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BELOW - US Votes Along Race Lines (scroll down)

Pagan Symbols Reveal Disturbing Connections

November 24, 2014

False Kings and Priests, the Serpent Necromancers'


Ancient pagan symbolism: Spread eagle/birds of prey represent power, strength, leadership, vision. Wreaths denote sovereignty, used in ancient pagan worship
6-point Star of Chuin/David...Merkabah with Mossad/American eagle predates Judaism, pagan symbol of authority over demonic spiritual realm. Menorah/ Chalice similar shaped items, symbolize light.

Solar Horus = virgin birthed son of Ra (god), later son of Osiris, "war" god...(protector?)  Chalice and host = blood and body of Christianity's virgin birthed son of YHVH who gives salvation, protection from death and hell, celebrated on "Sun"-day. 6pt star of Chuin/Molech  = King David, Messianic lineage, savior for Shelanite-Jew and Christian

Is there anything new under the sun /son?



Sun disk/host/wreath in conjunction with wings (birds of prey), indicate protection. The Nazi regime, Mossad (Babylonian-Judaism), USA Government (Christianity?), Catholic Church and Egyptian god all represent their people's protection. Solar Horus = virgin birthed son of Ra (god), later son of Osiris, "war" god...(protector?)

by Neshamah Eliat and Dr. S. Asher


Symbols reveal relationships. Why would Israel choose the identical symbol that came to mean genocide to their people? Why the similarities between the chalice and menorah? Why the "Star of David" and Egyptian Solar Horus in the US Seal. These are all interconnected but only scratch the surface.
 "Nazi" or nasi is ancient Hebrew generally meaning "Rulers or Kings", typically over all Temples and government service.
6 pointed star and swastika are very ancient religious symbols found all over the world that conveyed power and good fortune, well-being, eternity for select few.
Oldest known swastika was found in Ukraine region; later in locations under Khazar Empire control in Jewish temples, Catholic Churches.

Under Joshua, especially after his rule, tribal "Nasim" used as spies and later apportioned all captured lands.  Interesting modern coincidence.

The connection of Horus and Catholicism? Horus was part of the Egyptian's pagan origins, which Hebrews assimilated into prior to the establishment of "Babylonian-Judaism". The chalice and host are a big part of the Catholic religion, the new Judaism as we seen by its menorah "light". Catholic means unity...unity of what?

There was no need for a new religion to spread the "light". The instructions given to Moshe at Mt. Horeb contained no special chosen status for the Hebrews, but instructed them to teach and assimilate those around them, along with future "strangers" drawn to their "light". Only one "original" Torah was equally given for all. Therefore, unity was already the mandate. It was later through manipulated texts the "chosen" status appeared. This created the in-grafting agenda NEVER included in the original instructions. The complete history of the Hebrews, Jews, and Christians is not in your Bible. This is only the tip of the iceberg, which leaves far more under the proverbial water!

All of this has been orchestrated for the sole purpose of furthering the Babylonian-Shelanite-Judahite-Khazarian evil plan to be the world power and finally rid the earth of the true Sons of Abrahim.

Thus far, this clandestine protracted massacre had been confined to short intervals under the guise of war. Clearly, the Mossad/Nazi eagle is an insult to the original Hebrew tribes who survived Hitler's genocide. It is the truest indication of the current Israeli Nation State origins and agenda. Many may never notice this Mossad symbol's relationship to the Nazi/nasi eagle nor that of the Star of David/Molech/Chuin above the American eagle cleverly made up of little stars. These symbols pre-exile Babylonian-Judaism, along with many that intertwine within the various ancient and modern day religions.

We know the so-called "Star of David" was also a Khazarian symbol. One Khazarian family known to claim Jewish heritage were the Rothschilds. Max Rothschild moved prior to WWII to a Palestinian Kibbutz. Upon his return we find his name in the lodge of masons, associated with the Pope. The Masons have a deep connection with ancient Egypt, the Papacy, and the Shelanite-Babylonian-Judahites who all openly serve and depict "in Hebrew", the same false god, YHVH - יהוה (Yah-Hovah or Yahweh)


liberty5.jpgThis statue is located and almost hidden within the Basilica in Rome. The headband clearly depicts the name of their false god, "YHVH" and the Hebrew phrase "Kadosh Yah'Hovah", meaning "Holy Yah'Hovah". Looking now down at his belt, those unfamiliar with Hebrew might dismiss the odd inscription. It appears the Hebrew letters "Dalet = D" and "Resh = R" might have been interchanged.

Upon a personal visit to this statue, the unusual meaning was immediately identified. In English this would read, "Institute and Truth" or "Institutions and Truth" with the more phonetic English translation being "MOSSAD and TRUTH"! Now, look closely the Hebrew letter is a Dalet, as it is in the first word on the headband, "KaDosh". The spelling of the word with a Resh is almost identical to Mossad. It is the word "Moos'ar", meaning "Moral or Morality".

Certainly, it makes more sense for that first word to be Moral and not Mossad = Institute! Mossad is THE Israeli "Institute" of Intelligence and Secret Service! Is this a mistake, or does this give them a way to incorporate and use both? Stating that they are the institute that resides over or dictates morality and truth. Now take into consideration the symbolism of the Nazi and Mossad eagle emblems along with the 1999 book by John Cornwell, "Hitler's Pope"

Also include this "angel's" resemblance to a prominent American statue. This should raise all kinds of questions.

This information is meant to inform. It may be contrary to many people's paradigm. However, there really is nothing new under the sun and that becomes clear as we examine the ancient inhabitants and religions of this world. This doesn't refute a loving Creator but reveals man's deception to gain control. We encourage you to further research this subject.

Neshamah Eliat and Dr. S. Asher ©2014

Further symbolic connection is evident in U.K. heraldry (seen below), and read the full version of this article g o to the following link:

For additional ancient Prophetic information and proofs of origin, see these books by Dr. Asher:
"The Land of MEAT & Honey 2nd Edition"
"The Greater Exodus 2nd Edition"


First Comment by Al Thompson:

I don't think any of us "conspiracy theorists" can even imagine the depth of depravity that goes along with the modern religions.  If it wasn't for some of the earlier Christian writings, I would have completely given up on "Christianity."  Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of the bible should know that what is being passed of a "Christian" is in reality pagan.  And it is these symbols that give us the disclosure as a warning.

For example, in Eliat and Asher's article we see the symbol of the eagle.  In the Epistle of Barnabus--never included in the bible--we find the real meaning of the eagle.  And that meaning is very simple: the eagle is the sign of a predator.

Neither shalt thou eat eagle nor falcon nor kite nor crow. Thou
shalt not, He saith, cleave unto, or be likened to, such men who know
not how to provide food for themselves by toil and sweat, but in
their lawlessness seize what belongeth to others, and as if they were
walking in guilelessness watch and search about for some one to rob
in their rapacity, just as these birds alone do not provide food for
themselves, but sit idle and seek how they may eat the meat that
belongeth to others, being pestilent in their evil-doings. 
Epistle of Barnabus

The above caption describes modern collectivism or communism.  Men who cannot compete in the marketplace, spend their time stealing from others.  They also tell you who they are with their hand-signals.  I remember receiving a Geneva bible from my son, and right on the front cover, was a pagan symbol.  The warnings are everywhere, but most of us don't realize that we are getting disclosure before we involve ourselves with them.  Government and religion are the two most destructive forces known to mankind, and they must be avoided to the extent possible.

The statue in this article looks remarkably similar to the Statue of Liberty.  What most of us need to learn how to do is to accept the evidence for what it is and then adjust accordingly.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Pagan Symbols Reveal Disturbing Connections "

Rollo T said (November 25, 2014):

The "Star of David" is contained within Metatron's Cube
Metatron's Cube is what is circled at the Kaaba
At the Kaaba, you pay homage to Allah ......... all the symbology relates to Kaballah.

Tony B said (November 24, 2014):

I think there is a degree of validity in the ancient meanings of the symbolism but the connections made strike me as speculation. I see a very much undisguised attack on Catholicism here. Just one more of many, which is more proof that it is much feared by satanic elements who want it totally destroyed. Which will never happen as decreed by God.

Below- Jewish Desire to Supplant Mosque Led to Massacre (scroll down)

US Votes Along Race Lines

November 23, 2014


In the recent midterm elections , Whites voted Republican.
Despite their alliance with unions, the Democrats
jettisoned the White working class in favor of
immigration, multiculturalism, and sexual deviance.
White workers have been forced to vote Republican
but will the party of the rich address their needs?

"Working class Whites are now forced to compete in a very slack labor market because of unregulated immigration-- hence their support for increasing the minimum wage -- and unable to move away from the onslaught or afford to put their children in private schools.

Related: Makow-  Obama Lost White Vote in 2012 and Won
---------- MacDonald- White Minority Status a Political Time Bomb  

by Kevin MacDonald
Race and the 2014 Election

(Abridged by

Race again loomed large in the 2014 [midterm] elections. The CNN exit polls showed that Whites voted Republican.

White males: 64%-33%:
White women: 56%-42% (likely much higher for married White women if past trends held);
Whites 18-29: 54-43%.
Whites without a college education voted 61-31 for Republican House candidates.

 (These are underestimates because voters counted as White include groups, such as Jews and Middle Easterners, who neither identify or vote like Whites.)

As Thomas Edsall notes,

It has not escaped the notice of political analysts that 72 percent of whites without college degrees -- a rough proxy for what we used to call the white working class -- believe that "the U.S. economic system generally favors the wealthy." Or that on Nov. 4, these same men and women voted for Republican House candidates by a 61-31 margin.

Similarly, the overwhelmingly white electorates of Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska and South Dakota voted decisively in referendums to raise the minimum wage while simultaneously voting for Republicans, whose party has adamantly rejected legislation to raise the minimum wage. ("The Demise of the White Democratic Voter")

0831Matthews.pngWhites are deserting the Democratic Party, but that doesn't mean they advocate plutocratic policies traditionally associated with Republicans. They are voting Republican even though Democrats are generally seen as the party of the non-wealthy and are far more likely to advocate policies like minimum wage hikes.

Race is never part of the explicit rhetoric of White opposition to policies [like Obamacare] that disproportionately benefit non-Whites -- it tends to be expressed as opposition to the federal government, the welfare state, taxation, and the desire for better schools, or even perceived moral issues like abortion and homosexuality.

But at the implicit level, the aversion to contributing to public goods for non-Whites is the overriding motivation for opposition to Obamacare. When Republicans shut down the US government over Obamacare, it was widely perceived as motivated by Whites concerned that poor non-Whites would disproportionately benefit from the law, while it would increase taxes on Whites.


Far more than previously, immigration was an important issue in many Congressional elections -- likely because of the well-publicized Camp-of-the-Saints invasion from Central America last summer. (A NumbersUSA poll found that 74% of voters opposed an executive amnesty as promised by Obama.) Although it's easy enough to find Republicans who are soft on immigration (especially among the donor base), the Democrats are correctly seen as the party of amnesty, the proposed legal immigration surge, and non-enforcement of current immigration law.

obamaimmig.jpg(Thursday, Obama took "Executive Action" to protect five million illegal aliens, aka "undocumented immigrants" from deportation.)

Immigration has been a disaster for White America generally because we are gradually losing the ability to control our own future in an environment where minorities with grudges against Whites are steadily gaining power in the Democratic Party. Recent research shows that Whites who are reminded about their impending minority status adopt more conservative positions on a wide range of policies -- from health care to guns.

But immigration is also an economic disaster for working class Whites in a way that it is not for more affluent Whites.

Working class Whites are now forced to compete in a very slack labor market because of unregulated immigration-- hence their support for increasing the minimum wage -- and unable to move away from the onslaught or afford to put their children in private schools.

The implication is that a populist Republican candidate who campaigned on White concerns related to immigration and redistribution policies that favor non-Whites would be able to win the presidency...


So both Republicans -- with their plutocratic, pro-immigration donor base -- and Democrats -- with their non-White, pro-L.G.B.T. coalition -- have problems in appealing to Whites, and especially the White working class.

This shift away from the parties of the left by working class Whites and the racialization of politics generally can also be seen in Europe where nationalist parties are generally pro-labor, anti-immigration, and anti-free trade. Beginning with the Frankfurt School's indictment that the German working class had voted for National Socialism (here, p. 159), the left has jettisoned the White working class, which had been its central constituency, in favor of immigration, multiculturalism, and sexual non-conformity. The advantages that Europe has are its ancient national traditions and that the two-party system is not so entrenched as in America, so that it is relatively easy to start new parties that will appeal to those left behind by the elites.

Farage.jpgIn the UK, the White working class is abandoning Labour, and UKIP is terrifying the LibLabCon establishment. "The recent European election result shows two thirds of white British voters backed either the Tories or Ukip. It goes on to reveal that two thirds of non-white voters supported Labour, which received the backing of just one in five white British voters." (see Tobias Langdon, "Leaving Labour: More on the Racialization of British Politics"). Sounds very parallel to what is happening in the U.S.

And in France, a poll late last year noted White working class defections to the National Front from the Socialist party. Most encouraging, a recent poll has Marine Le Pen not only winning the first round if a presidential election were held now, but also winning the all-important second round, 54-46 against Hollande.

Marine Le Pen as the President of France! It could definitely happen.

And whatever concessions Le Pen makes in order to get elected, her election could unleash much more radical forces in the future that could indeed begin the process of taking back the West. And it might even make the Republican Party wake up to the potential of a winning coalition of Whites that could begin the process in the U.S. The numbers are definitely trending in the right direction.

Related -
Netanyahu govt approves disputed bill making Israel nation-state of Jewish people.
Why are nations of European Christian origins vanned from defining themselves accordingly?

First Comments (from MacDonald's site):

IBM wrote:

The GOP is the party of implicit whiteness, but it is beyond useless. It already backed down from challenging Obama's illegal non-legislative Dream Act. It will probably also go along with the upcoming executive amnesty. The punitive tax hike on decent health plans will be kicking in just as Obama is leaving office. It is unlikely the GOP will do anything about that either. The GOP and mainstream conservatism are rotten to the core. Their true purpose is to prevent explicit white identity politics from emerging. We need to work on bringing about true white identity politics that will take the place of mainstream conservatism and the GOP. That should be the new mantra. Boycott the GOP and demand true white identity politics.


It is indeed the Jews, stupid. Their lock on the media gives them unprecedented power to deceive the unsuspecting, credulous Anglo public, and thusly undermine White civilization. Their main tool of subversion is 'normalizing' the abnormal. By relentlessly turning everything ass-backwards, they have so confused the general White mindset with this dissimulation, that today's surreal state-of-affairs is lethally trivialized as the "new normal And, incredibly enough, this sleight-of-hand is accepted as such by most clueless Whites!

This is an appalling commentary on the pathetic state of the White psyche. One has to wonder if we have a Jewish problem, or a race stupid White problem? Unless fortuitously broken, this ugly symbiosis of subversive Jewish deception and White credulity doesn't augur well for the survival of the White race.

First Comment from JG:

With all due respect to Professor MacDonald here, I would tend to disagree.

The poor working "white voters" and the "moral majority" have been abandoned by the Republican Party also.

The last time the Republicans controlled Senate, House, and the Oval Office under George Bush Jr. nothing changed.

Roe vs Wade was not overturned. Affirmative Action was not repealed. Illegal immigration reforms were not passed. And, the number  of jobs that left America to Communist China had actually excellerated.

Washington today is no longer ruled by the elected officials themselves. Congress now answers to the lobbies and not the voters.
AIPAC, the Civil Rights Commission, and now the LBGT dictate the political platform of both the Democrats and Republicans. Any lobby that demands the enforcement of  white constitutional liberties has been labeled "white identity" and declared a " hate group". White Americans today are not allowed to have any self-defined identity. They are stuck with whatever the MSM identifies them as.

The Christian Coalition and the "moral majority" has now been overruled  by the "immoral minority" in Washington.

Voter turnout this November (36.3%) was the lowest since 1942. Americans are finally realizing that the power of their vote has been diminished.

From Dan:

I want to 'second' every point JG's made in his response.

Kevin McDonald said the numbers imply that a "populist Republican candidate" could win.  But what difference would that make, really? Look at who the Republicans have given us for the last 50 years. Look at who the Democrats have given us.

Oh, they'll show you a candidate or two at first that people actually want, but by the time it's down to the final candidates, people end up voting against what they think are the 'lesser of two evils'.

"Populist Republican" is an oxymoron.  We need POPULIST candidates. "Populist" isn't a party.  A populist swears to uphold the true consensus of the majority of people.  We were conned into believing that the majority race or majority gender are always against all other races (or opposite sex).  That's just NONSENSE.

If you're going to vote at all, it's time for all ALL Americans citizens regardless of race, income or religion to forget about  the Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens.    Political parties are an ancient racket designed to trick you.  ANY CANDIDATE THAT BELONGS TO A POLITICAL PARTY CANNOT REPRESENT THE COMMONWEAL.  They must represent the pack.  (why do you think they came up with the acronym 'political action committee' = PAC.  You would think AIPAC is the most powerful PAC, but it's just one of many, who all work in unison to buy the United States government from President all the way down to your city council.

Here's the key - PACs back ALL OF THE ABOVE PARTIES.   So it doesn't matter if you vote Democrat or Republican.  That's like voting on what color tires you put on your car.

If you want a viable democracy, push for national referendums for issues like 'gay marriage' and watch such "national issues" disappear.  Because the majority of Americans of ALL races and religions don't want want it.

Don't think in terms of race, think in terms of State and national CONSENSUS.  We need to work on getting what all agree on, 'cause right now, all of us are the mercy of the political party gangs.

You can find this article permanently at .html

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "US Votes Along Race Lines "

Lois Ann said (November 24, 2014):

Many years ago I realized we really do not have a Two Party System. It is just a game of chess for politicians and their 'constituents' are the pawns. They are each controlled by the Money Machine or Merchants of Death which dictates our lives. Believe me, neither Republicans or Democrats exist. Only politicians...leaving people with choices of Lucifer or Satan to vote for. Either way there's going to be hell to pay... so spare yourselves and quit paying someone to control your lives.

Gene said (November 24, 2014):

One of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly expecting different results.

The American people have been voting for 225 years and here we are. Obviously voting is not a solution., but voting is a great scam to make people believe that they have a voice in what those that rule them do. Clue: The owners of the USA are not on the ballot.

People talk about going back to the Constitution. How do they think we got here? We started with the Constitution after abandoning a government under the Articles of Confederation that was not conducive to bankster control. The thirteen sovereign Nations under the Articles of Confederation gave up their sovereignty to become subservient States under the Constitution of a central government with the power to determine money. He would determines the money, rules which is why the Constitution was obviously the banksters’ idea. Proof is the creation of the First Bank of the United States in 1792 along with the NY Stock Market that same year to trade debt instruments commonly known as stocks. All banks created money from debt a long time before the Federal Reserve in 1912. That’s what banks have always done.

The banksters like centralized representative government, they refer to them as “talkies” in the Protocols, because they can be usury thieves without the majority of the populace throwing them out. Kings, Queens, dictators, etc. have repeatedly tossed out the usurers for hundreds of years once their thievery was recognized.

Whether white, black, brown, or green, all voters have been lied to about what the government of the USA really is. It is a banksters paradise, not the land of the “free” as the brain washers want us to believe. There can be no liberty as long as there are banks and you cannot vote them out of existence. Thieves only understand force.

Mr. MacDonald’s article is about as relevant to our reality here as the atmosphere on Mars.

Tony B said (November 24, 2014):

None of this moves me one way or another.


1. Our "two party" system is one party. The party of money which owns both.

2. Anytime it appears to the party of money that some candidate they do not own might win they simply have the vote changed to their preference.

Why bother with the vote?

Instead use your energies to imprison the money creator criminals who own the politicians whom they use to enslave us with their private DEBT AT USURY instead of real money and FORCE the criminal federal government to provide real, United States Money as our means of exchange.

Then watch how different the nation becomes overnight, for the better, no matter who gets in office.

BELOW - Martial Law in the Soul (scroll down)

Jewish Desire to Supplant Mosque Led to Massacre

November 22, 2014

Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery
retraces the decades-long decline
in Israeli-Palestinian relations that led to
the synagogue attack last week.

"The manifest desire of certain religious and right-wing fanatics to build the Third Temple in place of the holy al-Aqsa Mosque and the golden Dome of the Rock, this was enough to create the belief that the holy shrines were indeed in danger."

"Individual Muslim inhabitants of the city started to act. Disdaining organizations, almost without arms, they started a series of attacks that are now called "the intifada of individuals". Acting alone, or with a brother or cousin whom he trusts, an Arab takes a knife, or a pistol (if he can get one), or his car, or a tractor, and kills the nearest Israelis. He knows that he is going to die."

Uri Avnery fought as a soldier in the Israeli war of independence in 1948, and was later elected to the Knesset. He is leader of the Israeli peace movement Gush Shalom.

by Uri Avnery
The Unholy City

(Abridged by

Last week, Jerusalem was in flames - again. Two youngsters from Jabel Mukaber, one of the Arab villages annexed to Jerusalem, entered a synagogue in the west of the city during morning prayers and killed four devout Jews, before being killed by police....
JERUSALEM WAS annexed (or "liberated", or "unified") immediately after the Six-day War of 1967...
220px-UriAvnery.jpg(Uri Avnery, left)

The annexation was presented to us (I was a member of the Knesset at the time) as a unification of the city... In fact, what happened in 1967 was anything but unification.
If the intent had really been unification, ...full Israeli citizenship would have been automatically conferred on all inhabitants. All the lost Arab properties in West Jerusalem, which had been expropriated in 1948, would have been restored to their rightful owners who had fled to East Jerusalem.
The Jerusalem municipality would have been expanded to include Arabs from the East, even without a specific request. And so on.
The opposite happened. No property was restored, nor any compensation paid. The municipality remained exclusively Jewish.
Arab inhabitants were not accorded Israeli citizenship, but merely "permanent residence". This is a status that can be arbitrarily revoked at any moment - and indeed was revoked in many cases, compelling the victims to move out of the city. For appearance's sake, Arabs were allowed to apply for Israel citizenship. The authorities knew, of course, that only a handful would apply, since doing so would mean recognition of the occupation. For Palestinians, this would be paramount to treason. (And the few that did apply were generally refused.)
The municipality was not broadened. In theory, Arabs are entitled to vote in municipal elections, but only a handful do so, for the same reasons. In practice, East Jerusalem remains occupied territory.

The mayor, Teddy Kollek, was elected two years before the annexation. One of his first actions after it was to demolish the entire Mugrabi Quarter next to the Western Wall, leaving a large empty square resembling a parking lot. The inhabitants, all of them poor people, were evicted within hours.
KOLLEK.jpgBut Kollek was a genius in public relations. He ostensibly established friendly relations with the Arab notables, introduced them to foreign visitors and created a general impression of peace and contentment. Kollek built more new Israeli neighborhoods on Arab land than any other person in the country. Yet this master-settler collected almost all the world's peace prizes, except the Nobel Prize. East Jerusalem remained quiet.
Only few knew of a secret directive from Kollek, instructing all municipal authorities to see to it that the Arab population - then 27% - did not rise above that level.
Kollek was ably supported by Moshe Dayan, then the Defense Minister. Dayan believed in keeping the Palestinians quiet by giving them all possible benefits, except freedom.
A few days after the occupation of East Jerusalem, he removed the Israeli flag which had been planted by soldiers in front of the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. Dayan also turned the de facto authority over the Mount over to the Muslim religious authorities.
Jews were allowed into the Temple compound only in small numbers and only as quiet visitors. They were forbidden to pray there, and forcibly removed if they moved their lips. They could, after all, pray to their heart's content at the adjoining Western Wall (which is a part of the compound's ancient outer wall).
The government was able to impose this decree because of a quaint religious fact: Orthodox Jews are forbidden by the rabbis to enter the Temple Mount altogether. According to a Biblical injunction, ordinary Jews are not allowed into the Holy of Holies, only the High Priest was allowed in. Since nobody today knows where exactly this place is located, pious Jews may not enter the entire compound.
AS A result, the first few years of the occupation were a happy time for East Jerusalem. Jews and Arabs mingled freely. It was fashionable for Jews to shop in the colorful Arab market and dine in the "oriental" restaurants. I myself often stayed in Arab hotels and made quite a number of Arab friends.
This atmosphere changed gradually. The government and the municipality spent a lot of money to gentrify West Jerusalem, but Arab neighborhoods in East Jerusalem were neglected, and turned into slums. The local infrastructure and services degenerated. Almost no building permits were issued to Arabs, in order to compel the younger generation to move outside the city borders. Then the "Separation" Wall was built, preventing those outside from entering the city, cutting them off from their schools and jobs. Yet In spite of everything, the Arab population grew and reached 40%.
Political oppression grew. Under the Oslo agreements, Jerusalemite Arabs were allowed to vote for the Palestinian Authority. But then they were prevented from doing so, their representatives were arrested and expelled from the city. All Palestinian institutions were forcibly closed down, including the famous Orient House, where the much admired and beloved leader of the Jerusalem Arabs, the late Faisal al-Husseini, had his office.
KOLLEK was succeeded by Ehud Olmert and an Orthodox mayor who didn't give a damn for East Jerusalem, except the Temple Mount.
And then an additional disaster occurred. Secular Israelis are leaving Jerusalem, which is rapidly becoming an Orthodox bastion. In desperation they decided to oust the Orthodox mayor and elect a secular businessman. Unfortunately, he is a rabid ultra-nationalist.
BIRKAT.jpgNir Barkat behaves like the mayor of West Jerusalem and the military governor of East Jerusalem. He treats his Palestinian subjects like enemies, who may be tolerated if they obey quietly, and brutally suppressed if they do not. Together with the decade-old neglect of the Arab neighborhoods, the accelerated pace of building new Jewish neighborhoods, the excessive police brutality (openly encouraged by the mayor), they are producing an explosive situation.
The total cutting-off of Jerusalem from the West Bank, its natural hinterland, worsens the situation even more.
To this may be added the termination of the so-called peace process, since all Palestinians are convinced that East Jerusalem must be the capital of the future State of Palestine.

THIS SITUATION needed only a spark to ignite the city. This was duly provided by the right-wing demagogues in the Knesset. Vying for attention and popularity, they started to visit the Temple Mount, one after the other, every time unleashing a storm. Added to the manifest desire of certain religious and right-wing fanatics to build the Third Temple in place of the holy al-Aqsa Mosque and the golden Dome of the Rock, this was enough to create the belief that the holy shrines were indeed in danger.
Then came the ghastly revenge-murder of an Arab boy who was abducted by Jews and burned alive with gasoline poured into his mouth.
Individual Muslim inhabitants of the city started to act. Disdaining organizations, almost without arms, they started a series of attacks that are now called "the intifada of individuals". Acting alone, or with a brother or cousin whom he trusts, an Arab takes a knife, or a pistol (if he can get one), or his car, or a tractor, and kills the nearest Israelis. He knows that he is going to die.
JerusalemMain.jpgThe two cousins who killed four Jews in a synagogue this week - and also an Arab Druze policeman - knew this. They also knew that their families were going to suffer, their home be demolished, their relatives arrested. They were not deflected. The mosques were more important.
Moreover, the day before, an Arab bus driver was found dead in his bus. According to the police, the autopsy proved that he committed suicide. An Arab pathologist concluded that he was murdered. No Arab believes the police - Arabs are convinced that the police always lie.
Immediately after the Synagogue killing, the Israeli choir of politicians and commentators went into action. They did so with an astonishing unanimity - ministers, Knesset members, ex-generals, journalists, all repeating with slight variations the same message. The reason for this is simple: every day the Prime Minister's office sends out a "page of messages", instructing all parts of the propaganda machine what to say.
This time the message was that Mahmoud Abbas was to blame for everything, a "terrorist in a suit", the leader whose incitement causes the new intifada. No matter that the chief of the Shin Bet testified on the very same day that Abbas has neither overt nor covert connections with the violence.
nutanyahoo.jpgBinyamin Netanyahu faced the cameras and with a solemn face and lugubrious voice - he is a really good actor - repeated again what he has said many times before, every time pretending that this is new recipe: more police, harder punishments, demolition of homes, arrests and large fines for parents of 13-year old children who are caught throwing stones, and so on.
Every expert knows that the result of such measures will be the exact opposite. More Arabs will become incensed and attack Israeli men and women. Israelis, of course, will "take revenge" and "take the law into their own hands".
For both inhabitants and tourists, walking the streets of Jerusalem, the city which is "joined together", has become a risky adventure. Many stay at home.
The Unholy City is more divided than ever before.
Remarkably this article was reposted at Jewish Business News

 First Comment from Dan:

I was floored to learn that Uri Avnery is 91 years old.  Who is going to replace the wise people?

Here's a good 20 minute interview with Uri Avnery from August, 2014.  He was focused on current events, but LInda Goodman kept asking him about his time in the Irgun.  His family emigrated to British Mandate Palestine in 1933 after the the election of Hitler.  He was recruited in the Irgun in 1938 at fifteen. Due to his education and intelligence they put him to work editing their paper, "The Struggle".  He quit the Irgun in 1942 due to their indiscriminate bloodshed.  He didn't go along with the policy of retaliating against murder with murder.

He response to this introduction is meaningful.  "I was a member of a terrorist organization when I was fifteen years old.  I believe I understand the psychology of young people who join organization which are called terrorist by their enemies, but which think if themselves as freedom fighters."   He went on to say the cease fires never work because the Israelis and members of Hamas never talk to each other.


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Dan said (November 23, 2014):

American liberal Catholics and even the 'Christian Zionists' were disturbed and confused by Israel's massive overkill in Gaza last summer. Such vicious behavior is dissonant with those insulated, candy coated 'Holy Land' tours.

But the spin campaigns are up to speed now to sooth them back to sleep. Last week I got an email invitation to register for a national Catholic teleconference on "Holding out Hope: The Future of a Two-State Solution for the Holy Land"

I was disappointed that this topic morphed into a pity plea for the poor entrepreneurs in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv suffering from the downturn in tourist traffic.

The email plea said: "Because of the recent unrest in the Holy Land, tourism has declined sharply, and fair trade artisans and farmers are losing vital income that they would normally earn from those making pilgrimages".

Here's the money shot: World Fair Trade Day: A Glimpse into the Holy Land

The blurb reads, "When I initially think of the Holy Land I think of my Christian faith, of Muslims and Jews, how we are all connected by this sacred place".

I'm sorry that the 'unrest' has interrupted the Baltimore based Catholic Relief Services tax exempt commercial partnerships with Israel, but the way they say "Holy Land" I hear "KA-CHING!" in the background. Is anyone reminded for Jesus and the moneychangers in the Temple? Or am I just being negative? (I refer to Matthew 21:12.)

Gaza's been forgotten due to the act of two young Palestinian cousins. Now we're shown the faces of the dead rabbis, and their Palestinian killers. Maybe the murder at synagogue had less to nothing to do with the Mosque. Nobody is asking if they lost relatives in Gaza maybe?

I'll leave the debates on "who started it" and "who's gonna finish it" to everybody else. All I'm qualified to say it that the Catholic 'NGO'S are IMPOTENT as peacemakers because it's become all about the "Ka-ching", and preserving their candy coated Holy Land fantasies.

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