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Carrot, Stick & Blackmail - How the System Works

November 24, 2015


(left, Donna is a minority woman but she is not Nia-Malika Henderson) 

While she espoused 
Neo-con causes on CNN,
Donna's career was on a fast track. 

But then she rebelled.
So why do they want her back? 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The fact that the mass media is nothing but mind control was driven home Tuesday when I got a call from "Donna."

Donna had enjoyed brief notoriety on the cable news scene when she promoted Neo con causes, i.e., war anywhere and Islamophobia. However, when she realized she was selling her soul, she took a public stand against the Illuminati. Immediately, her PR company lost a lot of business and mysterious roadblocks appeared in a bitter divorce and custody battle she is fighting.

Tuesday Donna was baffled. CNN had approached her anew to give a woman's view of Planned Parenthood in light of the recent scandal. She wrote a script which examined pros and cons. No, the producer told her. He just wanted the pros.

Donna's dilemma was twofold. 

1. Should she "make nice" with her erstwhile allies and hope that her trespasses would be forgiven, her business would again flourish, and miraculously she would have access to her children? 

2. Why was CNN calling her again? Surely they knew about her public stand against the NWO? She is all over the internet. Even if she did promote Planned Parenthood, didn't they know her heart was not in it? 

I asked if CNN paid a fee for these appearances. Not directly, Donna replied. But after she did their bidding, mysterious clients appeared with large advances. She said this method of payment provided a kind of deniability. 


The Illuminati are probably used to dealing with people like Donna. Many of their agents must know they're doing Satan's work. Most of them do it anyway for pragmatic reasons.  This is the way the system works: by carrot and stick, and by blackmail.

I suspect Obama himself knows he's a traitor. His list of crimes is endless: bringing humanity to the brink of world war by menacing Russia, attacking Libya and Syria without provocation, promoting countless false flags like Sandy Hook and suppressing the truth about 9-11... 

But Obama does what he is told. The Illuminati probably have Larry Sinclair's number on their speed dial. They are ready to reveal that Obama is a homosexual (and Michele is a transgendered male?) Who knows what other dirt they have on him.

Obama is just "Donna" on a larger scale. Carrot and stick. 

When the whole ruling class is working for the devil, many must know it. The Illuminati is used to dealing with unwilling pawns. 

Donna's story also exposes the truth about the mass media. Editors and producers are political commissars. It's all propaganda and mind control... Yakety Yack.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for " Carrot, Stick & Blackmail - How the System Works"

Bonnie said (November 25, 2015):

n 1980, just after graduating college, I worked for one year in TV News, which is when I realized how centralized our flow of information was. The Associated Press wired in most stories, with local reporters covering street crime, accidents, and an occasional city council meeting.

Local reporters were paid so little they needed a "sugar daddy," most often a parent, to subsidize them, which ensured they'd be mostly from the upper classes, have certain connections and a certain point of view. Sure there were starving reporters and others, but most, like myself, would move on. The remainder moved up the ladder. So very early on, I took notice of the pattern and it laid the groundwork in my mind to the possibility of conspiracies.

Oh, and about the minorities, I feel the media women and minorities have to fit in, so generally speaking, "diversity" in the media is a myth, unless you're gay.

John said (November 25, 2015):

Joan Rivers mysteriously died after saying Obama was gay and Michelle was transgender plus Obama calls his wife Michael instead of Michelle. How do you make a mistake like that?

Too bad the editor did not filter the comments, Joan would still be alive the MSM is out of control wonder how that idiot feels knowing he got her killed.

Below- The Historic Alliance Between Jewish and Gentile Elites (scroll down)

Saluting Two Anti-NWO Pioneers


Tony Blizzard, 82, recalls two patriots,
Myron Fagan, an anti-Communist Jew and 
Paquita de Shishmareff, a White Russian aristocrat
who edited a popular edition of
The Protocols of Zion under the pen name "L Fry." 
Supplying much of the information for Henry Ford's 
"The International Jew," Paquita had many
Jewish supporters who knew the Protocols were authentic. 

by Tony Blizzard

I  learned early on that all Jews do not live by the talmud. In fact, those Jews who fight the evil are the most tireless and dedicated of all.  
They know the absolute satanic evil of the agenda and what it does to the world.  

I met Myron Fagan when he was a frail old man working in a hot old-time single-wide trailer, parked on a blacktop parking lot in North Hollywood with one small electric fan on his desk piled with stacks of work and research. 

In fact the trailer was pretty much one big library of precious research. He had long been blackballed in Hollywood because of his stand but was working long hours alone, in very poor health, pinching pennies to somehow get out his monthly bulletin that was so far ahead of other "patriots" that I couldn't make out the significance of what he wrote at the time, being too new in the war. 

But "Mady," who had me bring her there, knew the value of his mind, his knowledge.

Must also mention that "Mady", Paquita Louis de Shismareff, when she first came from Russia with the family money, bought a mansion in NYC and used it for a half-way house for those Russians who managed to get out before being murdered. She found them a living.  Most of them arrived in steerage.  

At the same time, she had a broadsheet going with an all-women staff besides sending Cameron, editor of Henry Ford's Dearborn Independent newspaper, the information which the paper published and which eventually became Ford's "The International Jew."  Most of it written by Mady.

One day, one of the women come into her office worried and exclaimed, "There's a Jew out here who is demanding to see you." Mady told her to send him in.  

The man told Mady that he had a neighborhood business and that the rest of the businesses were also Jewish. He said that they knew there was a "hit" out on Mady, so to be careful where she went and how, but not to overly worry about it because they would not allow it to happen there.  They knew exactly what she was writing and they obviously were not in love with the Eastside Jews who were murdering Christians wholesale in the Soviet.

I have told that story to some of these deep racists and they would froth and refuse to believe it.  Their loss as far as I'm concerned. The lady and I were close friends, working together daily, for a few years. She didn't lie.  For her it would have been wasted time.



The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations by Myron Fagan Transcript of 1967 audio recording

Also by Tony Blizzard

Tips from a Pioneer Homeschooler
Old Man Contemplates His Dying Dog 
Repudiate this Lie of a Debt!

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

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The Historic Alliance of Jewish and Gentile Elites

November 23, 2015

Samuel OPPENHEIMER Court Jew 1630 -1703 HR.jpg
(left, Samuel Oppenheimer, Court Jew and banker 1630-1703)

Throughout history, elite Jews have allied with the aristocracy
to control and exploit the masses.
The same pattern is evident in the New World Order where the
establishment sponsors false flag terror as a pretext to enslave society. 
We suffer from cognitive dissonance. 
Their politicians and media tell us terror is an external threat but 
the evidence indicates the 'secret government' is waging a covert war on society. 

"Terrorism has been unleashed in the Western World, and it is the terrorism of Western governments against Western peoples."  -- Paul Craig Roberts

The Real Cause of "Anti Semitism"
By Henry Makow Ph.D.
(Revised from Oct 25, 2003)

My Polish Jewish mother, born in 1919, remembered visiting her grandfather's "estate" as a child and riding in a big horse drawn carriage.

This memory jarred with my impression that Jews in Poland were persecuted and poor. Most, like my father's family, were poor. But my mother's memory reveals that other Jews were part of the ruling class.

Israel Shahak's book "Jewish History, Jewish Religion; The Weight of 3000 Years" (1994) suggests that the social pattern developed over centuries may continue to the present day.

According to Shahak, elite Jews had a symbiotic relationship with the governing class. The Jews would "administer the oppression" of the masses. In return, the governing class would force ordinary Jews to obey their "leaders." Sometimes a pogrom would do the trick.

The "Jewish" position was always strongest when the governing class was most oppressive, and when there was least national feeling.

Today, specific Jews (in finance, government, education and especially the media) play a prominent role in the elite's preparation for "globalization," which is a modern form of feudalism. Once again, "anti Semitism" is used to mobilize Jews (and Christians) to support this nefarious agenda. 



History is propaganda about the past. Most historians would be fired if they told the truth. Israel Shahak, who died in 2001, was not an historian. A professor of organic chemistry at Hebrew University, he had a respect for objective truth. He was also a concentration camp survivor, an Israeli army veteran and a campaigner for Arab human rights.

Shahak believes that Jews need to re-educate themselves about their history and religion. Jews are "a closed society" that uses "anti Semitism" to quash criticism, which is considered "hatred" or "self hatred." Shahak says Judaism is largely a primitive, materialistic, authoritarian credo. The Talmud is devoted to Jewish supremacy and contempt for Christianity and non-Jews in general. The Cabala embraces many gods including Satan. (Shahak, p. 33)

The following is a brief summary of Shahak's argument in the chapter, "The Weight of History."

1. In spite of persecution, Jews throughout history formed an integral part of the privileged classes. The poorest Jew was immeasurably better off than the serfs. Until roughly 1880, their most important social function "was to mediate the oppression of the peasants on behalf of the nobility and the Crown."

2. Classical Judaism (1000-1880 AD) developed hatred and contempt for agriculture as an occupation and for peasants as a class. "The supposed superiority of Jewish morality and bound up with a lack of sensitivity for the suffering of that major part of humanity who were especially oppressed during the last 1000 years, the peasants." (53)

3. While Gentiles in general were reviled, Jewish laws made an exception for the elite. Jewish physicians, tax collectors and bailiffs could be relied upon by a king, nobleman, pope or bishop in a way that a Christian might not. The Jewish community enjoyed autonomous status and Jewish rabbis and rich were part of the governing class. Together they oppressed the masses, Jew and non-Jewish. (53)

4. The position of rich Jews is "particularly favourable under strong regimes, which have retained a feudal character" and are disassociated from the people they rule. "But in those countries where...the nobility enters into partnership with the king (and with at least part of the bourgeoisie) to rule the state, which assumes a national character," the position of the Jewish elite deteriorates.

5. However the position of the Jewish masses moved in tandem with the peasants not their leaders. The stronger the Jewish elite, the more tyrannical its grip over the Jewish people. For example, at the rabbis' request, the state would flog or imprison a Jewish vendor for opening his stall on a minor holiday.

In Shahak's words, "Israel and Zionism are a throw-back to the role of classical Judaism, writ large on a global scale..."

"The state of Israel now fulfills towards the oppressed peasants of many countries, not only in the Middle East, but far beyond it, a role not unlike the Jews of pre-1795 Poland: that of a bailiff to the imperial oppressor. " He refers to Israel's role as a linchpin in the imperial system. It helps keep neighboring Arab regimes in power (11) and arms Third World dictators. He wonders why religious Jews are major participants in the arms trade and rabbis are silent.

Shahak believes the Jewish people need to overcome the "tyranny" of their religion. Only an "unrelenting critique" of the past will achieve a "genuine revolution." (74)


A Jewish reader wrote to me: "It is the Jewish mission to be a light or spiritual guide to the nations...We [uphold] an ethical and moral God, without which we would descend into barbarism in an instant. And it is THIS which has caused Christianity to murder Jews throughout the centuries."

I beg to differ. Far from being a "light unto humanity" many Jews (as well as so-called Christians) "mediate the oppression" for the governing class. This and the fact that Judaism defined by Cabala is Satanism, are the real causes of anti Semitism.

The New World Order is a revival of feudalism. The rich rule as kings and humanity is en-serfed. It is happening before our eyes. Religion, art and education are debased. Civil rights are taken away. Men are emasculated and families destroyed. Jobs and technology are shipped abroad.

The Jewish moral mission? How about "Thou Shall Not Steal" and "Thou Shall Not Kill?" Zionists have stolen the homes and land where Arabs lived for more than 50 generations. They have driven them to the point of desperation where they resist with stones and knives and choose death to life under Zionist Jackboot. "Light to humanity?" Don't make me laugh. 

We cannot change the truth just because we don't like it. The real cause of anti Semitism is the Jewish religion and the Jewish elite, their lackeys and dupes. 


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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "The Historic Alliance of Jewish and Gentile Elites"

George said (November 23, 2015):

Great review and expansion upon Israel Shahak's book. This relation went back to Pharaonic times. Read carefully the story in Genesis about Joseph's role in Pharaoh's court. The final trap is closed in Genesis 47.

Disillusioned with the Church by Marco

November 24, 2015


Disillusioned with The Church 

Marco, 24, was born a Catholic, and attended
church regularly until last year. Here he describes
his visceral reaction against the church. 

"This above all: to thine own self be true." Shakespeare 

By Marco 

I don't believe that the Catholic Church as we know it will play any positive role in the future of mankind. Not now that is has been subverted by Masonry, and not even were it to acquire its traditional authority again. 

I don't go to Church anymore, because I come home worse off than before I left. No one holds onto the light of faith, the priests sermons are uninspiring, and the old building seems ghoulish and dead without any life in it.

 It is said God dwells in the tabernacle there, but I don't see Him. 

For years now, Church has brought terror to my spirit like nothing I wish to describe at the moment.
Indeed, instead of a visitation to God, I felt like I was delving into darkness instead of light. The priests largely wear black, and much of the rituals, symbols and art are disconcerting and strange. 

I used to have a desire to be a monk in order to heal my spirit and escape the materialistic world, and even pursued it somewhat in the past, but now I cant even go near a Church without feeling crushed in spirit. How is that? Instead of giving me solace from the world, I suffer a new spiritual battering. 

I don't believe the Masonic powers have attacked the Church solely because they saw in it goodness they hated. Instead I believe they attacked the Church more simply in order to subvert power away from her and into their hands instead. A regime change of sorts.

I don't believe the Catholic Church has any profit to man anymore. Instead of lifting up man it puts him down and instead of inspiring it crushes his spirit. 

Catholic doctrine espouses obedience as the ultimate virtue, "We should always be disposed to believe that that which appears white is really black, if the hierarchy of the Church so decides." St. Loyola

Yet, in obedience a man subjects himself to the control of another, and in the case of Catholic obedience, this is the subjecting of his mind and soul in the trust that it is for his own good. This is a recipe for the ultimate slavery, possibly only a far off dream by the current Masonic rulers of the World. Indeed, perhaps they are trying to replicate the old Roman servitude. 

Because what is a man other than his ability to perceive and think for himself (i.e. his mind and soul)? Take these away you destroy the man, you even destroy the animal instinct, you are left with an empty shell to manipulate.


Helen comments:

I am sad that Marco was so poorly cathechized, even in a Catholic school setting.  I was raised in the church before Vatican II.  We were taught by religious sisters  Visits to the classroom by the parish priest elicited our respect and best behaviour.  Mass was the highest celebration of Jesus Christ's sacrifice for us, his beloved children.  The first thing I learned in school were the answers to the questions from the Baltimore Catechism: Who made us? Who is God?  Why did God make us?  I memorized the answers and can recite them to this day.  My children, on the other hand, were not taught the Catholic Catechism; rather, their "religious" education was drawn from the Fully Alive series (in Ontario, Canada).  Fully Alive is a watered down bunch of nothing.  

Mass is still the highest celebration of Christ's sacrifice, His body and His blood are given us in the Mass.  The last few generations raised without proper formation in the faith don't  seem to know it.  And sadly, there are forces in the Church which would have earthly concerns (youth unemployment and loneliness in old age, for instance) more pressing than the salvation of souls.  So sad.  Marco, obedience to the Truth is freedom, not slavery.  And, for your information, the three theological virtues are faith, hope and charity.  

Who made us?  God made us.
Who is God?  God is the Supreme Being and Creator of all things.
Why did God make us? God made us to show His goodness and to share with us His everlasting happiness in Heaven.  

The Catholic faith carries the truth.  It is worth studying.  Salvation of one's soul is the aim of the Catholic Church, no more, no less.

The Bible is NOT "The Word of God." by AG

November 22, 2015

The Bible is NOT "The Word of God." BY AG

The 'WORD' of God is not a book. Do people think that before there was even a sun, moon or stars, this book was flying in the Cosmos? The Word of God EXISTS but it is not a book, it cannot be written, spoken or heard by man --it can only be obtained through direct revelation. If you wish to truly search for the 'word' of God,' do so within. Search for the living Word of God which is, where Jesus told us it is, WITHIN US.

The Word of God is what Saint John tells us clearly it is, without any obscurity. I do not understand who started this business of the 'book being the Word of God' - in that book, there are God inspired writings, writings added by Esdras a Jewish rabbi because of social and political interest of the Jews, and the Gospels that relate the 'words of God when He walked this earth, but are not THE WORD ITSELF.

People must uplift their understanding and read well the quotes of Saint John, who was not talking about a book. He was clearly talking of the Primordial Being, the First Movement of God who Is, Was and Will Always BE, the Christ Himself who incarnated in Jesus of Nazareth to show us the way to our own divinity and to teach us how to sanctify ourselves through UNION WITH HIM. John 1:1.

For goodness sake, The Old Testament has Jehovah (The God of the Jews, Satan) telling people to slay the heads of children and to rape and steal. The Old Testament is a mixture of the Jewish God Jehovah, and Elohim, The Father of Jesus.

Jesus did indeed teach us not to judge because only God knows the heart, and only God knows the intention. 

Yes, judge righteously so people aren't raping and murdering at will in our society, but this business of staying away from those who error, or aren't living a so-called "good" Christian life (according to whom?) completely contradicts how Jesus lived. His disciples were murderers and prostitutes. Paul used to slay people's heads. Dismas was a murderer and a thief, and Mary Magdalene was a prostitute who was said to have been possessed by seven demons before she was transformed by her love of Jesus and He then made her His most revered disciple.

"Good" means God-like. A true Christian needs to be careful who they judge as "good" or "bad" and worthy of their time, or worthy to hang around. People think Satan is something with a tail in hell. Jesus was very clear when He taught that Satan is within each and every human being. Evil and Good exists inside each person. Satan is the Father of the ego-self, and the ego-self exists in each person. When Jesus taught, "deliver us from our enemies" in The Our Father prayer, He meant deliver us from our enemy WITHIN our own self. Our ego is our enemy, and people have mistaken the ego as meaning "pride." The human ego is anything to do with self --which can mean emotional upset like "I can't get what I want" or "I am a failure." The human ego is silence about injustice in order to be liked or to not be fired, ignoring a dog running loose on the street for self-convenience, jealously, anger, self-righteousness, and fear. 

If you read the bible, stick to the words of Jesus in the Four Gospels, it's all anyone needs.

Wynne Taking Kickbacks from Ontario Teachers

November 16, 2015

Wynne Taking Kickbacks from Ontario Teachers

Over the past decade, the Ontario Teachers Union has given the Ontario Liberal Party $800K and spend $6.5 million on attack ads against the Ontario Conservative Party. In return, the Liberal government has given the teacher's Union $6.5 million including $2.5 million in 2015 alone.

Ottawa    For Immediate Release                                                    November 16, 2015
Real Women of Canada Accuses Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne of Corruption

Corruption infers a blatant disregard for honesty and ethics or principles.  This accurately describes the behaviour of Ontario Premier Wynne.
She has a tin ear for the public's concern about her decisions. These include, among other questionable ones, the sordid business in the Sudbury by-election last December; the sale of Hydro One; and the anguished concerns of many parents over her disreputable sex-education curriculum.
There is a reason why Ms. Wynne remains serene about any political fall-out. She has an incestuous relationship with the 100,000 strong members of the teachers' unions in the province which are providing her with political protection.
The teachers' unions have poured $800,000 directly into the Liberal party's coffers over the past decade.
Members of the teachers' unions are pressured to vote for the Liberals during an election and also indoctrinate the students to do so.

The teachers' unions have spent $6.5 million in the previous three provincial elections for vicious attack ads against the Progressive Conservative Party, the Liberals' main political opponent.

In return the Liberal government:

Over the past ten years, Ontario has paid close to $66 million to the Ontario teachers' unions for undisclosed reasons, according to Ontario Public Accounts.

Provided teachers' unions with rich pay raises, special treatment and secret benefits.  In the 2015 negotiations, the Liberals gave $2.5 million secretly to the unions for their collective bargaining costs without demanding receipts.

The lack of necessity for receipts was subsequently reversed under pressure when this secret payment was disclosed by the media.  Documents obtained under the Access to Information Act reveal that the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF) has a $65 million reserve to be used for collective bargaining purposes, no longer needed due to the Liberals' generous payouts.

This cozy relationship between Ms. Wynne and the Ontario teachers' unions has been carefully kept from public view until now.

Clearly, the Liberals will do or say anything to protect their self-serving relationship with the teachers' unions.  With the unions' support, Ms. Wynne is free to do anything she wishes, secure in the knowledge that the teachers' unions' vicious ads will protect her fully in the next election and return her to power regardless of her corrupt behaviour.

- 30 -
For further information contact either:

C. Gwendolyn Landolt                                                Diane Watts
National Vice-President                                              Researcher
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