believes in merit, Ayn Rand style. Goldfajn has a PhD from MIT and the Secretary is also a PhD. Evil people, but educated and not corrupt thugs and riff-raffs like Dilma's people who destroyed the country.  

Marxism, with its misery and corruption, and people hunting cats and dogs for food like in Venezuela, is the stinking goat brought into the room. Anything is better in comparison, that's the strategy from the beginning. Ordo ab Chaos.

May 16:

Marcos comments on "State Dept.
installs Bankster Puppet" 

It is BS. Americans in conspiracy circles can't grow up beyond the "CIA behind everything" stage. They have this grudge against their own government and they will try to fit any fact into their world view.

It is possible that Temer talked to Americans in 2006 (and also with Russians, and Europeans), but he spent the next 8 years as the main supporter of the Workers Party. Dilma would never have been elected if not by the support of Temer's party! It is ridiculous, Kurt Nimo can't even find Brazil on a map. He is just one more "ugly American" who think they have found the secrets of the world from his LazyBoy recliner in Ohio. I am sick and tired of the type.

In 2006 Lula had a completely neoliberal agenda in the economic sector, and Dilma always had one too. The "help to the poor" thing was a pittance, she gave 10 TIMES more money in grants and subsidized loans to billionaires than she gave to the food stamp/cash help program. She boosted the public debt so now Brazil pays US$ 1 BI a day inn interest to bankers. People are talking about a R$ 1 TRI (US$ 350 BI) corruption scandal in the state banks. Only capitalists could pay the bribes the Party wanted.

What Lula and Dilma never liked is free market. For example, Lula was paid by a mobile phone huge foreign company to approve a merger against anti-trust laws. The bribe money went to Lula's son's company, and he became a multi-millionarie overnight. Lula would say his son was just as talented as the soccer player Ronaldo, a genius in business. Meanwhile, more cartels in the economy and higher prices for consumers. 

So, free market is one thing, crony capitalism is another. Lula and Dilma were always for crony capitalism. Brazil desperately needs free markets and competition. 

For you to have an idea of Nimo's falsehood, Lula wanted as Minister for the Economy the same man who has been selected to be Temer's minister! The same one! Meirelles refused Lula's invitation so not to spoil his reputation, because he knew Lula was a crook. I knew the man, he was my boss' boss when I worked for his bank 25 years ago. 

Lula and Dilma never helped the poor at all. They only grew the size of the government, boosted public debt and gave billions to compadres. This "help the poor" talk is simply propaganda. It is just like saying the Chinese billionaires and politicians who drive Ferraris and travel in private jets are helping the poor because they communists. 

As I said before, Temer is a Mason. His government will obviously be aligned with the new world order, as Dilma's was. But portraying him as the "destroyer" of social gains is exactly the script Dilma is trying to sell right now. 

Gold Update by Thomas Beecham

May 3, 2016

Gold Update by Thomas Beecham 

The central banks are keeping things afloat until war comes. Front and center, the central banks need to keep the governments borrowing. That means the economies are potential casualties, as the primary objective is continued. This means low interest rates will continue. There will be no greek exits, etc.

That is their primary objective. I discussed previously that The USFed should have raised rates as far back as 2012. It is too late now, and the Fed is talking the USD down via domestic economic weakness. The USDX has been dropping and that has been planned by the central banks. There is no dollar collapse, and I think inflation has been picking up on the margin. This is one of the reasons why gold has been rising.

Gold is also rising as a result of things to come. What is coming? short term rate suppression is causing all sorts of asset price distortions. I do not see commodities rising as a result of a reflation trade. Looking at a chart, gold is just rising like any other blip on a screen. The alternative media is now parroting collapse, etc. agh....

This is one important thing to wrap our minds around. The central banks can keep this whole system on IV drip for years. Indefinitely. As long as the average consuming person accepts this system, it can last forever. The average person is unprincipled, thus they choose to have an unprincipled monetary system, a system that promises them free things.

These people who think of rising rates ruining things, like Martin Armstrong, do not understand the Conspiracy. The authors of blogs, like the one you mention do not see these things either. Many who think the Feds are letting gold rise gradually as a reflation trade are misguided. The Feds want gold to go away and want to sever its role as monetary metal.

In the late 70s gold was 35-50/oz. It is 1300 now. That is a good rate of return. I do not look at the high point of 1980 of 850. I look at average prices. Gold has been rising, and will continue to rise over time.

Hitler was simply following the orders of the Hamburg banker, Max Warburg by Clifford Shack

April 29, 2016

Photo of Weitzman and his secret lover,  Lola Hahn Warburg. They kept a safe distance in photos to prevent their intimacy from being leaked. 

Hitler was simply following the orders of the Hamburg banker, Max Warburg 

by Clifford Shack

The Jewish Colony, at the time of Hitler's transfer, was then ready for the upper strata of Jewish society. The Warburgs and Rothschilds had been building the Jewish military colony since the advent of the Suez Canal. Not an easy mission by any means.

Initially, the Rothschilds ordered their client, the Russian Czar, to instigate pogroms so that Jewish Russians might flee to Palestine to provide the grunt work of draining the swamps and shlepping the rocks. That didn't work. 95% left according to David ben-Gurion. So they called in the Yemenite Jews who were used to such harsh conditions. They successfully accomplished the shit work.

To make a long story short, the German Jews arrived on schedule after the colony's infrastructure was done. No one expected doctors, bankers and lawyers to deal with malaria and pioneer stuff.

Once the German Jewish aristocracy arrived, the Brits issued their White Paper and all European immigration into Palestine came to a legal halt. Rothschild puppet, Winston Churchill one-time British colony secretary was instrumental with the stratagems involved.

Hitler was instructed to mop up the rest of the European Jewish population as best as he could to prevent the penniless, unskilled "schnorrers" (as Edmund de Rothschild referred to the Eastern European Jews) from ruining the Jewish colonization initiative. Hertzl had directly threatened to ruin the Rothschild's plan but he conveniently died soon thereafter and his Zionism efforts were soon led by Rothschild/Warburg ally Chaim Weizmann who was actually the lover of one of the Banking princesses, Lola Hahn Warburg.

Related - Hitler was a Godsend for Israel 


Lola Hahn Warburg one step ahead of Prince Philip. She wasn't hesitant
before the cameras. It's good to be the Queen...the real one.