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Why Phil Giraldi Can't be Secretary of State

December 8, 2016

timthumb (1).jpeg
Philip Giraldi, 70, is a former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer and a writer who is the Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a group that advocates for more even-handed policies by the U.S. government in the Middle East. He gained a Bachelor of Arts with Honors from the University of Chicago and a MA and a Ph.D from the University of London in European History.

Giraldi was employed by the CIA for eighteen years working in Turkey, Italy, Germany, and Spain and is fluent in those national languages. 

Here's why he can't be Secretary of State: Israel is the Rothschilds' lovechild. The US/Trump are Israel's bitch.  Trump will never drain this swamp. Giraldi is a patriot. The US is controlled by Masonic Jewish traitors. 

Phil Giraldi: "The Anti-Semitism bill makes Jews and Jewish interests a legally protected class, immune from any criticism. "Free speech" means in practice that you can burn an American flag, sell pornography, attack Christianity in the vilest terms or castigate the government in Washington all you want but criticizing Israel is off limits if you want to avoid falling into the clutches of the legal system."

by Phil Giraldi
(Excerpt by

There is, however, another country [other than Russia] that has interfered in U.S. elections, has endangered Americans living or working overseas and has corrupted America's legislative and executive branches. 

It has exploited that corruption to initiate legislation favorable to itself, has promoted unnecessary and unwinnable wars and has stolen American technology and military secrets. Its ready access to the mainstream media to spread its own propaganda provides it with cover for its actions and it accomplishes all that and more through the agency of a powerful and well-funded domestic lobby that oddly is not subject to the accountability afforded by the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) of 1938 even though it manifestly works on behalf of a foreign government. That country is, of course, Israel.

And that assessment of Israel and what damage it does regarding what most Americans would regard as genuine national interests is most definitely not reported, revealing once again that what is not written is every bit as important as what is. I would note how what has recently happened right in front of us relating to Israel is apparently not considered fit to print and will never appear on any disapproving editorial page. Just this week the Senate unanimously passed an Anti-Semitism Awareness bill and also by a 99 to zero vote renewed and strengthened sanctions against Iran, which could wreck the one-year-old anti-nuclear weapon proliferation agreement with that country.

The Anti-Semitism Awareness Act is intended to give the Department of Education investigatory authority over "anti-Jewish incidents" on America's college campuses. Such "incidents" are not limited to religious bigotry, with the examples cited in the bill's text including criticism of Israel and claiming that the holocaust was "exaggerated." It is a thinly disguised assault on the Boycott Divest and Sanction (BDS) movement, which is non-violent, does not criticize Jews as a religion or ethnicity, and is actually supported by many Jewish Americans who are concerned about Israel's apartheid regime.

The Anti-Semitism bill makes Jews and Jewish interests a legally protected class, immune from any criticism. "Free speech" means in practice that you can burn an American flag, sell pornography, attack Christianity in the vilest terms or castigate the government in Washington all you want but criticizing Israel is off limits if you want to avoid falling into the clutches of the legal system. The Act is a major step forward in effectively making any expressed opposition to Israeli actions a hate crime and is similar to punitive legislation that has been enacted in twenty-two states as well as in Canada. It is strongly supported by the Israel Lobby, which quite likely drafted it, and is seeking to use legal challenges to delegitimize and eliminate any opposition to the policies of the state of Israel.

As the Act is clearly intended to restrict First Amendment rights if they are perceived as impacting on broadly defined Jewish sensitivities, it should be opposed on that basis alone, but it is very popular in Congress, which is de facto owned by the Israel Lobby. That the legislation is not being condemned or even discussed in the generally liberal media tells you everything you need to know about the amazing power of one particular unelected and unaccountable lobby in the U.S.


...Currently, the nuclear agreement with Iran provides some measure of stability and also pushes backwards any possible program by Tehran to build a weapon. Iran does not threaten the United States, so why walk away from the agreement as some of Trump's advisors urge? Or violate the agreement's terms as the U.S. Congress seems to be doing by extending and tightening the sanctions regime with its just passed Iran Sanctions Extension Act? Look no further than the Israel Lobby. Hobbling Iran, a regional competitor, is a possible Israeli interest that should have nothing to do with the United States but yet again the United States government carries the water for the extreme right wing Netanyahu regime.

Israel for its part has welcomed the Trump election by building 500 new and completely illegal settler homes in what was once Arab East Jerusalem. Trump has surrounded himself with advocates for Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu's expectation that he will have a free hand in dealing with those pesky Palestinians is probably correct. I would like to think that Donald Trump will unpleasantly surprise him based on actual American rather than Israeli interests but am not optimistic.

Indeed, deference to perceived Israeli interests enforced by the Israel Lobby and media permeates the entire American foreign policy and national security structure. Congressman Keith Ellison who is seeking to become Democratic National Committee Chairman is being called an anti-Semite for "implying U.S. policy in the region [the Middle East] favored Israel at the expense of Muslim-majority countries, remarks ADL's CEO Jonathan Greenblatt described as 'deeply disturbing and disqualifying.'" Donald Trump and his senior counselor Steve Bannon have also both been called anti-Semites and several other potential GOP appointees have been subjected to the media's fidelity-to-Israel litmus test.

The recently nominated Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who can hardly be called a moderate when it comes to Iran, has also been labeled an anti-Semite by the usual players. Why? Because in 2013 he told Wolf Blitzer "So we've got to work on [peace talks] with a sense of urgency. I paid a military security price every day as a commander of CENTCOM because the Americans were seen as biased in support of Israel, and [because of this] moderate Arabs couldn't be with us because they couldn't publicly support those who don't show respect for Arab Palestinians."...


...Former Bush administration senior official Philip Zelikow has admitted that protecting Israel was the principal reason why the U.S. invaded Iraq and others have speculated that without the persistent neocons' and Israel's prodding Washington might not have gone to war at all. That is apparently what then Secretary of State Colin Powell also eventually came around to believe.

So let's stop talking about what Russia is doing to the United States, which is relatively speaking very little, and start admitting that the lopsided and completely deferential relationship with Israel is the actual central problem in America's foreign policy. Will the media do that? Not a chance. They would rather obsess about fake news and blame Putin.

First Comment by Linda

Giraldi certainly understands national interest and the basic human desire to live our God given human identities as members of our own family, clan, ethnic group - its associated cultural / religious traditions. 

Giraldi's essay clearly details the work of the US Congress to elevate the national interest of Israel (an ethnostate) above that of the American populations and US government.  In itself, this brazen, open, 'no apologies action is very telling.  And this will stoke the fires of nationalism in the US (all nationalisms).  This, I submit to you, is the desired and intended effect of the Congressional action.  Those who steer the Judaic power orgs will think that the benefit of 'what is good for the Jews' will outweigh the downside.  They are thinking long term.  In the short term, this action will serve the goal of Theodore 'the Jews must suffer more' Herzl.

There is a Master Plan.  The protocols of that Master Plan are set forth in The Protocols.  But the Plan itself, William Cooper (also acting in a counter intelligence capacity) was granted a glimpse.  He must have spent the rest of his years separating the dysinfo aspect from the truth - a discernment in which careful study of The Protocols is essential.  I believe he succeeded.  His videos are filled with the lexicon we need to understand Deep State - terms like 'war system' transitioning to universal 'threat system' as a method of population control and direction to the objective of the Master Plan.

Israel is an important piece - undoubtedly the echelon nation of the envisioned world totalitarian state, the only nation that will be permitted to remain Our Collective Force and an ethnostate.  So ZOG is shoring that up now.

In terms of Giraldi's information, revisit the Master Plan (probably of the ages). Here is a ten minute re-cap. Alien Hoax Planned - Bill Cooper

Those on the ground floor of the Great Pyramid can only ever have a working model or hypothesis about what is going on at the Apex.  But so far, all the data confirms, the working models of The Political that you are publishing on your website.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Why Phil Giraldi Can't be Secretary of State "

JG said (December 8, 2016):

Good to hear from Phillip Giraldi on this subject. He is a man with a lot of experience in Washington who is courageously telling like it is.

Hypothetically speaking all non Jews are either anti semetic or potential anti semites by race and heritage alone and will never be totally exonerated of this bogus politically concocted canard of being called an "anti semite". This not a crime. You can accuse anyone of these kind of canards without evidence or merrit if you are the ADL or MSM. There are no consistent defineable rules or boundaries for this game.
Some of the most dangerous people in the American government are the politicians who fear this charge being leveled against them and then approve military action on behalf of Isreal wherever it might be to escape their wrath.The invasion of Iraq was a sad case in point. This is when it becomes a crime.

Even many Jews themselves have been called anti semetic or self hating for not backing the Israeli party line.

I really never thought the "name calling" game would become the power it has in Washington today. It's juvenile and has retarded the ideological growth the US government once had.

Below - Pearl Harbor + 75: Illuminati Use False Flags to Start Wars - SCROLL DOWN

Illuminati Use Rappers to Stoke Black Hatred of Whites

December 7, 2016

(Left  Jay-Z and Beyonce)

While Obama and the Masonic (Communist) Jewish media condemn "white supremacy", they have no trouble promoting a black supremacist group called the "Five Percenters" who think they're God and espouse hatred of all whites. 

See First Comment Below article:
"It's worth noting that rap music was actually developed from the very beginning by members of black supremacist cults."   

by Hamish 

Under Barry Obama's leadership, American race relations have regressed. The New York Times  reports: 'Racial discontent is at its highest point in the Obama presidency and at the same level as after the riots touched off by the 1992 acquittal of Los Angeles police officers charged in Mr. King's beating'.

Certainly, the Rodney King riots were a flashpoint but Gangster rap set the stage. Indeed, there is a strong relationship between the current 'boiling point' in US race relations and the most popular rapper's message, namely rapper Jay-Z. In this context, the 'bromance' between Obama and the rap megastar looks peculiar.  

Obama is well-known to be a 'community organizer' (read: intelligence operative) and he repeatedly supports and defends the racist Black Lives Matter movement. But perhaps more intriguing is the racial supremacy ideology espoused by Jay-Z who represents The Five-Percent Nation. He often wears a big chain dangling a huge medallion showing the Five-Percenters logo. What exactly are the Five-Percenters?

 From the Wikipedia page: 'The Five-Percent Nation (also known as the Nation of God and Earth (NGE) and Five-Percenters) was founded by a former member of the Nation of Islam named Clarence 13X who taught that the black man was himself God personified. Members of the group call themselves Allah's Five Percenters, which reflects the concept that ten percent of the people in the world know the truth of existence, and those elites and agents opt to keep eighty-five percent of the world in ignorance and under their controlling thumb; the remaining five percent are those who know the truth and are determined to enlighten the rest.'


The working to stoke racial tensions in the US is largely contrived by the infamous Jewish Nazi George Soros. He also threw his support behind Hillary Clinton's presidential bid. Clinton was the 'Black Lives Matter candidate' and 'an even more fanatical supporter of the dangerous, violent BLM movement than Barack Obama.'

But perhaps the more menacing racial manipulation is in the entertainment industry. Often, the Illuminati will use celebrities to spread its pernicious propaganda, like witch Angelina Jolie whoring for the UN or Leo Dicaprio peddling the Climate Hustle. 

Specifically for race chaos, rapper Jay-Z is a particularly effective conduit and he also rubs shoulders with the high-level apparatchiks. Obama invited him to visit the White House (their relationship described as a 'bromance') and more recently, he performed a support concert for fellow race-baiter Hillary Clinton during her 2016 election trail.

In fact, Jay-Z (he goes by the name J-Hova) has given more race-baiting support than just rapping. He and his wife, pop mega-puppet Beyonce, bailed out Soros-sponsored rioters during the professional provocations (read: race war) in Ferguson and Baltimore last year. Moreover, Beyonce delivered a racially-charged Super Bowl half-time show. Infowars reports: 'Beyonce led a troupe of dancers dressed as slutty Black Panthers on the field to perform her new single "Formation," which is being considered a sort of rallying cry for the Black Lives Matter movement. At one point during the song, the dancers formed an "X" on the field - an apparent reference to black power icon Malcolm X - and then raised their fists in a stylized black power salute.'

download (75).jpeg

Jay-Z and Beyonce are well-known to frequently display occult hand signs and symbols. The entertainment and patronage from this celebrity couple evidently carries a message of instigation and agitation. But focusing on Jay-Z for a moment, what's behind his dramatis personae? From where is he deriving his driving ideology?


Christian Post reports: 'Jay-Z appears to have embraced the beliefs of the Five-Percent Nation, which is an American organization that holds... that 5 percent of the Earth has the ability to enlighten the rest.

"Arm leg leg arm head this is God Body," raps Jay in the opening lines of the track. This statement touches on the Five-Percent Nation's acronym for Allah who is not the traditional monotheistic God that is followed by orthodox Muslims. Instead, the Nation believes that the Asiatic Blackman is God.

Jay-Z goes on to illustrate how he is like a God to the entertainment world and his fans are his congregation. "I confess, God in the flesh, live among the serpents turn arenas into churches."

Five-Percent members frequently refer to themselves as God according to their doctrine.

Rappers professing to be members of this Nation of Islam offshoot are nothing new in the hip-hop world. In the 1990s, popular rappers such as the Wu Tang Clan, Nas, and Mobb Deep all used the group's terminology and taught the beliefs in some of their music.'

To get a deeper understanding about where this thinking arose, the research on this delusional racial supremacy dogma reveals details Wikipedia left out, namely the Masonic influence in the cult. From Metafilter: 'In 1913, a man named Noble Drew Ali, (born Timothy Drew) 

Formed a religious organization called The Moorish Science Temple, based on a supposed lost section of the Koran. Drew's teachings were heavily influenced by Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, which was written by Levi Dowling in 1908, and flourished again in the late 60's and was an influential precursor to the New Age Movement.

Though presented as a sect of Islam, the Moorish Science Temple also drew inspiration from Buddhism, Christianity, Gnosticism and Taoism. Converts often added the suffix "Bey" to their surnames (Note: Jay-Z wife often goes by the name 'Bey' or 'Queen Bey')

After the death of Ali, one of his ministers Wallace Dodd Ford moved to Detroit, rechristened Himself Wallace Fard Muhammad and founded The Nation Of Islam. After the disappearance of Fard Muhammad, leadership of the Nation fell to one of his early followers Elijah Muhammad, a former freemason. He combined the teachings of masonry, philosophies of Moorish Science with Black Nationalist ideology similar to that of Marcus Garvey. 

The 7 and star & crescent logo is the official symbol of the NGE, and is derived from the circle 7 symbol on the cover of the Moorish Science Koran and the Star and Crescent used by the Nation of Islam. The Masonic symbol prominently features the letter "G" which some say stands for god, and is the 7th letter of the alphabet."

Clearly, the movement sprang from Masonic occultism reminiscent of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. Jay-Z and their ilk get maximum airtime to infect the body politic.  


The subtle inversion of the once monolithic (yet locally variegated) expressions of European-heritage cultures into deplorable 'untouchables' caste-status cannot be underestimated. Through cultural Marxist techniques, the white folk are taught racial harikiri and the Illuminati are using 'black supremacy' as one of its tools. For the NWO, the white man needs to be fully cucked.

VICE posted a vile, first-person account dealing with this chimera credo that highlights the racial subterfuge:

'Five Percenters say that the black man is Allah and the white man is the devil. I am a white man, and also a Muslim, and Five Percenters exist for the pleasure of neither white people nor Muslims, but I have been a friend of this community for roughly a decade now. This relationship has transformed the ways in which I see the world and also myself.


The first lesson I learned from the Five Percent was simple: Fuck white people. Seriously. White people are devils. I don't mean this as a statement on biology, because the category of "race" is only political fiction and bad science. I'm using the term more in the sense of what it means to be marked as white in an unjust society. The fact is that I benefit from being white in several ways that I recognize, and many, many more that I usually fail to see. Because I am so often blind to the benefits of my whiteness, it is possible that I unintentionally reinforce those benefits, no matter how vehemently I say that I oppose racism or shower white affection on groups like the Five Percenters. When people want to sound like they're theoretically sophisticated, they describe this phenomenon with the term, "white privilege." I call it Satan.'

'NGE denotes "Islam" as "I Self Lord And Master". A Five Percenter elder told me that if I rejected white supremacy and strove for righteousness, I could not be called a devil; though he believed in the Five Percenter doctrine of white devils, he would not hold that against me as an individual. The answer was not for white people to instantly stop being white, as Malcolm had claimed that Islam would do for them, but to directly confront their whiteness and everything that whiteness does in the world. To be white in America means that I have been groomed to be a devil.'


The Illuminati grip on the world is increasingly becoming a chokehold. Any conflict can be used to summon particular consequences, be they political or cultural or what have you. In the US, the 'boiling frog' race war has been chosen as the appropriate subterfuge mechanism to further destabilize society. To the Illuminati, race is one of the collective forces deemed dangerous to their power stranglehold and in need of destruction to better subdue mankind to their will.

Not only do we need to be wary of Establishment undermining agents (Obama, Clinton et al) and philanthropic sabotage scum (Soros et al), we should resist sellout celebrities like Jay-Z and his cult mysticism. Any ideology espousing racial superiority (including Jewish supremacists, White supremacist, Black supremacists, or any other type) represents grist for Satan's mill. 

The Five-Percenters are useful mind controlled patsies for the Masonic Jewish agenda to degrade and enslave mankind.  


Related: The Tall Israeli that Runs the Rap Industry 

------------------Truther Rap (from Glen) 

First Comment by CR-

It's worth noting that rap music was actually developed from the very beginning by members of black supremacist cults.   

 "In his autobiography, Life and Def: Sex, Drugs, Money, and God, Russell Simmons, a founding father of the rap music industry, labels the Nation of Gods and Earths as an "important influence" in the history of Hip-Hop that has been overlooked.

In her study, Five Percenter Rap: God Hop's Music, Message and Black Muslim Message, documenting that Kool Herc reported a heavy Five Percenter presence at his parties, Professor Felicia M. Miyakawa observed:

"Even in the earliest days of Hip-Hop, the Five Percenters were regarded as an integral part of the Hip Hop scene." The fact that an entire book has been published on the topic of Five Percenter influence on rap is a testimony to the strength of the impact.

It has also been reported that two of Hip Hop's founders Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa personally studied Five Percent teachings as well. The foundational lessons of the Zulu Nation, the spiritual core of early Hip-Hop, were directly derived from the Supreme Mathematics and Alphabets.  The Gods and Earths being a factor in the switch from street wars to street jams gels with what Russell Simmons further records in his autobiography."   Source

Africa Bambaataa is a rather controversial figure these days as he has been accused of molesting several young men:

That shouldn't come as a surprise since he is also affiliated with the Nuwaubian Nation, another black supremacist cult with a pseudo-Egyptian UFO twist.  Their founder, a "Dr." Malachi Z. York, is currently serving a life sentence for numerous child molestation charges.  From

"Adherence declined steeply after York was convicted of numerous counts of child molestation and financing violations, and sentenced to 135 years in federal prison in April 2004."

unnamed (82).png

Here's the doctor himself.  Does his outfit look familiar?

Jay-Z was also a member of this cult, but strangely there seems to be no available reference available online to prove this fact.  However, you can see his video with his mentor Jaz-O where Jaz-O is wearing clothes with their logo, and at the beginning of the video there is a man wearing a jacket with their logo and the words "Nubian Nation".  Here's the video:

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Illuminati Use Rappers to Stoke Black Hatred of Whites"

IR said (December 8, 2016):

Sizzla is not a rapper, and I do not think he is a disinformation agent, however, he stokes racial hatred when he targets white people and condemns them to be perceived as the beneficiaries of slave masters. He is more fittingly described as a useful idiot. His music perpetuates the bitterness of Babylon without addressing Jews, Freemasons, or the Illuminati. "The white man plot is to kill us all." His lyrics are meaningless when he says that the black man gave us civilization "Listen young girls, listen young boys: Go and study your history. Black man gave them civilization and that's the mystery." Someone needs to tell him that civilization as we know it was designed by the same devil worshipers who brought Africa slavery. He needs to research more thoroughly if he expects his audience to share his message. It's appropriate to mention the Bounty Killer lyrics that declare, "sizzla nah straight" in the tune, Little dread boy. Source: Sizzla - Better come out

Al Thompason said (December 7, 2016):

I was in an Oakland half-way house after my extended stay, in a federally-funded, vacation in a gated community [i.e. prison.] The black men were always calling each other "nigger." It was always nigger, nigger, and nigger. A few of us white guys were sick of hearing it and with the approval of some other blacks we went into the room where all the black guys were we started to call each other "cracker." The reaction of the black guys was classical. They all stopped and turned around and became extremely offended that we were calling each other "cracker." I said something to the effect: "Well, you call each other nigger all the time, I just thought we'd get in on the action."

I'd love to say that those black guys calling each other nigger took the correction and stopped doing it. They immediately went back to calling each other nigger.

The rap music is very destructive to young people and it has destroyed their minds. I call it crap music as it is demonic to the core.

Tony B said (December 7, 2016):

Not being able to ever forget the short lecture given me as a half grown boy by "Diggs," an old "uncle Tom" who had been a slave as a boy, who impressed on me that "there are colored folks and there are niggers and you don't want any part of those niggers," I call "rap" "nigger music." I would bet the farm that most blacks do to.

Below- Knowledgeable contributor says Pizzagate a major threat to Illuminati (scroll down)

Pearl Harbor + 75: Illuminati Use False Flags to Start Wars

December 6, 2016

arizona_pearlharbor.jpg(left, Battleship Arizona is sunk Dec.7, 1941)

December 7 is the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor.
The Navy Court exonerated Admiral Kimmel of all charges and 
laid the blame squarely on Washington. 
The Army Report closed with these words: 
"Up to the morning of December 7, 1941, 
everything that the Japanese were planning to do 
was known to the United States."

by James Perloff

"Truthers" know the deficiencies in 9-11's official explanation and recognize it as a false flag.  Some young people, however, are less acquainted with details of earlier false flags.  9-11 was only the latest entry in an historical pattern.

1941-12-07-Pearl-Harbor.jpgDecember 7 is "Pearl Harbor Day."  On this day in 1941, the Japanese navy attacked the U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbor, damaging and/or sinking 18 ships and leaving thousands dead and wounded.  This, of course, propelled America into World War II, an involvement which Americans had overwhelmingly opposed before then.

The Second World War accomplished several Illuminati objectives: world government via the UN with its World Bank/IMF subsidiaries; creation of Zionist Israel; and strengthening and spreading Communism over half the globe.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill were old hands at false flags.  During World War I, the Lusitania's contrived sinking inflamed American public opinion to join that war. Roosevelt had been assistant secretary of the Navy, and Churchill head of the British Admiralty.

As President, Roosevelt tried replicating the scenario by provoking Germany - e.g., having U.S. destroyers depth-charge U-boats.  The Germans, however, refused the bait, remembering how U.S. entry into World War I had cost them that war.

Roosevelt therefore concentrated on Japan.  Interior Secretary Harold Ickes said, "Our best entrance into the war would be by way of Japan."

 Lt. Commander
of Naval Intelligence Arthur McCollum  presented the President with an eight-step plan of provocation against Japan, closing with these words: "If by these means Japan could be led to commit an overt act of war, so much the better."

911REMEMBER.jpgJuly 1941 brought the most severe measures: The U.S. and Britain froze all Japanese assets, and embargoed trade, most critically oil.  We shouldn't overlook that Germany and her allies had invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941.  The embargo effectively ensured that Japan, which had signed the anti-Comintern Pact with Germany, would not join the invasion but instead focus on Southeast Asia, where oil and rubber beckoned.

Stationed in Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Pacific fleet provided tempting bait. Our ships were isolated, boxed together like sardines, approachable by attackers from 360 degrees, and 2000 miles from supplies.  Roosevelt fired Fleet Commander Admiral J. O. Richardson for protesting this absurd decision.  The new commander, Admiral Husband Kimmel, took over assuming that Washington would keep him apprised of any threats - a trust that proved mistaken.

That autumn, after meetings with FDR, War Secretary Henry Stimson (CFR, Skull and Bones) wrote in his diary: "We face the delicate question of the diplomatic fencing to be done so as to be sure Japan is put into the wrong and makes the first bad move - overt move...The question was how we should maneuver them [the Japanese] into the position of firing the first shot...."

MAINE.jpgIn 1940, U.S cryptanalysts had broken Japan's diplomatic code, "Purple," and were reading its messages, often on a same-day basis.  The intercepts were regularly sent to President Roosevelt, Chief of Staff General George Marshall, and other high Washington officials - but not our commanders in Hawaii.

The intercepts revealed war was imminent, and that Japanese spies in Honolulu were reporting the exact locations of American warships in dock. Washington decoded Japan's declaration of war before their ambassadors presented it to Secretary of State Cordell Hull.

More recently it has been discovered that the United States also cracked Japan's naval code, and was translating its naval dispatches, including Admiral Yamamoto's directive to the Japanese First Air Fleet on November 26, 1941 to "advance into Hawaiian waters" and "attack the main force of the United States fleet and deal it a mortal blow."


Warnings of Japanese intentions to strike Pearl Harbor also came to the President from: our ambassador to Japan, Joseph Grew; FBI director J. Edgar Hoover (based on information from double agent Dusko Popov); Senator Guy Gillette (acting on a tip from the Korean underground), and Congressman Martin Dies.  Chief of Staff George Marshall was forewarned of the attack by the U.S. military observer in Java, Brigadier General Elliot Thorpe, as well as by the Dutch Military attachĂ© in Washington, Colonel F. G. L. Weijerman.

kimmel.jpgNone of this information was conveyed to Pacific Fleet Commander Kimmel, or General Walter Short, the army commander in Hawaii.  After the disaster, and war began, Americans and Congress demanded accountability.  Why had our military been caught off guard?

President Roosevelt appointed an investigative body - the Roberts Commission, dominated by friendly acquaintances of himself and General Marshall.  The Commission declared Washington had discharged its duties superlatively.   It concluded the blame for Pearl Harbor lay with Admiral Kimmel and General Short, alleging they had failed to take adequate defensive and surveillance measures. Kimmel and Short were relieved of their commands as "DERELICTION OF DUTY" blazed on headlines across the country

Kimmel and Short protested the findings of the Roberts Commission, which had included unsworn and unrecorded testimony, denied them the privilege of attorneys, and numerous other irregularities.  Kimmel and Short asked that they be court-martialed, so that the matter of Pearl Harbor could be resolved in a bona fide courtroom using established rules of evidence.  Dreading this, the Roosevelt administration forbade trials "until such time as the public interest and safety would permit."

In 1944 a Congressional resolution mandated the trials. That August, the Navy Court of Inquiry and Army Pearl Harbor Board convened. At these proceedings, Kimmel's and Short's attorneys presented undeniable proof that Washington had complete foreknowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack.   The Navy Court exonerated Kimmel of all charges and laid the blame squarely on Washington. The Army Pearl Harbor Board's report closed with these words: "Up to the morning of December 7, 1941, everything that the Japanese were planning to do was known to the United States."

short.jpgHowever, the American people did not learn the trial results, because the Roosevelt administration ordered the verdicts made confidential, pleading national security reasons.  Meanwhile, 33rd-degree Freemason Roosevelt ordered NEW investigations to refute the trial results.  In these "new" investigations, a number of officers - career military men with their futures now on the line - were persuaded to reverse their testimonies.  The new investigations shifted the bulk of blame back to Kimmel and Short.   Thus when the government finally released its findings, the public never understood what had happened.  The man in charge of the army's investigation was Lieutenant Colonel Henry Clausen, who later became Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite in the Southern Jurisdiction, same position Albert Pike held.   

In September 2000 - one year before 9-11 - the Project for a New American Century (Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, etc.) - issued a paper, "Rebuilding America's Defenses," calling for an increased U.S. military presence in the Middle East. But, it warned, the "transformation likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor."  In May 2001, as the 9-11 countdown began, Disney released its war-rallying Pearl Harbor starring Ben Affleck.

The past is prologue.
For further reading and documentation of the above facts, see my comprehensive blog post on Pearl Harbor, John Toland's Infamy, Robert Stinnett's Day of Deceit, the BBC documentary (now on YouTube) Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor, Rear Admiral Robert Theobald's The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor, George Morgenstern's Pearl Harbor, and Admiral Kimmel's Story.

***James Perloff has authored several books, including Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, published this year in both Kindle and paperbound editions.  Beginning with Pearl Harbor, it discusses many other false flags and suppressed stories of American and world history.***


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FDR's Treason at Pearl Harbor

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Pearl Harbor + 75: Illuminati Use False Flags to Start Wars "

Clifford Shack said (December 8, 2016):

To truly understand the dynamics behind the "sneak attack" on Pearl Harbor one should examine the Dutch crypto-Jewish Illuminati connection to both the Far East, the U.S. and the Central banking system.

EG said (December 7, 2016):

All the ships in the harbour that day were all old WW1 junk, The new ships, by
" coincidence " were out at sea.

David said (December 8, 2013):

On Dec 7, 1941, my father was in graduate school, with dreams of eventually becoming an Ivy League professor of history. Instead, the Pearl Harbor false flag derailed the dreams of millions in his generation (and ended the lives of millions more).

Another fact about George Marshall, fondly remembered as the father of the "Marshall Plan": Marshall, in charge of US armed forces worldwide at the time of the attack, was renowned for his photographic memory and astonishing retention of the smallest details.

When he testified to the Roberts Committee (another whitewash like the Warren and 9-11 commissions) after the war, he said he "could not recall" where he was on the morning of Dec. 7. How many political henchmen before and since have concealed the truth about the crimes they committed from the American people in the exact same words?

Michael said (December 8, 2013):

This is a great summary of the behind the scenes maneuvering that led us into
the attack and WWII. Rear Admiral Robert Theobald wrote a book in 1954
entitled, "The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor." He was there on that fateful
day, served under Admiral Kimmel, and covers some of the matters Jim's article
presents. A comment from the book jacket: "...That FDR alone was responsible
for the helplessness of the Pacific fleet, and the unpreparedness of Admiral
Kimmel and General Short is the thesis of this book. That he had ample and
advanced warning of the attack on Pearl Harbor, which he failed to pass onto
Kimmel and short, is beyond question."

The book explores the "ends justifies the means" philosophy, and leaves to
history the answer, but here is the issue as I see it: If
Americans could not be sold on the need to enter WWII for the true reasons.
known to FDR and others, well before US actions goaded Japan into the attacks,
why do they need to be connived and tricked with another reason-the attack,
death and carnage of Pearl Harbor? Isn't the truth good enough? And if it's
not, you sell them with a big lie! Same thing for 9/11. Certainly, if
Americans had a better grasp of the deceptions fed to them on past major
events, they would more easily see through the fog of lies about 9/11.

Al Thompson said (December 7, 2013):

When I was ten or eleven years old, I met a man who lived in the same apartment building I was in with my mom. He had fallen asleep with a cigarette and managed to set the whole front apartment on fire. He got out with his life but he was standing naked out on the sidewalk. Since I was small at the time, he asked me if I could run into the apartment and get him some clothes. Since the fire was out, I scooted into his apartment before the firemen knew what happened and I got him some clothes. He proceeded to tell me that he used to work for military intelligence and that the Pearl Harbor attack was a fake and it was set up by our own "government." He told me that he personally intercepted the messages or type of messages Perloff referred to and he ran them up the chain of command. They all sat there puzzled by the lack of response.

This was my first conspiracy theory for me 55 years ago. I was shocked that a kid my age would know such a thing and at the time I didn't know what to think or what to do. The seriousness of this man's claim was so profound that I had a difficult time processing it.

But reporting a crime to a bunch of criminals is not a solution. The only reason government prosecutes any criminals is because they don't like the competition.

Truther Rap (from Glen)

December 7, 2016

download (73).jpegTruther Rap  (from Glen) 

It is all so very true about the NWO Illuminati slaves(black and white) and their quest to bring us hell on earth as required by their true master Satan. It is also true there are a handful of "Artist" who are doing their best to warn the mind controlled youth in this country of the lies and deceptions the main stream media entertainers represent. I would like to list a couple of these entertainers and give a sample of their work. If the youth you know want rap, then give them rap. Rap with a warning about the Satanic, Jewish run industry and the death and destruction it represents. Here is a short list of what I call "Truther Rap".

 First is an artist named Chris Geo. This is from his bio: " Chris Geo has always had a curious and inquisitive personality. At an early age he became fascinated with all things unseen. He began his journey into the unknown realms of late-night talk radio in 2009 after meeting his wife and co-host Sheree Geo. Once his radio show, "Truth Frequency" evolved into a full-time talk radio station featuring 30+ personalities and twenty-four hours of original content, the next logical move was to step...Beyond The Veil."

His music, a little something called "Free This Town"

Next is perhaps my favorite, an Artist named "Immortal Technique". This is from Wikipedia: "Felipe Andres Coronel, better known by the stage name Immortal Technique, is an American rapper and urban activist. Most of his lyrics focus on controversial issues in global politics. His lyrics are largely commentary on issues such as politics, socialism, class struggle, poverty, religion, government, imperialism, economics and institutional racism."

One of my favorites from Immortal Technique called "Dance With The Devil"

 Yo, peace out Ya'll !!!

Again, I would just like to say as evil and vile as the main stream rappers are it turns out the venue itself is one of the greatest voices for truth and I feel possibly the best way to educate our youth. It is a format the youth are comfortable with and can relate to. It is also brutally honest and pulls no punches. Here is one more example that really tells it like it is.

Lynda, a knowledgeable contributor says pizzagate can bring down the Illuminati

December 6, 2016

pizzagate-compilation (1).jpg
Lynda, a knowledgeable contributor says pizzagate can bring down the Illuminati

Thank you for keeping up with the breaking factoids re: Pizzagate.  My gut feeling is this is the big one.  DC is  the ZOG capitol of the Global Power Elite.  And Comet Pizza is their portal into their Twilight Zone.
In terms of the Ring of Power, I think  9th circle/ 9th gate Satanism is child sacrifice, kidnap, trafficking, pederasty, violation and torture is their supreme private blood rite.  It manages to get in all four sins crying to Heaven for Divine vengeance.  It is what closes the Ring for those who rule.
When Big Fakers and Mouths of Sauron like the  BBC (which covered Savile's crimes for decades), the NYTimes and the WaPo are all hysterical over 'fake news' and investigations on this subject - you know you are on the right track.  And now a psy-operative has been sent over as a lone nut 'triggered' by all this fake news.   The Servants of the Great Eye are pulling out all the stops to keep the sheeple from learning the secrets of the Tower.
The Swamp is just the moat around the Dark Tower.  Good Luck with Team Trump wading in with nets and pike hooks to wrangle the Beltway gators. But with PizzaGate, the investigative teams found the secret entrance to the Tower it self.  They busted the code and now they are in.
Keep running the Pizzagate updates.  I want to see the mighty NET focussed, very focussed on this.

Cyber War Provides an All-Purpose Enemy by Hamish

November 24, 2016

Cyber War Provides an All-Purpose Enemy 

(US army commercial heralds new invisible enemy.)

Cyber crises could be useful for several Illuminati agendas because they can be contrived in a way that obfuscates the source and purpose of an attack.

The cyber-realm is an Illuminati creation where the threats can also be falsely attributed to a designated target perhaps as a pretext for war or as a justification for biometric authentication i.e. microchips

by Hamish

Well the commercial makes the case that there is an 'enemy with no face' that is actively trying to attack the US. Leon Panetta has stated that a 'cyber-Pearl Harbor' attack, like a cyber 9/11, is expected in the 'battlefield of the future'. The last time Establishment figures discussed a new Pearl Harbor, we got 9/11.

Cyber warfare has nearly limitless potentials for the power-mongers, hence the mad dash by the Establishment leadership into societal cyber dependence. It is the action of technologically-induced power-monopolization that is the 'raison d'ĂȘtre' of the 'internet-of-things'.

To the Powers-that-be and would-be usurpers, cyberwar can be useful in a variety of ways to nudge or demand a variety of agendas. It's a cryptic battle space where the e-combat can be impenetrably cloaked, thus an individual interpreting cyber events has his abnegation ability quickly diminished because deciphering them supposedly requires a certain degree of technical specialization beyond the general person's comprehension. Masking aggressors and targets and intentions all benefit the criminally-inclined segments of society.

Cyberwar can be--and is--used offensively, defensively, chaotically, subversively, or some combinations thereof (think of stuxnet for example) and it's executed in a realm that is only dimly grasped by the average person despite their utter reliance on the cyber technology. The clandestine ease in commanding, or commandeering, digital covert actions and garnering plausible deniability is immense.

Check this VICE doc-series called CyberWar.  Granted, VICE is an uber-liberal information source, but the point is to show that their bringing the cyber fear to the public mindset--the media is mainstreaming it for a reason: corralling the audience behind Big Brother of the Deep State for protection and safety. I get the impression that the public programmers have inserted their particular cyber attack ideas so that predictable public reactions can be pre-moulded and then properly shaped when some future event occurs. Take your pick what that event could be--VICE makes a bogeyman out of China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

I see the e-zeitgeist morphing into an atmosphere of cyber hyper-vulnerability that instills fear and deploys terror by interrupting financial systems, health care systems, power grid systems, and so on. 

Political motives could include the impetus to validate a new 'secure' internet devoid of its prior 'wild west' freedoms, or coordinating some kind of stock market crash that can be profited from and consequently foments a financial restructuring of some sort, or for war where some malcontent entity could be false flagged to provide a pretext for a new or expanded war theater; they could be blamed for knocking out some critical infrastructure--heck, the malcontent entity could even be the legitimate source of the attack.

Recently, VICE produced a doc-series called 'Cyberwar--The Future Belongs To Those Who Can Hack It': 'When you think of national security, do you picture tanks and foot soldiers? Well, it's time to update your files. The ecosystem of cyberwarfare is a new generation of threats that may be evolving faster than our ability to control them.'

Forbes magazine bolstered the cybersocial vulnerability meme in their article called 'Cyber-Security Expert Warns of False Flag Digital Attacks'--that describes the elusive digital environment, especially in dealing with warfare, attacks, and sabotage:

'"Attribution, for a whole host of reasons, is incredibly difficult. The biggest reason being that just because the IP address identified as the source for malicious traffic is located in a specific country, the actual attacker may not be.

If you can't definitively identify the attacker, it's very difficult to ascertain motive. You can look for linkages and make some solid speculations, but definitively placing blame based on limited information really isn't responsible.

Attackers are sometimes self-motivated by nationalist interests, and may conduct attacks even without the aegis of their state-sponsor. The thing is that this can make it difficult to determine the true source of an attack, and whether it's conducted by individuals, a state, or a third party operating under a false flag. While world events may be a "trigger" an attack, it may be a smokescreen.

Damien comments:

Most if not all these 'cyber attacks' that have occurred against the US government/corporations are just staged hoaxes perpetrated by the CIA/Mossad & their media. The corporations are in on it as well. Just some big skit; but if most people believe its real then it becomes 'reality'. Similar to how the CIA attacked its own nation on 9-11 & blamed it on some fictional terrorist organization. Now we have Isis which is just another fictitious entity to justify their global Orwellian police state.