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Dilma's Re-Election in Brazil Looks Rigged

October 31, 2014


Marcos describes how Brazil's Marxist Party
 may have stolen the recent Presidential Elections,
with the help of the Cuban Secret Service.
The scary part is that the same outfit
counts votes in the United States.

by Marcos

You'd think that a presidential candidate who bankrupted a country, brought growth to a standstill and inflation to 6.5% would be summarily defeated in the coming elections. That was the situation of the Marxist President of Brazil, the former terrorist Dilma Rousseff of the Workers' Party, the woman booed by 60,000 fans in the last World Cup games.

Add to that, a scandal broke out just a week ahead of the voting. Alberto Youseff, a party paymaster, told police that Dilma's Party was extorting a 3% kickback on every purchase by Petrobras, the largest Brazilian company (half owned and totally controlled by the government.) Part of the money went to funding campaigns, part to Party members and the rest to bribe Congressmen from other parties to vote for whatever Dilma wanted, a retainer of US$ 60K a month each. The whole scheme amounted to US$ 10 Billion, and almost broke the company.

A pathetic performance on television debates and a good looking and popular opponent didn't help either. Some voting polls showed her losing the mandate by 9,2% of votes. [1]

Lula-e-Dilma.jpg(Dilma & Lula)

However, she won. How can that be? The leader of the Party, former president Lula, said they would do "the devil's work" in order to win. The truth may be the greatest example of a perfect crime.


This carefully orchestrated coup to the Brazilian democracy was probably done in steps:

1) Dias Toffoli, a mediocre and obscure lawyer and Workers' Party hack, is appointed to the Supreme Court; and in May 2014[2] assumes the presidency of the Supreme Voting Court,  which coordinates and judges all matters regarding the elections. Yes, a former party lawyer is the chief of the elections.

2) The Smartmatic company is chosen in order to take care of all electronic systems and voting machines in the country[3]. Smartmatic started as a small software company in Venezuela, and received funds from the dictator Chavez. It is, as we shall see, accused of fraud.

3) On the evening of the elections, October 26, the whole country waits in expectation. Most of the country finishes voting at 5:00 PM, but voting continues in the state of Acre until 8:00 PM. Therefore, a decision is made for the first time in recent history not to release partial results, but only the final numbers. The easy solution of advancing the election in one hour in Acre was not considered. It was like the US had to wait for Hawaii to vote to know what was happening.

4) The main election poll company, Ibope, which receives millions in contracts with the government and is known to favor the Party in every poll they make, decides not to conduct exit polls.

Rumors on the internet point to a intranet structure that was developed to intercept voting subtotals before they reached the terminals of the analysts. An anonymous insider claims that Dilma was losing by much, until right at the end, when the numbers were adjusted. We'll never know what really happened because the addition of the subtotals will be shown to be legit.

Smartmatic_AllThingsConnected_PlaneCrash.gifSMARTMATIC COMES TO AMERICA

The Smartmatic company did not even work with voting systems when it was chosen by Dictator Chavez of Venezuela in 2004 to take care of the referendum that kept him in power forever (or until his death by cancer). Chavez then paid the company US$ 120 MM,  and subsequently, they were able to acquire in 2005 the American firm Sequoia Voting Systems, which had contracts in 17 US states.[4]

Venezuelan General Julio Peñaloza[5] has accused Cuba and Smartmatic of participating in fraud in all subsequent elections in his country. According to him, Cuba's G2 secret service has a campaign named PROCER (Revolutionary Voting Control Plan), to control the elections in the countries dominated by the Marxist organization Forum of Sao Paulo, which aims to impose a South American Marxist Union in the region.

The idea is to intercept voting subtotals transmissions from districts before they reach the central, so they can change results. An engineer who worked in the elections called Christopher Bello Ruiz fled to America and confirmed the story, he says. That's why Henrique Capriles, a wildly popular candidate, was beaten by a mediocre agent of Fidel Castro trained in Cuba,  Nicolas Maduro, by a narrow margin of 1.4% votes in April 2013 in Venezuela.


In 2006, American politicians started to investigate Sequoia but the threat to American democracy, albeit extremely important, has fallen into obscurity[6]. In 2007, Smartmatic sold its interest in Sequoia, but the whole ensuing story, full of offshore companies and complicated transactions, is so convoluted (perhaps on purpose) that only full time specialized researchers can dig into the mess[7]. It is understandable that, if there is any intention of voting manipulation, the scheme would now use a different and complex system of companies in order to make ownership and control.

The lesson that Brazil and Venezuela leave to America, on the verge of its Congressional elections, is that no electronic voting is secure. As Julius Cesar used to say, Cesar's wife must not only be above suspicion, she must appear to be above suspicion. What to say of a voting system? Unfortunately, in this perspective, the elections in Brazil, rigged or not, look and smell like a rotten whore.
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[1] O Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper

[2] Veja Magazine

[3] Business Wire

[4] The New York Times

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[6] WND website

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Marcos adds:

This video is in Spanish, but the whole demeanor is frightening...Venezuela's Maduro says that Dilma's victory opens the new stage for the South-American Federation and the revolution in the continent. Then he sends his minister to Brazil to sign training agreements with terrorist groups, with a briefcase full of plans for communist takeover.

First Comment from Dan:

By her own admission, the 're-elected' Dilma acknowledges that Brazilians have become 'deeply divided' since she took office in 2010.
Despite her being a prime mover of this "thesis - antithesis", who's going to provide the solution?  Dilma of course!

Dilma Rousseff must now pull together a deeply divided Brazil

We're all being played by experts of Dialectical Materialism. Look at the results, not the party rhetoric.

"Worker's Party" - that's a laugh; Dilma Rousseff never worked a day in her life.  Her father was a member of the Bulgarian Communist Party who fled to South America in 1929, when the Stalinists began purging Trotskyists. A lawyer by profession, he married the daughter of a rich Brazillian rancher (Patron) family and soon became very wealthy himself.  Dilma had a typical Brazilian childhood:  boarding school, French lessons; summer camp with the Cuban-backed Comando de Libertação Nacional (COLINA) the guerrilla  wing of the Worker's Party.

"Contrary to the rumors, Rousseff claims she never shot at any officials or military personnel during her time with COLINA".  Well that's a relief! 

Marcos' article 4 years ago (Nov 1, 2010) predicted 'What we can expect' of Dilma.   She tried to implement the Programa Nacional de Direitos Humanos (PNDH3), plan to ramrod gay marriage, free abortion, ban of religious symbols, censorship in the media and pulpits, and ban of private property.    She also supports 'Climate Change' deals, along the United States Presidential Administration?

By the end of her third term she'd plowed the Brazilian economy into the ground.  Henrique, don't blame overspending on the World Cup on "middle-class types" and "reactionaries".  They haven't been running the country. 

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Dilma's Re-Election in Brazil Looks Rigged "

Henrique said (October 31, 2014):

Too much alarmism, even if possibly true. Being booed by thousands of middle-class types in the cup meant nothing ( the tickets were so expensive that the poor and lower-middle class didn`t go ). The inflation rate has historically been unstable in Brazil, and these accusations about Petrobras were suspiciously brought up one week before the vote by an hysterical zionist/neocon press group ( Abril ) that has always practiced ferocious opposition to the worker's party. Without any definitive proof, the usual reactionary elements in the middle-class started parroting the "scandal" in hysterical fashion, as if a truth set in stone. Dilma was actually quite solid in the debates ( even with a poor rhetoric ) while Neves appeared shifty, too aggressive and somewhat cynical.

About the polls, yes they were quite bizarre, but I noticed this has been a trend in the last elections, with the big favorites eventually collapsing midway and losing to quasi-insignificant types ( happened even in my state ). To conclude, there may have been, and I personally think so, manipulation. But no amount of hysteria will change the results, and the people behind this hysteria are as repulsive as workers' party fanatics, if not more. There is a march of separatists scheduled for tomorrow ( 01/11 ) in S. Paulo - let's see what happens.
Here is an interesting video of the enlightened playboy ( non-marxist! non-marxist! ) and the light that unfornately is not illuminating Brazil right now - directly from the Great Lodge of São Paulo:

CF said (October 31, 2014):

Voter fraud in the U. S. is nothing new. CongressCritter, Maxine Waters, publicly heard a full 'confession' by a Diebold {note name) programmer, who described - in detail - how the voting machines flip over votes. Again: A programmer, UNDER OATH, admitted computers rig elections.

There was a little dust up, but in the end, regarding voting machines; nothing was done. Computer voting machines were never stopped, they just got slicker (like using digital counting machines, that can manipulate votes submitted on paper). Then there are all the illegals (and deceased) who are 'voting'. This blog follows the election fraud issue closely:

And Brazil? That country has been a crypto-Communist state for decades. Now it is less hidden.

Rampant voter fraud is a sure sign of tyranny.

Below - Woman Begs men to Rescue Them from Feminist Brainwashing - (scroll down)

Halloween is a Time of Murder & Mayhem- Coincidence?

October 30, 2014

Halloween sex and violence-  Delusions, Dissociation, and Amnesia

Halloween originates from an ancient tradition of
satanic ritual sacrifice. Keep your cats indoors.

"All you have to do is google 'Halloween' and any kind of rape, murder or bizarre crime and you'll find real life horror stories that have occurred on Halloween....The common denominators in non-cult Halloween violence cases are:  paranoid delusions leading to violence, dissociation, and amnesia.  "

by Richard Evans

Before the Romans, a mysterious priesthood of black magicians called Druids ruled Gaul and Britain through terror. They had people believing that the spirits of the dead could cross into this world for three days between Autumnal Equinox and Winter Solstice. The time was called 'Sow-een' (spelled Samhain in English).

According to Roman sources such as Julius Caesar's The Gallic Wars, the Druid priesthood demanded every household give up a family member for sacrifice, or be cursed.  Every family that survived in Druid territory had to betray a family member every year. That's governance through extreme psychological warfare. Even the Romans found this so repugnant that they exterminated the Druid priesthood to extinction, burning them in the same style they'd burned their victim in mass sacrificial bonfires.

The media ridicules anyone who warns of Satanic activities during the Halloween season.  You'll see a plethora of articles in mainstream outlets like "Ritual Cat Sacrifices a Halloween Myth, Experts Say".  

Don't believe them.  More cats disappear between August and Halloween than the rest of the year.  In fact, most animal shelters suspend adoption of black cats two weeks before Halloween. In the 1990's, newspapers printed photos of cats cut in half or eviscerated on makeshift altars in parks or abandoned houses.

Since 1994, media and law enforcement decided not to report any pet abduction/mutilation as 'ritualistic' and never, ever, ever said 'cult' or 'Satanic'.  I talked informally with a police detective who said they still "see it all the time". 

"Cats, especially black ones, may be the target of pranksters. Black cat owners are advised to keep their cats safely indoors during the Halloween season."  Halloween Tips From The Humane Society

More cats disappear between August and Halloween than the rest of the year.  In fact, most animal shelter organizations suspend adoption of black cats two weeks before Halloween.


This year, let's forget about the organized Satanists and talk about people who've done terrible things on Halloween, but don't have a clue what came over them.

PERUGLIA.jpgAll you have to do is google 'Halloween' and any kind of rape, murder or bizarre crime and you'll find real life horror stories that have occurred on Halloween.  For instance, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito bleeding Meredeth Kercher to death after midnight on Halloween in their apartment in Perugia, Italy - still in costume. [1]

Everybody's heard of this case - it was tabloid fodder from 2007-2011.  But did you think of it as a Halloween murder?   I  must admit that I didn't.  That's because the media played that down - even though those involved had been partying in vampire costumes.  The murder occurred after midnight, but Halloween parties last all night, so it was a Halloween murder in my book. 

This murder didn't seem to be a planned ritual sacrifice of a Satanist coven.  But in real witchcraft and Voodoo cases,  occult killings have a life of their own. 

The common denominators in non-cult Halloween violence cases are:  paranoid delusions leading to violence, dissociation, and amnesia. 

October 2010, Halloween party shooting kills teenage girl (Oct. 30, 2010).    The girl was shot while talking with a friiend in front of her parent's home in prestigious River Oaks.  The killer was a boy she'd broken up with. He wasn't identified in the Oct. 30 report.  She's just received an acceptance letter from Harvard.

leslie-mazarra-adriane-insogna-horrible-halloween-crimes-550x600.jpgDemon of jealousy -symptom: paranoid delusion.  Napa Valley, 2004

"After a quiet Halloween night spent at their apartment handing out candy, three female housemates went to sleep. At 1am Lauren Meanza was awakened by thumping and ran upstairs to find her housemates stabbed to death. The killer turned out to be the fiancee of Adriane Insogna's friends. On Halloween, he acted on a paranoid delusion that he had to kill Adriane, or his girlfriend would break up with him." [2]

Peter Fabiano murder, 1957

"When you hear that knock on your door on Halloween night, you're not expecting anything but a little tyke in a colorful costume begging for candy. But for Los Angeles resident Peter Fabiano, "trick or treat" was the last thing he heard. On Halloween night, Fabiano opened the door to reveal a grown-up in full disguise, who shot him in the chest with a .22 in a brown paper bag before fleeing the scene. The murderer was actually a woman named Goldyne Pizer. Pizer was friends with a woman named Joan Rabel, who had a lesbian crush on Fabiano's wife Betty. Pizer and Rabel hatched a plan to get the man of the house out of the way, but cops managed to track them down and got them jailed for second-degree murder." [2]

Martha Moxley murder, 1975 (demon of rape, demon of murder)

"The high school girl attended a neighborhood Halloween party. She left to walk home. Next morning her bludgeoned body was found behind a tree in her own backyard. The rapist/killer wasn't charged till he bragged about the murder in drug rehab, twenty five years later." [2]

taylor-van-diest-horrible-halloween-crimes-550x600.jpgTaylor Van Diest murder, 2011

On Halloween night in 2011, a young woman named Taylor Van Diest was heading home from a party in the small town of Armstrong, BC. She never made it. Taylor was found brutally beaten into unconsciousness, and she was unable to identify her attacker before dying of her injuries. Her death traumatized the town of just over 5,000 people, especially after it was revealed that she'd sent a text to her boyfriend before the attack saying she was being "creeped on." Police eventually used DNA evidence to arrest both Matthew Foerster for the crime and his father Stephen for helping him cover it up. [2]


October 29, 2014  Professor beheaded in what witnesses first thought was Halloween prank (New York)

The woman's neighbors reported they thought the headless body in the street was a Halloween decoration.
A pedestrian hailing a cab near the body realized that it was corpse and called the police. The female victim has been identified by Farmingdale State College officials as Patricia Ward, a longtime professor at the university who taught language arts.  She was murdered by her 35-year-old son, who threw himself in front of a commuter train after abandoning his mother's body in the street in front of their house, leaving everyone baffled.

Don't believe media stories that say satanic sacrifice is a "myth" or "urban legend." Pagans believed the midpoint between vernal equinox and winter solstice, after the harvest is in, the spirits of the dead and deities of the netherworld are most accessible, and have the greatest influence. What if it's true?

It's not the dead, but it is demonic influence.  Diabolic obsession is acting "out of character",  sudden attacks of obsessive thoughts. These can be of an ongoing and even absurd nature. There is an added inability to be freed from these thoughts which range from desperation to suicide.  Diabolic obsession makes sense of the collective orgiastic behavior characteristic of Halloween parties.


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You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Halloween is a Time of Murder & Mayhem- Coincidence? "

June said (October 31, 2014):

I am extremely surprised and disappointed that your site condemns Amanda Knox and exboyfriend as being part of some satanic ritual. I always trusted your articles, but to see you and this Richard Evans promote that ridiculous lie without doing your research makes me no longer want to read your site.

I do not know Amanda Knox, but I have read every book and all evidence of the case, and there is no evidence to prove your smear against that girl...she is innocent based on the evidence. it does not take a rocket scientist to see that she was framed by a nutcase prosecutor. do your homework before allowing articles such as this Halloween article to go up and falsely accuse people of being satanists. It boggles my mind that you have joined the bandwagon of the Italian crazies who prefer to burn the supposed witch at the stake based on gossip and no the old Salem witch hunts of old...sad indeed, Henry.

Kristine said (October 31, 2014):

"The druid priesthood exterminated to extinction"?? I don´t think so. They are alive and well and sitting on the thrones of Europe! These are the Canaanites, the Phoenicians, the Venetians, the pirates of the Caribbean (think: skull and bones).

Frank said (October 31, 2014):

Regarding Halloween, you can be sure that the Illuminati-controlled media and government coolly and calculatingly use this occasion for their own purposes, namely to create a culture of fear and terror and demoralization that is one of the bases of their control.

The most notable instance of this was the famous Zodiac case in the Bay area of California in 1968-69.

These killings, which have never been officially solved (and never will be), were closely, almost explicitly, associated with Halloween. And their purpose was not the killings per se, but rather the terror they engendered. It was following this that we began to hear a new, now ubiquitous term: serial killer.

And it was following this that other, similar crimes began to be perpetrated with increasing frequency, e,g,, the Unabomer crimes, also designed to terrorize and to lay the groundwork for the security/surveillance state.

The Unabomer case was "solved," of course, by giving the fall guy an offer he couldn't refuse. And nowadays it seems as if we have a terrorist crime every month. It's just a matter what new city will be selected for the honor. That way everyone gets the message: "You're next!"

GT said (October 31, 2014):

I saw your latest article, about Halloween and about the druids. I must say that the druids did not sacrifice humans or practice magic, they were scientists and healers, scholars and the intellectual classes of the Celts.

Roman accounts are propaganda, especially the Gallic Wars commentaries by Julius Caesar. You see Gaul was extremely wealthy and civilized and Rome was in a massive debt. Romans had for centuries lead slave raids and invasions into Celtic nations. Caesar needed gold and he targeted Gaul, he needed a reason to attack. He traveled into Gaul and he knew they were very civilized, but he wrote commentaries back to Rome that their druids sacrificed humans and burned them and so on, doing false flags and so on. He needed the Roman government to fund him and so he lied.

Would you like to know who funded him? Jewish bankers in Rome. Gaul was divided and innocent people were killed, and they were known thereafter as savages, a great civilization fell to despair. Also Halloween does not have its origins with the Celts, it is partially descended from Samhain.

Samhain was a Celtic festival but there were no sacrifices, it was a festival to respect the past ancestors and the dead, there was nothing occult-like about it, it was made to look so during the 19th and 20th centuries, especially in America, for commercial purposes, mainly about stories to entertain and scare little children from antiquity. Thank you for your time.

Richard Evans replies:

Maybe those Ancient Roman Jewish Bankers bribed NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC to discover recent evidence that Druids possibly committed cannibalism and ritual human sacrifice—perhaps on a massive scale—add weight to ancient Roman accounts of Druidic savagery, archaeologists say.

Robert K said (October 31, 2014):

While the details of dismemberment at the Luka Magnotta trial are treated by the media as scandalous and abhorrent, for months leading up to Halloween stores have been filled with severed feet, hands and heads for the kiddies to play with--a desensitization to gore that will ensure the generation of other Magnottas in the future. Why not describe this 'celebration' as it is--diabolical and sick!

Art Granda said (October 30, 2014):

Annette said below

"What is irritating here is that a total stranger thinks he has the right to insert himself and his point of view into my private world and I am supposed to like and welcome that !??"

A few things, when in public Annette's private world is completely encompassed by her clothing. Total strangers are not talking to her from across her dinner table, and as long as they are not being lewd or obscene they have a right to speak to, or "at", her. Next she wonders whether she is supposed to enjoy the attention, in whatever form it is delivered. I'd have to say that she is not supposed, or expected, to enjoy it ... but she is expected to deal with it like a lady (not a feminist).

The last generation's feminists sowed the seeds that have grown into this field of brambles which is sex relations today. Without feminism's poisoning of the well, men would be more respectful in what they say, and women would again feel flattered, empowered, gorgeous, ... and keep this under your hat folks ... FEMININE.

Below- Basil Laharoff: A Name You Should Know (scroll down)

Woman Begs Men: "Rescue Us from Suicidal Feminist Brainwashing"

 (left, Feminist YouTube makes heterosexuality a crime and a sickness. It was made by Jewish feminist Hanna Rosin using a Jewish actress and is another example of the Illuminati (satanist, cabalist) Jewish perversion/subversion of the natural order and society, i.e. "the New World Order.")

In an insightful female perspective, Saba describes how feminist brainwashing has poisoned m/f relations. She asks men to be more assertive.

(Editor's Note: We don't condone harassment of women on the street. But most of these men's comments were friendly and harmless admiration.
She would have made their day with a nod or a smile. This YouTube is a classic example of Communist Jewish agitprop (propaganda.) Illuminati, like Hannah Rosin, exaggerate friction in society in order to create division. Feminists train women to see any kind of male initiative as harassment; and heterosexuality as a pathology. They think females should be allowed to send sexual signals but men should not be allowed to respond. Female sexuality should be reserved for lesbians like themselves. Hanna Rosin's latest book is entitled: The End of Men, and the Rise of Women (2012 )

by Anthony Migchels

Thursday the war between the "Social Justice Warriors" (aka Red Guards)  and men centered around a particularly nasty meme: a video by a woman walking through New York, claiming to be 'harassed' by cat calling and men saying hello. It has received more than 10 million views.

But our women are learning too, and when they do, they immediately become a force for good again............

The two main things that are visible in this video are the incredible body language of the young woman, walking and looking as if she's constantly spit upon, and the generally friendly and good natured, albeit it sometimes somewhat primitive greetings from the men.

Yes, the scene with the guy walking alongside her for while was a little over the top, but the woman could easily have stopped it, by simply slowing down or halting, forcing his hand.

The message is that male attention is harassment.  The Communists ('Feminists') want to end natural, pleasant relations, by mind controlling women into thinking this is male interest is 'harassment'. Men have no right, apparently, to be attracted to a pretty young women, let alone make it be known.

And, unopposed, it works. Plenty of women fall for it, as many comments showed. However, when asked directly, many women said that cat calling and nice gestures by men are not at all unwelcome in themselves, when not overbearing.

Here's what a friend Saba who lives here in Amsterdam had to say about it, an insightful, sad and simultaneously uplifting view.


"In the 70s and 80s, we were forcefully told that men were all rapist, violent, controlling and oppressors by nature and it would only be a matter of time and opportunity for them to show their real nature.

Women have also been taught, through the magazines, TV, advertising etc. that we are all 'goddesses' within and that it is for us to let the goddess within us shine.

saba.jpg(left, Saba, visiting Bali)

In the 90's, a new cult was forced upon us: the super model cult. You remember that group with Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Karen Mulder, Naomi Campbell etc.... Interesting to point out that it did not last, I think it was not meant to last, but its effects are visible now.

Most women now react like they are super models. We feel insulted when a man approaches us, unless his social status is visible.... in that case, we feel very flattered...

But with most men, we feel suspicious, we feel insulted: how dare he talk to me? How can he approach me? What does he have to 'offer' or to give me? And we react very aggressively, very arrogantly, sneer at whoever does not look 'rich'.

Modern men, who for the most part have been raised by their moms alone after she got rid of the dad, are now petrified to say hello to woman or simply smile at her.

Men seem to be troubled by so many thoughts that kind of paralyze them and prevent them from making a move toward someone they find attractive: 'she is too beautiful for me, too rich for me, too intelligent, out of my league' etc.

And when a woman smiles back, we have a weird situation: they now think 'OK, what is wrong with this one? Why is she smiling back? She must be the cheap kind' etc.

This has happened to me....

But women are still women and our genetic code has not changed (not yet!). And we still want the same thing, which is: we only want men to love us.


Society has provided us with great 'diversion' so that we do not see through it, so that we do not think about our deep loneliness and misery, so that we fill up the gap only a man can fill. These diversions are our jobs, friends, shopping, 'social life' (think Sex and the City), but the older we get, the more the spell fades away.

Often, it is too late. Women still dream of the same thing our grandmothers did. But we do not understand why men do not approach us; we all wonder where have real men gone.

We think and are told by the magazines/TV/ads, that we are not beautiful enough....And so we go to the gym, we diet, we dress in a way that we know you will like. We read more women magazines to get tips on how to wear make up, dress, even make love. We do all this for you.

But you do not react and so we undress more and more; all this to get you to look and smile at us.

You do not react because you are so scared to. And when some of men do react, then we repel them (if they do not look rich).

It is a vicious circle that can only end once women realize that they have been taken for a ride and get off the feminist bandwagon.

Western men are the ones who do not react. Arab men and black men do and are the only ones because they have not been yet emasculated.
There was a time, not so long ago, in the 1990s, where Latin men did as well. These were my student years and I remember them very well. And now, even Latin men have been reigned in. And the greatest losers of this situation is us, women.

Trust me Anthony, believe me, all women, when alone or amongst each other, we all wonder where have men gone and we all dream of them coming back...."

And Saba added:

"I was surrounded by gay men, in all my London years: gay men are very 'masculine' in their bodies and cultivate the macho look to the extreme. But THAT is ok.

Straight men who want to look like men and not like metro-sexuals, are called macho and that is an insult, which women use the same way we use 'fascist'.

'Don't know how to treat a lady, don't know how to be a man'.

Women no longer act like women but want to be treated like ladies. But we are scared or suspicious when a man does treat us that way or acts like a man and so we reject them.

How on earth can we get out of this impasse? What can we do, what can be done?"

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Feminism is Dying
Ann Coulter And The Female Vote
Cultural Marxism: Managing The Ant Farm

Anthony Migchels is an Interest-Free Currency activist and founder of the Gelre, the first Regional Currency in the Netherlands. You can read all of his articles on monetary on his blog Real Currencies and other highly opinionated articles on Making Sense of the Senseless.

First Comment by Al Thompson:

This is a typical example of the gross hypocrisy of the feminists.  They have a nice looking woman with big boobs in a tight shirt and tight pants, and then they expect to be treated like ladies?  No wonder she got cat calls all day.  She looks like your typical woman who just wants to hook up with another woman.  These feminists are simply too gross to even consider.  Why do people keep considering their ideas?

It's nice to hear that some women are looking for real men.  I always hope for the best.  Men should be growing beards so that the woman who want real men can tell the difference.  The shaved face is an act of submission to the new world disorder and I don't think men realize how much power there is in having a beard; that's why they want you to shave it.

Part of the problem is conformity to what we were always taught.  We grew up the wrong way and now we're paying a heavy price.  A real man won't fornicate, neither will a real woman.  So it's the fornication that destroys the relationship between men and women.  Best to be married and have lots of children.  Real men like that.

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Woman Begs Men: "Rescue Us from Suicidal Feminist Brainwashing" "

Greg said (October 31, 2014):

Annette said: "The bottom line is, a comment from a strange man where he is making an assessment about my body or physical appearance is a violation of my person and my privacy at least, and at worst a potential threat. The guy is a stranger and I owe him nothing."

You can tell Annette that is exactly where I am at with her and all other woman. You can guarantee that I will not "violate" Annette and her ilk in any way. If I would see her on the street, I would not look at her. If she was having trouble with her grocery bags, I would not help her. The entire social engineering behind this situation is to train people to not have even the most basic of personal interaction. It has worked. Women have my full non-participation.

The woman I live with asked me earlier this year why I did not like women anymore. I told her I did not dislike women any more than I dislike men. What is really going on is that I know longer love women. I told her I see nothing attractive about women and that they are all, now, essentially, "little men". She said she found that sad because I used to just love women. In response to that I told her, "You all worked very hard to make me this way. Want what you get."

Also, the way sex has been weaponized in this society, a man has to wonder if he is breaking the law in his own bed.

So I say to Annette: "You got what you want. Now want what you get."

Amira said (October 31, 2014):

"I agree and, at the same time, disagree with the message here conveyed- simply because both the men and that woman are obviously at fault. If a woman wants to be viewed and respected as such, all she has to do is stop exposing her skin, hair and curves (and be modest in speech when it comes to it). Then there will be no thighs and no "nice bottom" etc to comment on, but her raw, natural aura that emanates from her whole being.

As for the men- in Islam they are advised to "lower their gaze", not stare and fantasize. This is both for the protection of women and for their own peace of mind (and purity of body).

I'm wearing a hijab now, but when I remember the comments I got back when I was not "veiled" yet, I shudder in disgust. There were very friendly and heartwarming comments as well, don't misunderstand me, and I appreciated the kindness of these men. But others' way of "checking me out" and rating my "sexual attractiveness" was way too gross.

Thanks to God I have the internal and external peace now, since I dress more modestly (and note that I was already considered super modest before). I could swear that there are literally angels around me when I go outside nowadays, as if being in a physical and spiritual safety-zone, and I couldn't care less about people's opinions about me anymore (they had preoccupied, stressed and depressed me before). All those endless comparisons with other women, all those insecurities just turned into blessed confidence.

And I doubt I would have believed it had a hijabi told me before I experienced it myself. God exists, and He blesses those who are grateful for His blessings with more and more blessings. Peace."

Henrique said (October 31, 2014):

I find it funny how people are afraid to call things for what they are. The vast majority of these imbeciles who harassed her were "minorities", people without a strong, universal, traditional culture, that basically absorb all their values from venues like Rothstein's MTV.

Therefore they're pedantic, vulgar, superficial, and as Dan pointed out, effeminate in their sexual drive, even while trying to be "macho".
I wouldn't minimize the insult.

The comments ARE in a way demeaning, because she wasn't even dressing in a very provocative way ( considering today's standards, she was almost like a nun in a convent ) and the level of creepiness of those men stalking her was between grotesque and criminal.

The point here is that the same people who are now promoting utmost respect for women are the ones who created this type of little men in the first place, in the sex lib movement. That's the fundamental incoherence. And, yes, as women get more and more hostile, there will be no one there to protect their dignity, so one might correctly say they brought it upon them, even if the whole thing, as everything else, is controlled from the top of society.

CF said (October 31, 2014):

Not so long ago, women - in most cultures - fully desired the attention of men. The (usually) flattering attention boosted the female ego, which, in turn, made that woman feel (and become) even more attractive. That was natural. Yet, this has all changed, thanks to a GLOBAL mind control program. It is a good sign, however, to see women, like Saba, waking up so completely.

Understand and Remember: Feminism seeks to destroy the family, create gender conflict, pervert sexual identity, end basic norms of marriage and procreation, 'diss' and dis-empower men, weaken leadership roles across the world (even to the highest offices), create false/unnatural personas for both sexes, encourage LGBT lifestyles and practices, give government more control over society in general, and depopulate countries whose birth rates are already in the negative numbers. It does ALL this through a carefully crafted program of mind control, exploiting all forms of media and entertainment.

The nature, goals, and results of modern feminism attacks the rights of women, men, families, children, and society. Feminism is a planned, designed, and well sponsored attack upon society, and the very foundations of civilization. It is, in essence, AN ATTACK UPON our most inborn and fundamental HUMAN RIGHTS - the right to live as normal men and women.

Feminism needs to be ERADICATED. All people need to wake up, take back their true responsibilities as citizens, and see all destroyers of human rights punished.

Annette said (October 30, 2014):

I have to agree with your other commenter named Katy. I read and agree with most everything you post, but on this one I can’t. I’m a bit older now and don’t have such a problem, but when I was younger I was considered extremely attractive by many men. I never minded a smile or a polite hello- something respectful in other words. But when it comes to comments like, “Hey baby”, or some other remark that had to do with my physical appearance- it’s crosses a line. It’s the difference between class and manners and violating another person’s boundaries.

I used to go into our local deli and the Italian men would think it there right to critique my hair. Or some would tell me I should smile, when they hadn’t the least idea what was going on in my world. What if my mother had just passed away the day before or other sad or stressful things had happened ??!! What is irritating here is that a total stranger thinks he has the right to insert himself and his point of view into my private world and I am supposed to like and welcome that !?? This is the arrogance- not the part of the female who doesn’t welcome such comments.

Another thing that must be pointed out…in the video you will notice a lot of these remarks are coming from black men. When I worked in a bank in the city where there was a large black population, I learned real quickly that in general there was a cultural difference between white and black men when it came to making contact with a woman. One of the worst remarks I heard was when a large black man came to my tellers window, and looming over me, told me I “sure would look good in the back seat of his car”. Excuse me ? How was I to know the jerk wouldn’t be waiting for me in the parking lot in the dark after work ???!!
I may be a bit more sensitive to these issues- I was hit by my father for speaking my mind if it did not agree with his point of view.- and I had my boundaries violated by him- but sadly many girls do grow up with similar situations. By the time I was a grown woman, I would have acted just as the young woman in the video acted when the guy started following her. I would have pretended he wasn’t there- because I would have been terrified. I had been disempowered from standing up for myself and speaking up.

The bottom line is, a comment from a strange man where he is making an assessment about my body or physical appearance is a violation of my person and my privacy at least, and at worst a potential threat. The guy is a stranger and I owe him nothing.

Dan said (October 30, 2014):

Before 'Feminism', good men interceded for women when they say a "masher" harassing a lady.
Society condoned men beating the crap out of creeps in defense of a lady's virtue.

Feminism has criminalized chivalry. That's why not one man stepped between that woman in the video and the creeps. That's not the way it used to be. Men like the ones sniffing at the woman were called "mashers" and considered effeminate - yes effeminate.

They're not men, they're chimpanzees in a zoo.

I'll say this: as long as women deny their need for male protection from morons, then all women will be at risk.

Katy said (October 30, 2014):

I saw the video and am well aware how it is being used by the feminist movement to further its agenda. However, as a 6ft tall, slender, and generally attractive young woman, I've had more than my share of these kinds of cat calls and flirtatious comments while walking the NY streets and elsewhere, and I can tell you that it makes me very uncomfortable. I have long given up wearing 'sexy' clothing, and always dress modestly, so unless I deliberately try to make myself look unpleasant, I don't know how else I can stop this from happening. I don't act cold and superior and I am friendly to everyone and try to smile and greet people and strangers politely, regardless of their age, appearance, or gender. But even being kind encourages even more flirtatious comments from men.

Whilst many of the points in this article are most definitely true, I don't believe that the anti-feminist argument should be used to justify this kind of behavior from men, regardless of their ethnic background. Prior to the mass media sexualization of woman, any self-respecting man would have more manners than to act like this, so I believe that this conversation should be about morality in general, and not specifically about gender.


Good points Katy, but we must remember that this is not typical male behavior, but it is being presented as such by people who represent the official gender ideology which is homosexual in character.


Magda said (October 30, 2014):

That lady in that video looks like a hostage to her perspective and is in a combative state of mind of stance.

Here is an interesting video from Australia about a supermodel who tries out hijab for a day. What do you think about her experience? She found it to be positive. In a world that has become anti God, and family the meanness and immorality that is being foisted on us is taking a toll. The video posted by Anthony highlights the end result for men and women and that is a warlike mentality between the sexes and forget about living a harmonious, holistic and interdependent life with our men.

We need as women to buck this counterfeit reality that is making our lives brutish and lamentable.
Supermodel wears hijab for a day:

CBC uses Sign of Satan (Baphomet) as logo

October 19, 2014

RYC_Top100.jpgCanadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada's Government-owned propaganda
service uses Sign of Satan (Baphomet) as logo for a campus music talent search.

Hillary Flashback

October 18, 2014


A virus for brainwashing?

October 16, 2014

A virus for brainwashing?

Kraig writes: F
rom within our Abel Danger group someone found this video.

It appears to show a Pentagon briefing in which the idea of lobotomizing terrorists to remove their religious fanaticism using a manufactured virus containing a vaccine is seriously proposed, although debate has raged about whether the clip is authentic or not.

The footage shows a speaker giving a lecture to a handful of attendees and is also accompanied by authentic-looking Department of Defense project ID numbers. According to the text on the clip, the lecture took place inside a Pentagon briefing room.

The speaker discusses how certain people are predisposed to be religious fundamentalists because they have an aggressive VMAT 2 (God) gene which causes them to act on their beliefs in fanatical ways.

After a member of the audience asks the speaker if the idea is to "by spreading this virus....eliminate individuals who are going on to a bomb fest, who are going into a market and blowing it apart," the speaker confirms, "by vaccinating them against this, we'll eliminate this behavior."

The question of how to implement the vaccine is answered by the speaker when he responds to the man in the audience, who raises doubts over the feasibility of performing CT scans on suspected terrorists rather than just "putting a bullet in their head".

"The virus would immunize against this VMAT 2 gene and that would....essentially turn a fanatic into a normal person, and we think that would have major effects in the Middle East," states the speaker.

The audience member then asks, "How do you suggest this can be dispersed, via an aerosol?" -- to which the speaker responds, "The present plan and the tests we've done so far have used respiratory viruses such as flu and we believe that's a satisfactory way to get the exposure of the largest part of the population."

The speaker confirms that the name of the proposal is "Funvax -- the vaccine for religious fundamentalism."


found this debunk which should not be overlooked.  and